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  • Name: Faina Ranevskaya ( Feldman Fanny )
  • Date of birth: 27 August 1896.
  • Age: 87 years
  • Date of death: 19 Jul 1984
  • Place of birth: Taganrog
  • Activity: Soviet actress of theatre and cinema
  • Marital status: never been married

    Faina Ranevskaya: biography

    Legendary Faina Ranevskaya (real name Fanny Girshevna Feldman) was born into a wealthy Jewish family in late August 1896. At that time, the Feldman family lived in their own house in Taganrog. Except for Faina grew up four children: sister Bella and three brothers (one died in infancy). Faina mother was a housewife, raised five children. Dad was an influential industrialist. He owned a plant for the production of paints, had a store, several houses and even a boat.

    Faina didn’t feel happy at my parents ‘ house. On the contrary, she suffered from loneliness. Most likely, the cause was the extreme vulnerability of the inherent disadvantage of stuttering. The girl had little contact with their peers and even begged her parents to pick her up from the elite girls ‘ school, where felt uncomfortable and did not like to study. Since then, the teachers came to Feldman at the house, and Fanny got a very decent education. The girl played the piano, sang, knew foreign languages and avidly read.

    After ten years, she always was interested in cinema and theatre. Made a great impression on her what he saw at the age of thirteen in the play «the Cherry orchard». The experience was so great that Faina externally passed his gymnasium exams and began to take classes in the drama Studio. Soon the daughter told the parents that he was going to learn from a professional actress. This was the reason Faina ruptured with parents. The father had no contact with her daughter for many years. In 1915 Fanny Feldman went to the capital.


    In Moscow Fanny came without anything – father gave daughter to reside in the capital dime, because the thought of her desire to become an artist mindless whim. Some money secretly gave mother. The girl took on the Big Nikitsky tiny room and immediately felt happy and free. During these years, Faina met legendary figures, and even cult at that time poets Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam, Akhmatova, Mayakovsky. Then she met Basil the great artist by Kachalov and even fell in love with him.

    Unfortunately, Faina was not accepted into the Moscow theatre school, and she had to find a private school. But the money for tuition was not. Did not give the abyss a famous actress Faina geltzer. She was sure that the girl took in one of the theaters in the suburbs. In Malahovka summer theater, Fanny was able to watch the game famous actors Sadovskaya, Petipa and Pevtsov. The actress only appeared in the crowd. When the season of summer theatres was over, I had to find another place to stay. She managed to slowly work in small theaters in Kerch, Anapa, Feodosia, Baku, Rostov and Smolensk.

    Spring of 1917 brought Faina final break with his family. The Feldman family emigrated. But there were happy moment: girl was taken to the capital Theatre actor. Finally a young actress appreciated. Theatrical biography of Faina Ranevskaya started with spectacle «novel», where Ranevskaya played a prominent role in Margarita. Then there were a lot of performances where the artist played a more significant role. The most significant Ranevskaya believed to work in the play «the Cherry orchard», where she played Charlotte. In this theater Faina served until 1931. Then she turned into a more well-known Metropolitan Chamber theatre, where he debuted in «the Pathetic Sonata».

    Four years later, Maria goes to work in the red Army theatre, where the stops until 1949. Here Faina Georgievna is also involved in many productions, but the most famous of them is «Vassa Zheleznova», where the actress played a major role.

    In the early 50’s Faina Ranevskaya went to the Theater Mossovet, where her stay was accompanied by frequent scandals. Her talent is often superior to the talents of the Directors. Ranevskaya was the vision of the game, and it often does not coincide with a Director. For example, playing a cameo role in the play «the Storm», why completely rewrote it and played in his own way. However, she eclipsed even the lead actors that were not included in the plans themselves or the performers nor the Director of the play. Disputes and clashes with the Director Zavadsky later reflected in anecdotes and aphorisms attributed to the sharp tongue Faina Georgievna. However, at this stage the actress appeared almost a quarter century. Here she played her most notable role. The audience watched with pleasure Mrs. savage in the performance Ranevskaya, received a standing ovation Lucy Cooper to play «the rest is silence».

    Finished Faina Ranevskaya theatrical way in the theater of Pushkin, once the former Chamber. This theater began its theatrical biography, here and finished in 1963.


    For the first time viewers saw Faina Ranevskaya in the colorful role of Madame Loiseau in the drama Romm «Chunk». It was in 1934. The actress even managed to visit with this performance in France, where the troupe was invited Romain Rolland, a highly appreciated performance.

    In General, Faina Ranevskaya played in the movie is not so much the roles, but such is the property of television that it makes an artist famous and known all over the country. The actress is very low valued work in the film, placing it significantly below the theatre. About working in films, she said that «money is eaten, and the shame remains». And yet most of her fans Ranevskaya is known for work in movies.

    In the late 30’s Ranevskaya played in three paintings that made Faina Georgievna is legendary. The actress appeared in the role of the spouses in all these films: in the film «the Man in a case» she became the wife of the inspector, in «the Error of engineer Kochina» — the wife of a tailor Gurevich. Well, the very popular wife appeared in «the Foundling», where Ranevskaya said, unforgettable and now the catch phrase «Mulia not nervous about me.»

    During the war I wrote together with the theater troupe was evacuated and until 1943 he worked in Tashkent. After returning to Moscow, she was offered to play the Mom in «the Wedding» Ann. In this picture Ranevskaya starred with famous actors Erast Garin, Zoya Fedorova, Mikhail Yanshin, Vera Maretskaya, Mikhail Pugovkin and many other familiar actors.

    And in 1947, the screens out the famous comic strip «Spring», where Ranevskaya played a wonderful Margarita Lvovna. Orlov and Cherkasov, performed the main roles in the film, and she Faina instantly turned the film into one of the most popular and cash.

    In the same year the actress played the stepmother in «Cinderella» Kosheverovoj. Screenwriter was Evgeny Shvarts, loved Ranevskaya. He allowed the great artist to insert their matchless phrase. This work is considered to be the best of all, played by Faina Georgievna. Yes, she herself thought the Stepmother of his most successful work.

    The latter role Ranevskaya in movie – tape «Today, a new attraction». The actress played the Director of the circus, but before that gave the Director a number of conditions. As Faina at that time was already very famous then, of course, the Director agreed to do anything to get a star in your own movie.

    Faina Ranevskaya was awarded the title people’s artist of the USSR and the Stalin prize three.

    Died the great Faina Ranevskaya in July 1984 in the capital from a heart attack, tagelange pneumonia. Contemporaries Ranevskaya is called the «Queen of the second plan» and recognize that she was the greatest Russian actress of the XX century.


    Many acute remarks on the word Faina turned into aphorisms. Often, the artist poignantly joked with the others, and got from her all in a row, excluding grades and positions. But she was joking and on his very difficult life. For example, the author owns the words:

    «If I, yielding to the requests, began to write about myself, it would be a complaints book «Fate is a whore».

    As for creative and performing alias – Ranevskaya, there is a sad and at the same time «firm» manner of the actress jokes in all situations. Once actress together with a colleague from the theater looked in the Bank. Occasionally mother a secret from her husband sent the daughter a small remittances. Faina Georgievna remembers: «When we came out of a massive Bank door, the wind snatched me from the hands of the bills the full amount. I stopped, and, watching the departing banknotes, said:

    — Money sorry, but how nice they fly away!— So You Are Referring To! — cried the companion. Only she could say so! When I later had to choose a nickname, I decided to take the name of Chekhov’s heroine. We have something in common with her, though not all, not at all.»

    One of the few real friends I was the Director Solomon Mikhoels. To him she devoted words:

    «There are people in whom God lives, there are people in whom the devil lives, and there are people that only live worms. In You God lives!». Mikhoels said then: «If I have God, He is in me exiled».

    A few months before his death Ranevskaya with its bitter sarcasm wrote:

    «When I die, bury me and write on the monument: «Died of disgust»».

    Personal life

    Personal life Faina Ranevskaya was miserable. She was never married. Most likely, she avoided men because a lot of psychological trauma received in early youth. Fanny was in love with one of the actors in his troupe. As it seemed, he, too, sympathized with her. When a girl invited him to visit, he came but not alone, but with a woman. Faina and asked to walk. Since Ranevskaya and began to avoid all relationships that in the long term could hurt her.

    Don’t feel alone Faina very long. In the 60s moved in with him the sister of Bella, determined to dispel the loneliness after the death of her husband a family man. But soon sister got sick and died.

    Faina Ranevskaya was left alone. The only being, provides her solitude, was a mongrel dog named Boy. After her death on her tombstone was placed the figure of his beloved dogs.


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    Faina Ranevskaya in his youth

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