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  • Name: Famke Janssen ( Famke Beumer Janssen )
  • Date of birth: 5 November 1964.
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Amstelveen, Netherlands
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: actress, model, film Director, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Famke Janssen: biography

    In the 52 years she remains a «little girl». It is translated from the French language name Famke.

    Famke Janssen was born November 5, 1964. Her childhood and youth were spent in Amsterdam. In the capital of the Netherlands Famke lived up to 20 years. She has two sisters.

    Famke does not hide that to her family was always first. She was 16 years old when his parents divorced. The girl was very upset by their breakup, because she seemed like the perfect couple, loving each other. The divorce left a heavy imprint in her life.

    After high school Famke Janssen entered the Economics Department of the University of Amsterdam. But the lectures the girl dreamed of a modeling career, especially because data for this was. Dutch Elite Agency signed a contract with her modeling work she has combined with his studies at the University.

    Famke Janssen
    Famke Janssen | IO

    Janssen was twenty when she enrolled in Columbia University and moved to America. There she studied literature and then decided to try himself as a dramatic actress. Famke Janssen signed up for acting classes Harold Gaskin, with which begin many actors, and moved to Los Angeles. This city has lived up to her hopes.


    His first role Famke Janssen got in 1992 – it was the episode in the film «Fathers and children». However, a breakthrough she did not – bad direction did the trick. Periodically, the Directors invited her to the shooting, but the roles offered unobtrusive.

    The breakthrough came in 1995, when the screens went out the next series of » James bond «Golden eye» in which she played the girlfriend of the agent 007 Xenia, Onatopp. This role followed a number of projects: Famke Janssen starred in projects «the Dead girl», «Leader», «Mission impossible 2», «Faculty».

    Famke Janssen in the movie
    Famke Janssen in the film «witch Hunters» | FILMZ

    The role of Jean grey in «X-Men» has reinforced the popularity of Famke Janssen. After this project had a few interesting proposals, among which the role of the wife of a millionaire in «House on haunted hill» and the movie «don’t say a word,» in which she brilliantly played the wife of a psychiatrist.

    Soon on the screens out the picture «Fool everyone», in which Famke proved himself as a talented comedienne. Her partner on the set was Eddie Murphy. A contract for the shooting of «Fool everyone» actress signed once broke her shooting in the movie «Men in black 2». She had to play the alien.

    From the role in «terminator 3» Famke refused to itself. The reasons for this decision, the actress did not comment to the press.

    Personal life

    Famke Janssen doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. She was married to Director Kip Williams, whom he met in College. They lived together for 11 years, but in 2000 I got divorced. Children they had.

    Famke Janssen and Kip Williams

    In an interview the actress said that both were young and broke up after Famke spent a whole year on set. She starred in four films, one followed the other. Time for family life just do not remain.

    Famke Janssen believes that female Actresses is more complicated than men. Men can bring wives into shooting, and to find a man who agrees to follow his wife, it is difficult. Famke says that she had to sacrifice for the sake of work and success.

    About children, she never thought, said that the dog replaces her children, friends and family. But the most loved ones are sisters and the parents. Unfortunately, they rarely see each other. The actress managed to keep a friendly relationship with her ex-husband, with his family, she also maintains relations.


    • The «black list»
    • «Return»
    • «X-men: Days of future past»
    • «The hostage»
    • «The witch hunters»
    • «Madness»
    • «Alibi»
    • «Hide and seek»
    • «Fool everyone»
    • «100 feet»


    Famke Janssen

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