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  • Name: Garik Sukachev ( Igor Sukachev )
  • Date of birth: 1 December 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Myakinino, Moscow region
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: rock musician, singer, actor, Director, composer, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Garik Sukachev: a biography

    Igor Sukachev, better known under the diminutive name Garik Sukachev, is a Soviet and Russian rock musician, founder and leader of groups such as «the Sunset manually «PostScript (ps)», «Brigada s» and «untouchables». He also achieved success as an actor, thanks to roles in the films «the Fatal eggs», «Attraction», «hide and seek», as the Director of the films «house of the Sun», «Holiday» and «midlife Crisis» and as a TV host author of the program «Besedka».

    Small Garik Sukachev
    Small Garik Sukachev | Rock Poster

    Garik Sukachev was born 1 December 1959 in the village Myakinino Moscow region, which now became part of the Western administrative district of Moscow. The boy’s parents and his sister knew the grief of war. The father was the Great Patriotic war from Moscow to Berlin, and my mother and even visited a concentration camp. They instilled in the children a love of life and ability to appreciate each new day.

    Sukachev pretty bad in school. It is much more interested in communicating with children, especially sitting in the yard with a guitar. Despite the fact that the parents demanded from the son of academic performance and discipline, he was mostly left to himself. Strong influence on a teenager’s peers from the vicinity of Moscow, Igor took a slight hooliganism as romance.

    Garik Sukachev sister and mother
    Garik Sukachev sister and mother | tvnz

    Life has changed for the better after school. Sukachev, he entered the Moscow College of rail transport. There he developed interest in studies and began to try on lectures on the practice participated in the design of the railway station «Tushino». But interest in music and cinema won: Garik Sukachev comes again in another school, this time in the Lipetsk regional cultural-educational school. There is a young man studied to be a theater Director, and also met a man, with whom he won the first glory — Sergei Galanin.


    His first band «the Sunset manually» Garik Sukachev established in 1977. The group lasted six years and managed to record single albums. Then together with Eugene Havana Sukachev organized the rock-n-roll command «PostScript (ps)» and recorded a collection of songs «don’t be sad!». After the departure of Gary from the ensemble of hawtan renamed the band became a famous band «Bravo».

    In the Lipetsk school, the musician met another talented man, Sergei Galanin. They decided to collaborate and founded the group «Brigade s», which in no time will be included in the galaxy of the greatest rock bands of the country, along with «Cinema», Viktor Tsoi, «Nautilus» Vyacheslav Butusov, «DDT» Yuri Shevchuk and other recognized legends of Russian rock.

    In 1991, Garik Sukachev organized a concert «Rock against terror», which hosted one of the USSR’s first public speech in defense of sexual minorities. But a few years after the group ceases to exist. Galanin already stands apart with his ensemble «Earring», and Garik establishes a new team — the «untouchables», and also many singing solo.

    In 2015, the founding fathers «Brigade» gathered the original lineup played a few concerts, and set a goal to record a new CD, which is planned for 2017.


    An early recording of «a Sunset manually» and «do Not cry!» sounded a bit naive and did not bring fame to their authors. But with the birth of the group «Brigade s» sounded such powerful hits as «My little babe», «Man in the hat», «Tramp», «don’t follow us,» the «Plumber».

    The following plates appeared equally popular song «Star of the neighborhood», «Give me your hand», «Pink mark on the white road» and the famous cover version of the hit «All this rock’ n ‘ roll.»

    Popularity fell on the bright composition «Road» and the tragic «White cap». In the solo works Garik Sukachev stand out songs «Behind a window month may», «I gait», the philosophical record «Front-line album» and «Poetica».

    As for the group of «untouchables», their every new album gave fans a few hits of the first magnitude: «Brela, Brela, Brela», «pour me water», «Sudden alarm clock», «My grandmother smokes a tube», «smallest sound» and many other songs among the best songs of Russian rock.


    First Garik Sukachev appeared sporadically in film – Comedy «the Lady with the parrot», a social drama «Defender Sedov», the biographical story of «Step». Attention film fans he drew in 1989 when together with the team «Team, With» starred in the film «the Tragedy in rock style».

    Garik Sukachev in the film
    Garik Sukachev in the movie «Zhmurki» | Movie-theater

    After this the actor quite regularly became involved on the set. He have a major role in the mystical film «the Fatal eggs», the melodrama «the Sky in diamonds» and the Thriller «Gravity», and minor but vivid images. For example, Garik Sukachyov played the thief in law nicknamed the Brain in the social Comedy «hide and seek» and the angel in the psychological drama «Bird».

    In General, Sukachev both on stage and in the movies most often seen a kind of image of the «man of the people». It often appears tough, straight, not susceptible to sentiment man, but have their inner core and adhere to their own truth.

    Garik Sukachev in the film
    Garik Sukachev in the movie «house of the Sun» | full Movie

    Also worth noting, and work Sukachev-Director. The first such project was the drama «the midlife Crisis» for which he also wrote the soundtrack, which was released as a separate disc. Then he made a military film «the Holiday» and considered the most successful social kinorabotoy tape «house of the Sun», where the main role was played by actress Svetlana Ivanova.

    Personal life

    With his only wife Queen Olga and Garik Sukachev met in adolescence. She was 14 and he was 16. Youth attraction blossomed into a family relationship. According to Sukachev, he never thought to cheat on your wife with some other woman, because Olga is not just his wife and the closest person in my life.

    Garik Sukachev and his wife Olga
    Garik Sukachev and his wife Olga | Kommersant

    In the family Sukachevin has two children. Eldest son Alexander is already a grown man, engaged in the installation of films. The youngest is the girl Anastasia. Interestingly, the children recorded the name of the mother, as the singer wanted to reflect its popularity.


    • 1995 — the Fatal eggs
    • 1997 — midlife Crisis
    • 2004 — Women in a game without rules
    • 2005 — hide and seek
    • 2005 — Arie
    • 2010 — House Of The Sun
    • 2012 — Rzhevskij against Napoleon
    • 2016 — Bird


    • 1988 — Welcome to the restricted area
    • 1992 — All that rock-n-roll
    • 1993 — River
    • 1994 — Brela, Brela, Brela
    • 1999 — City, where after a rain steaming asphalt
    • 2002 — Night flight
    • 2003 — Poetica
    • 2005 — the Third Cup
    • 2013 — the Sudden alarm
    • 2014 — My Vysotsky


    Garik Sukachev

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