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  • Name: Faith ( Vera Polozkova )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: Poet, actress, singer
  • Marital status: married to Alexander by Shantsevym

    Faith: the biography

    Faith is a phenomenon of the new generation. She made the youth stuck in the blogs and social networks, to love poetry, to read and to write poetry, to share «units of meaning» rhymed in bright images. It brought Polozkova poetry in trend, became the flagship of the new literary wave — wave Internet poets.

    The poet was born in the capital in the spring of 1986. Faith was a late baby, so she were allowed a lot, mother and girl friends, to thirteen years, the Faith was not from my mother any secrets. At the age of nine Polozkova start keeping a personal diary, and the poems began to write in five years.

    The father of the poet lived with his family, Vera last saw him when she was two years old. And when the girl turned seven, my dad died. From his second marriage my father left two daughters. With a Junior, a student in Finland, the poet maintains friendly relations, believing that in many respects similar to itself.

    In my childhood Faith, sang in the choir and doing choreography that was dumped after six years. School girl graduated as an external student and at the age of fifteen he entered the faculty of journalism. However, despite a huge love of literature, she quickly realized that her little interested in news and investigative journalism — much more fun was the Skid to the world of poetry. Then, in the first year of the Institute, the Faith had published his first collection of poems.

    While training at the University Polozkova was in the magazine «Cosmopolitan» heading «Complicated history», wrote articles for publications «Book review» and «Events». Later, the girl got employee of the publishing house «FBI-Press», to publish their articles in journals such as «Chic Magazine» and «Iskra -Spark». Also from 2007 to 2008, the poet was listed as an employee of the Museum of contemporary art ART4.RU.

    Faith: poetry

    In 2003, Faith opened personal blog vero4ka (later mantrabox) on the service Polozkova quickly became a «chiliarch», the audience of LiveJournal almost immediately responded to the poetic sketches of her blog. Then Faith takes an active part in poetic evenings, competitions and events. In 2006 Polozkova becomes a finalist in youth poetry Slam. She also became a laureate of the award «Poet of the year learn», share it with other network poet Oleg Boricheva.

    For the first time Faith made a solo creative evening in 2007. The performance took place in «Bulgakov’s house», a well-known Moscow cultural center. A few months leaves first major publication to Skid — book «Nepoemanie», published with the support of writer Alexander Zhitinsky, who met her work through the blog. The presentation of the collection took place in the premises of the Museum ART4.RU where at that time worked Polozkova. «Nepoemanie» quickly won the hearts of readers, and a year later poet becomes laureate of «curiosities».

    In 2008, the first visit of the poet to India. «Country of contrasts» made a lasting impression and subsequently on the results was formed the»Indian cycle», consisting of the works of that period. Now Polozkova regularly tries to visit that country and from each trip brings new poems. It was then that the intimate lyricism of her work to a certain extent, gave place to reflection about their own spiritual experience and relationship with the Divine.

    In 2008, the poet produces the digest of Photosynthesis, illustration which was done by photographer Olga Pavolva. This work went through three reprints with a total circulation of over thirty thousand books.

    In 2012 Polozkova goes to new York, where the suit solo reading at the local book fair. Then the poet takes part in a reality show on the learning of the French language «polyglot» under the leadership of Dmitry Petrov on the channel «Culture».

    In the spring of 2013 saw the release of the third poetry collection Skid called «Osteocalcine». The book consists of thirteen parts, it also includes works from «Short film» and «Indian cycle.» In the same year Polozkova was nominated for the award «Parabola» Fund of a name of Andrey Voznesensky.

    Faith: theater

    In 2008 Polozkova decides to try his hand at the stage. The poet takes part in an interactive staged by Georg Genoux called «a Society of anonymous artists».

    In 2009, an acquaintance of Marina and Eduard Boyakov, a founder, Director and producer of the theater «Practice» (and then «Library»). Boyakov Polozkova invites you to take part in a poetic performance «Poems about love», based on texts of the poet. Premiere of this production took place in October of the same year at the theatre «Stage-Molot» is in Perm. Two years later saw the premiere of a new play, «Poems about Moscow».

    In updated «Library» in the Lecture hall of the Moscow Polytechnical Museum hosted the premiere of the third in succession of the play of texts Vera Polozkova. In the production of «Favorites» was attended by actors Pavel Artemyev, Alice Grebenshchikov, Mikhail Kozyrev. This show, which is a reflection on the creative craft and poetry, brings a kind of result, then the work Skid.

    From recent works we can note the play «Happy 60-s», where Faith made solely as an actress. Her partners on stage were Egor Salnikov, Ilya Barabanov, Ekaterina Volkova and others

    Faith: music

    In 2009, the poet decides to expand the format of his work and releases his first audio book called «Photosynthesis», where she reads their work under a soundtrack. In addition, the «Photosynthesis» includes more comments Skid itself and its separate phrases spoken during the recording. «Photosynthesis» was published over six editions. At the end of the same year was recorded the texts which later will be included in the first album. «Inequality sign» was released in June 2011 and in the first week of sales became the leader by number of downloads. Since the «inequality Sign» was originally stated as an experimental on physical media, the album was never released.

    Subsequently, Faith has assembled a group of musicians continued the work of Nikolai Saginashvili, Anatoly Levitin, Vladimir and Alexander Lisova Bgancev. In 2011-2012, the team was given about six dozen concerts in CIS countries, the children took part in the anniversary «Invasion», were the headliners of the festival «More Amore», opened the «Festival of festivals» on the famous Poklonnaya hill in the capital on the city Day.

    Six months later, the album «inequality Sign» was recorded at Music Street Studio and presented in November of the same year.

    Faith: personal life

    In 2014, Faith married the bass guitarist of their band Alexander Bgancev. In December of the same year, the girl gave birth to a son, who was named Fyodor.

    Personal life Vera Polozkova often publicized in social networks the artist.

    Faith: bibliography

    • Photosynthesis
    • Nepoemanie
    • Osteocalcine

    Faith: photo

    Vera Polozkova

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