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  • Name: Friends Alexander ( Aleksandr Druz’ )
  • Date of birth: 10 may 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: TV Presenter, master of game «What? Where? When?»
  • Marital status: married to Elena.

    Friends Alexander: biography

    Friends Alexander was born on 10 may 1955 in Leningrad. The boy grew up in a fairly educated and intelligent Jewish family, therefore, early became interested in self-education. In his childhood Alexander had read all the books that were in the house, from heavy encyclopedias, ending the literary works of different authors. But this did not prevent him to behave like a normal boy of his age: to fight, to play football, to break taboos and to go swimming in the ponds. Young friends also wanted to be a fireman or a sailor.

    In kindergarten, Alexander didn’t go home with him sat a mother because other family was not there, and my father worked a lot. At school the boy studied well, although, despite all their knowledge, student was not. He participated in the school competitions and contests, where needed General knowledge, his first award he won at the age of nine on the evening of interesting questions. School friends finished, even down to the silver medal, and then enrolled in College on a speciality «the technician-the electrician». After College he entered the Leningrad Institute of railway engineers, who graduated with honors in 1980. However, the young man was only one Quartet in the diploma on political economy of socialism, which he put in his personal conflict with the leadership of the Department.

    After graduation, he worked as an engineer in the field of construction, and after the fateful invitation to the program «What? Where? When?» devoted his life to television.

    In 1991, Alexander became a teacher was preparing students to club games «What? Where? When?». Regularly conducts school and regional tournaments. For his merits in education awarded by a medal «In memory of tercentenary of Saint-Petersburg».

    Alexander druz: business

    In 2007, the friends founded the construction company «Stroy-premium», which was engaged in wholesale trade in building materials. In 2011, he registered another company «TRANS-Agio», specializing in freight transport. A year later, Alexander decided to sell the company, because they do not have time for their development, and in the beginning of the crisis in the area. The new owner of the business became the head of the company Andrey Gromov.

    Friends Alexander: «What? Where? When?»

    On TV friends Alexander came with their incredible knowledge. Even as a child he watched the intellectual show «What? Where? When?» and easily answered the questions of viewers. In 1980 when the opportunity came to try himself as one of the experts and panelists, Alexander immediately decided to take advantage of this opportunity. He wrote a proposal which, by the way, for future bad handwriting expert had to rewrite his wife, and sent to Moscow. Alexander at that time was studying in the fifth year and prepared to graduate, so he had enough free time to travel to the capital. He passed all the tests and trials that have prepared for beginners experts the author and presenter of the program

  • Mr Voroshilov, and in 1981 appeared on TV as part of the show. Friends was quite a gambler and since then has appeared in almost all editions of the intelligence of the show. Several times he was kicked out of the club, however, the exile did not last long, and Alexander returned to the show. In 1982, Friends is disqualified from the game for a hint. For the first time in a long time the expert left the project in 1983, together with two other participants but the year after leading the program Voroshilov decided to give them a chance. During the audience voting the majority of votes were cast for the return of Friends to the club. Alexander three times was out of the show, but since December 1992, he never left the program.

    Friends is one of the most successful players in the show, his account is more than forty-six successful games. He also set a record for number of games played in 2014, Alexander became a member of the seventy five issues of the popular show. Six times the scholar was recognized as the best player, having received the prize of the club «Crystal owl» in 1990, 1992, 1995, 2000, 2006 and 2012. He also became the first holder of the title of Master of the game.

    Show «What? Where? When?» brought the expert in, not only popularity, but also became the main source of income for Alexander. Although the taxes amount was not so big.

    In 1990, Alexander became the participant of intellectual show «brain-ring» from the Creator of «What? Where? When?» Vladimir Voroshilov. The first year of the game ended for Friends complete victory and award of the «Golden Brain». He also won the Cup a year later in 1994, 2000.

    Since 1995, the friends became a participant of the program «jeopardy», where he also achieved considerable success. Debuting in the show, Alexander became the absolute winner of the main prize of the game-car. However, the expert did not have the money to pay the tax on the prize, and took the reward money, buying a car «Zhiguli», which served him for seven years. Of the thirty five games played on the project Igor, Alexander won twenty-two, becoming the owner of two maximum winnings for a single game in the history of transmission.

    Since 2009, the famous expert regularly performs for the team, «Nikita mobayl Tete», which plays in the sports equivalent of «What? Where? When? and brain-ring». Debuted in the championship of Uzbekistan on «brain-ring», which they won. Further several times participated in the team at the games in Uzbekistan, great Britain, Israel and Ukraine.

    Alexander druz: TV

    Since may 2011 Alexander is a leading educational programs «

  • The hour of truth» on TV channel «365 Days TV». The programme discusses the historical moments in history, and with the knowledge of the host and the invited specialists, the show becomes not only interesting but also very informative. Friends is a frequent guest on many popular Russian programs «
  • Who wants to be a millionaire?» »
  • Guess the melody»,»
  • Evening Urgant»,»
  • While all the houses».

    Today, Alexander is the head of the gaming programs on TV channel «HUNDRED» in the native city St. Petersburg.

    Friends Alexander: personal life

    His wife Elena and friends Alexander met in the first grade. Noisy and sociable girl was the complete opposite of the quiet, modest boy. Then life threw children at different schools, and they met only seven years after Alexander called Elena and congratulated them on the eighth of March. About a year they were just friends, the future expert was helping a girl with homework, walking the museums and streets of the city. In the tenth grade, the couple began an affair, which eventually led to marriage. Elena and Alexander were married in 1978. A year later the couple gave birth to a girl Inna, and in 1982 the second daughter Marina.

    Alexander took an active part in the upbringing and education of their children, from the age of three he was reading them educational books, developing their intellect and thirst for knowledge. In the end, Inna and Marina followed in the footsteps of his father and in different years also participated in the show «What? Where? When?» also became the owner «the Crystal owl».

    At the moment Alexander is already a grandfather to his three granddaughters, Alice, Alina and Ensley and also devotes much time to their training.

    Alexander druz: TV shows

    • What? Where? When? (participant)
    • Brain ring (party)
    • Jeopardy (party)
    • The hour of truth (lead)

    Friends Alexander: photo

    Oleksandr Friends

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