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  • Name: Fatima Khadueva ( Fatima Khadueva )
  • Date of birth: 16 January 1972
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Makhachkala
  • Activity: a psychic, a journalist, a member of the TV show
  • Marital status: divorced

    Fatima Khadueva: biography

    Fatima Khadueva — Daghestanian psychic, sneznaya, finalist of the 13th season of the show «Battle of psychics» on TNT and the main character of the new program «diary of a psychic». She was born in Makhachkala, where he still lives.

    The girl’s grandmother studied folk healing and Fatima believes that psychic abilities passed down to her from her. But Khadueva in childhood refused to develop their gift, because the use of those forces was accompanied by severe headaches. Instead, the girl devoted his free time to the study of religion, mythology, and even philosophy. She also attended music school and at a serious level, trained in coach, thanks to what became a candidate master of sports in judo.

    After school Fatima Khadueva enrolled in the local branch of Moscow state University, where he received a degree in journalism. Later she went for a second degree and became a psychoanalyst. As a journalist she repeatedly visited «hot spots» native of Dagestan, as well as 28 times visited Chechnya for reporting on military conflicts. It is in these terrible places her apparent paranormal gift. In addition to performing their regular duties, Fatima began to help local residents: told where to drop the bomb had an inkling of who the militants can take hostage and so on.

    Home Fatima Khadueva organized a charity Fund «Sun City», whose goal is to help children with autism. By this it is urged is not only seen in the war, but almost a tragedy occurred in his own family. As a result of medical errors the daughter of a clairvoyant were severed windpipe, and a charitable organization, which asked the terrified mother, unable to help, as, according to Fatima, mired in bureaucracy and corruption.


    In 2012, Fatima Khadueva decided to try his hand in the 13th season of «the battle of psychics». Its main goal was to test their abilities in more challenging environments and in different trials. In the show, it has positioned itself as Snotnose, not clairvoyant, as she doesn’t have to see the person or the photos just to learn from his life.

    Most clearly showed himself to be a psychic in the mission «Mister X», where she, seeing the main character, which at the time was Mikhail Kokshenov, so true told of him that the actor was under the impression that the woman read him like an open book. At the end of the program Khadueva reached the final of the show, but there on the voting took only 4th place.

    But «battle of the psychics» is not the only transmission, which was attended by the Dagestani psychic. As sneznaya she collaborates with various talk shows and contributes to investigative journalism, for example, Fatima was the expert of the program «Insomnia». In 2013 she becomes a member of the reality survival shows «the Island» where in a group with other domestic stars trying without the benefits of civilization to survive on a tropical island of Palau.

    At the end of February 2016 has launched a new program in the format of a reality «Diaries of a psychic with Fatima Haguenau». The camcorder accompanies a woman everywhere: at home, on the receiving clients at school meetings, in the gym or even on a date. Fatima claims that show no one actor, and all the people whom the audience sees on the screen really make it real life. The main purpose of transmission is to show how difficult it is to miss Fatima through the pain and problems of each client and remain in the home an ordinary human and affectionate mother.


    From the pen of Fatima Khadueva published three books. The first «Fatum or karma why do we get sick?» talks about health, about illness and about how to affect the lives of positive and negative energy. Then she wrote an esoteric work «Rules of life «To three». Crisis, karma wallet», where he told his point of view on the financial issues from the perspective of past moral mistakes, as well as the importance to pay debts, not only material but also spiritual.

    After participating in the reality show «the Island» Fatima has published a book of memories «the Island. Ordered to survive». In it the reader will find not only stories about people Khadueva visited on a desert island, but also recommendations for survival in extreme conditions, gleaned by the author during trips to hot spots Chechnya and Dagestan.

    Personal life

    Fatima Khadueva was married several times. For the first time she went down the aisle in 18 years. Her partner Arsen was an employee of the Moscow furniture factory, so she lived for some time in the capital.

    More than 12 years Fatima lived with the last husband – astrologer Benjamin, but the marriage proved to be very durable. Dagestan sneznaya now lives in his native Makhachkala and has two daughters Helen and Daria and nephew Rizvan, who had been adopted after the death of his sister.


    Fatima Khadueva

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