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  • Name: Faith Bachankova ( Vera Bahankova )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1989.
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Faith Bachankova : biography

    Faith Bachankova was born 8 June 1989 in the Belarusian capital. This joyous occasion was multiplied by two, because Faith was born and her sister is the twin sister of Love Bachankova. The house was filled with even more noise, because now the family was considered large. But Faith and her sisters here are already growing up two children.

    Parents of Faith Bankovoj nothing to do with the art world. Dad works as an electrician on the Minsk metro, and my mother works as an administrator.

    Early childhood Faith Bachankova saw himself as doctor or teacher. These two professions seemed the most reputable. But with age, the girl more and more began to manifest artistry. With sister Faith put different scenes. A little later the girls are enrolled in sections and different directions. They visited acrobatics, ballroom and modern dancing and also took lessons in pop vocals. And in her spare time Faith sister and ran to the basketball and in the school of arts.

    In the end, Faith Bachankova have decided on a profession, selecting a acting. Of course, Luba, as usual the twins who accurately copied the actions of Faith. So girls, barely having said goodbye to the school, immediately went to conquer Moscow.

    The first time the Faith of Bankovoj and her sister could not «take» theatrical institution. But back home, the sisters did not want, considering it an admission of defeat. So they remained in the capital, although money was not at all. They wandered about in different apartments and took whatever work. Most of these were corporate parties and various events where needed new artists, do not require high payment for their services.

    In 2008, Faith Bachankova along with a sister enrolled at the VGIK, where he was enrolled in a group of Alexander Mikhailov.


    In 2010, Faith Bachankova debuted on the screen. And again, not alone, but together with Any. Girls got a small role in the popular TV series «Doctor Tyrsa». And let their heroines only flashed on the screen, but it was a start. Besides, the girls were lucky to see a game already established stars of the Russian cinema, such as Michael Porechenkov, Kseniya Kutepova, Sergey Gazarov, Roman Madyanov and many others. Faith Barankovo the audience saw the image of belardetti Agnes Kozakova. Well, Luba played sister Agnes.

    A real breakthrough on the big screen for the Faith of Bankovoj was a project «Nanotubule». From fellow students Faith learned that a new TV series needs two similar heroines. She immediately realized that the role itself is sent by fate to her and lube. Sister went to audition and was immediately approved. As it turned out, Directors have almost lowered his hands and saw that they will be able to find similar artists. After the test shots, the filmmakers were once again convinced that the young actress is not just identical, as demanded by the scenario project, they also play perfectly understanding the desire of the Director.

    Tape «Nanotubule» was released in 2010 and received high ratings and warm reviews from the viewers. Faith Bachankova immediately became a recognizable artist. As a student, Nina Kolesnikova has brought her not only success, but also was the lucky ticket to the world of Russian cinema.

    In 2012, after graduation from VGIK Faith Bachankova received several tempting offers. She starred in the films «Inspector Cooper», «BS» and «lost in the woods». In the latter film, Belarusian actress got the lead role: she played the heroine Masha Toropilovk.

    That cinematic biography of Faith Bankovoj is rapidly moving up, say the facts. In 2013-2014, the actress appeared in several films where she got the main role. Among the most striking movies «that is love!» «Farmers», «Lace», «Ultimatum» and «Cancel all restrictions».

    Personal life

    In the capital of the Faith Bachankova has gained not only popularity and the job he dreamed about since a young age, but love. On the set of the Comedy «that’s love», co-wrote the script which was her countryman Vadim Galygin, the girl met your soul mate. Actor Taras yepifantsev also received an offer to star in this fun tape. On screen the pair portrayed love. Probably, at some point, Faith and Taras decided that it is really a great idea because soon married.

    Their wedding took place in August 2013, but has not attracted too much attention. The artists decided that the «extra» eyes can not help make their marriage a happy one.

    Now the personal life of Faith in Bankovoj is her little wonderful family that I look forward to replenishment.


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    • «Provincial»
    • «That’s love!»
    • «How to raise a millionaire»
    • «Lace»
    • «Ultimatum»


    Faith Bachankova

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