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  • Name: Garik Martirosyan ( Garik Martirosyan )
  • Date of birth: 14 February 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Activity: comedian, actor, broadcaster, producer
  • Marital status: married to Janna Levina

    Garik Martirosyan: biography

    Garik Martirosyan Russian — Armenian showman, broadcaster, singer, artistic Director, producer and resident of the popular show «Comedy Club». Is the idea of the project «League of Nations» and the producer of the projects «Show New», «Our Russia» «Laughter without rules».

    Born Garik Martirosyan in February 1974 in Yerevan (Armenia). He was a troubled child: smashed sets, naughty, throwing things. At age 6 his parents sent the boy to a music school, but was expelled for bad behavior. It does not bother the future artist, he taught himself to play the guitar, drums, piano, and even began to make music.

    In school he was not considered the first leader, but was always a great storyteller. For example, in first grade, he told his classmates that the grandson of Leonid Brezhnev. Showed early artistic talent of the boy: he played his first role was in the sixth grade pretended to Archimedes in the school play.

    Garik Martirosyan was admitted to the Yerevan state medical University (YSMU), where studied a neurologist-psychiatrist. He did not link his biography with the medical profession, but says that now it will not hold as due to the formation sees through people».

    As for the humor, the joking Martirosyan everywhere, always, without cause and about – it’s in his blood. He probably would have become a therapist if I had not met the team «New Armenians», participated in KVN. Now it is safe to say that this program was a defining moment in the life of Gary by giving him a start in life.

    Garik Martirosyan: KVN

    In 1992, in the life of Garik Martirosyan came in KVN, has dramatically changed the plans and determined the fate of the future artist.

    In one interview, Gary shared his memories of that time – soon after his admission to the University in Armenia started a military conflict (war over Nagorno-Karabakh). In the country there have been serious shortages of electricity, there was no gas, and bread were given on the cards. In that period began KVN – young people gathered at someone in the apartment, stocked up on candles and wrote humorous texts.

    «Amused themselves. Well, simply exit the other was not,» said the artist.

    In 1993 he became player of the Armenian League KVN on the basis of which in 1994 was created the team «

  • New Armenians». First He was an ordinary player but from 1997 became its captain. The game of KVN filled all his free time artist, so it was logical that he began to earn a living humor. In the late 90-ies of the basic income would bring a tour of the WHC, but even then He tried himself as a screenwriter. Even when he was not playing in the WHC on the stage, he continued the game as a producer. Then came the Sochi team «
  • Burnt by the sun» for which He wrote scripts. The team «New Armenians» Garik played a total of nine years. During this time, the team became the champion of the Higher League (1997), has twice won the Summer Cup (1998, 2003), has been repeatedly noted in Jurmala festival «wailing kivin» and has also won many other awards of the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful.

    As he noted Garik Martirosyan, an experience that gave him the WHC, was for him a real school of life.

    Garik Martirosyan: TV

    Garik was first lit on television in 1997 as a scriptwriter of the program «Good evening» with Igor ugolnikova. Unwittingly he became an active member in various shows. In the musical project «Two stars» the humorist was a good singer, and his duet with Larisa Dolina he won the victory.

    In the program «

  • Minute of fame» Garik first time tried himself in the role of presenter. Prior to that, he was not such a large project – the program gave him a sense of confidence. A year on TNT appeared comic series «Our Russia» production «Comedy Club Production». The Directors have created sketchcom under the impression British TV series «Little Britain». Garik was the producer of «Our Russia», where he starred as the operator of rudica.

    In December 2007, He participated in recording a music album Pavel Volya «Respekt and Uvazhuha».

    Garik Martirosyan: «Comedy Club»

    Career Garik Martirosyan, which started in KVN, has opened doors for him in the Russian show-business. So, in 2005, the artist with his friends on the WHC initiated a new Comedy project.

    The show called «Comedy Club» made like us stand-up shows, soon began to appear on the TNT channel. Garik was one of the producers, while speaking in the show. Soon the show became a cult persona for native youth.

    Unfortunately, He briefly talked about the creation of the transmission. Skromnica, the actor claims that all the participants of «Comedy Club» got together and decided to organize a humorous program, although he is the founder of this successful project.

    It turns out that on television with his program, the artists broke immediately. The trial edition of «Comedy Club» about a year collecting dust in someone’s tables before he looked over and approved. Sharp jokes to the residents (as they called themselves artists) liked by everyone, however, the program still missed the broadcast.

    It is difficult to find anyone who has not heard about the «Comedy Club», despite the fact that He initially did not believe in the success of this project.

    Garik Martirosyan: personal life

    Garik Martirosyan is married, and, due to the WHC – this program played a major role in the personal life of the popular comedian.

    In his student years his wife

  • Jeanne Levin was a big fan of the team of the Stavropol University of law. In 1997, she went to Sochi to support the friends at the annual festival. There at a party, Jeanne and met with Garik. Then they failed to communicate properly, but I guess it was fate. A year later they met again, and then began a dizzying affair and then decide to get married. Garik Martirosyan, Zhanna Levina were married in Cyprus: the witnesses were all members of the team of KVN «New Armenians». The couple has two children – Jasmine and Daniel.

    Favorite hobby humorist is football. He is a fan of the Moscow «locomotive».

    Garik Martirosyan: filmography

    • «Our yard 3»
    • «Univer»
    • «Our Russia»
    • «HB»
    • «Our Russia. Eggs of fate»

    Garik Martirosyan: photo

    Garik Martirosyan

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