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  • Name: Fahriye Evcen ( Played Evcen )
  • Date of birth: 4 June 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Solingen, Germany
  • Height: 167
  • Activity: film and television actress
  • Marital status: married Burak ozcivit played

    Fahriye Evcen: biography

    Probably the most famous works of the Turkish literature is a novel Reshat Guntekin «Goldcrest — bird singing», which is repeatedly portrayed. In the latest movie adaption starring role Farid was played by a young Turk, Fahriye Evcen. It was not her first job in the movie, but it brought the girl worldwide fame.

    Interestingly, Fahriye was born in 1986, just at the period when Turkey was first shown the previous adaptation of the «singing birds», which starred the reigning Queen of beauty Aidan Shener. However, Evcen was born in Turkey and in Germany, in the town of Solingen. Her father was a native of the Greek Solonikov, and mother — of Karachay-Cherkessia.

    Early childhood girls had difficult years for the German Turks it still remembers the terrible pogroms of houses of her compatriots, when the family was hiding in dark cellars to escape the violence of the nationalists. After the conflict subsided, the life of Fahriye adjusted. She studied well in school and has shown remarkable abilities in learning languages. Now the actress, besides native Turkish and German, knows Spanish and English.

    In the school years Evcen first appeared on stage in the play, which put the theatre Studio, where she worked. But then on the professional career of the actress, the girl thought. She enrolled at the Düsseldorf University named after Heinrich Heine, and began to study sociology and management. Not to say that specialty much she liked it. Therefore, when during a vacation she was offered to take part in the filming of the movie, Fahriye Evcen gladly agreed and left the University.

    She later received a higher education, but again, not related to acting. Fahriye in 2014 he graduated from the boğaziçi University and became a certified historian.


    In 2005, Fahriye Evcen with her mother went on vacation in Istanbul, where she happened to see the representatives of the Studio and was offered a small role in the telenovela «Never forget». Almost immediately after the shooting she was invited to a large-scale project «the fall», where the actress was involved for nearly four years.

    But Fahriye was not confined to this work. In parallel, she starred in the psychological drama «Tosca», the Comedy «the Goal of my life» mini-series «Longing» and the melodrama «Love Eclipse». Later in her filmography appear in the Thriller «Team: In the way of Allah», the romantic Comedy «Signora Enrica», action film «False spring» and spiritual romance, «You my house.»

    Until 2013 the name Fahriye Evcen was already known in Turkey, but after the release of the latest film adaptation of the classic novel «Goldcrest — bird singing» the actress started talking far outside of the country. Her duet with Burak Scificom was recognized as one of the most beautiful over the last decade the Turkish cinema.

    After that, the actress, together with Kivanc Tatlitug appeared in the historical drama «Kurt Seyit and Alexander» and in the romantic series «Love like you», the audience saw her reunite with «the perfect partner» Burak Scificom.

    Personal life

    For a long time Fahriye Evcen focused on their studies and career, so a serious romance with her fans didn’t notice. In 2012, the actress had a big affair with her partner in the drama «You’re my home» by Ozcan Deniz. The relationship proceeded rapidly and quickly, the case went to the wedding, but unexpectedly to the public in 2013, the couple broke up, as the 40-year-old Lovelace was fascinated by the new darling.

    On the set of the famous TV series «Goldcrest – bird singing» Fahriye Evcen met with actor Burak Oscilator, but then, despite the rumors going around that between them nothing happened.

    But when in 2015 the actors met again on the set of the new film «Love like you» between them really struck a spark. For several months the couple lived in a civil marriage, and in the winter of 2016 held a ceremony of marriage under Sharia law.

    As Fahriye Evcen grew up in the small town of Solingen, a metropolis scaring her. Even in such a busy city like Istanbul, she managed to find a quiet neighborhood where she lives. Walking the actress prefers on the waterfront on the Asian side, which is also less crowded.


    • 2006-2010 — November
    • 2007 — Heaven
    • 2008 — Goal of my life
    • 2010 — Team: In the way of Allah
    • 2010 — Signora Enrica
    • 2011 — False spring
    • 2012 — You’re my home
    • 2013-2014 — Wren — bird singing
    • 2014 — Kurt Seyit and Alexander
    • 2015 Love like you


    Fahriye Evcen

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