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  • Name: Facundo Arana ( Jorge Facundo Arana Tagle )
  • Date of birth: 31 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Buenos Aires
  • Height: 189
  • Activity: Argentine actor
  • Marital status: married to Maria Susini

    Facundo Arana biography

    Artist from Latin America, Facundo Arana, who know all the fans of the Argentinean TV series, was born in March 1971 in Buenos Aires, the son of renowned lawyer and former hockey players. But the son in the family were three daughters grew up.

    As a child Jorge (full name of the artist sounds Jorge Facundo Arana Tagle) was extremely shy and closed. He drove with peers football and didn’t socialize outside of school. The only pastime was drawing. The boy was the only friend with whom he felt comfortable. He advised Aran to try to overcome his shyness by attending drama school. The idea interested Facundo, and as a result he decided to follow the friendly advice. Acting school, Alicia Mussio really gave the guy a pass to the new, very interesting life.

    Biography. Facundo started when he was barely 15 years old. In this age of Aran first appeared on the scene, where he played a small role in the play. Two years later, the novice actor have already praised all of the recognized masters of theatre and criticism, anticipating the guy has a brilliant future in art. Facundo felt quite happy and successful, dreamed about new roles and movies. But all the plans in one moment dashed a terrible disease. At the age of 17, doctors diagnosed Aran diagnosis:

  • Hodgkin’s disease (a cancer that affects lymph nodes). Long 5 years, the young man was struggling with this serious illness and endured several courses of chemotherapy. Its 22nd anniversary Facundo Arana met healthy.

    Facundo Arana series

    Besides the theater. there was another passion – the saxophone. Now, after an illness, Facundo, with a particular desire did music. This activity is not only fun, but also helped to cope with financial problems: a musician for every day played in the transition the metro station. There were seen well-known producer Summer Espinoza. He was looking for actors for his new series of tape. The offer to star as a wandering musician loved Aran and he immediately agreed. After the release of the popular series «the singing Vagabond» Facundo Arana woke up famous. Now with offers to star in a him stood several Directors at once.

    Another TV series role adopted Facundo Arana in the occupied niche of the new Argentine movie star. This melodrama «Black pearl» very much fans of the series far beyond Argentina. This work pushed the venerable Argentine producers more closely to the artist.

    Soon in the career of Facundo appeared the melodrama «Gypsy woman», «Free», «roller coaster. Return» and others. But the real fame came to the artist in 1998, when Arana played a major role in a TV project called

  • «Wild angel» together with actress Natalia Oreiro. Romance captivated audiences not only in South America but in Europe as well as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel. The fate of the main series the heroes watched the entire film. In the late ‘ 90s Facundo Arana has taken the place of the main sex symbol of the Argentinean television. And the actor was awarded the prestigious national award «Martin Fierro». Later Haran played in several popular melodramas, the most striking of which was the «Good neighbors», action «099. Central» and the romantic Saga «Iago – a dark passion.»

    In 2001 appeared simultaneously two full projects with his participation: the cult TV series «Padre Coraje» and the play «visiting Mr. green».

    In 2006, after a break Facundo Arana is again returned to the screens and played Martin Casado in the melodrama «You are my life». And again paired with Natalia Oreiro. Critics believe this Comedy film one of the most successful in the history of Argentine film industry.

    Facundo Arana: love life

    Almost 10 years lasted Roman Facundo Aran patterns with actress Isabel Macedo, who became famous after the film «Rich and famous». For fans of this beautiful actor’s pair came as a complete surprise they broke up in 2008. The reason for the divorce is called an affair with a model and famous TV presenter

  • Mary Susini. In the same year the couple had a daughter India. But only 4 years later Maria Facundo and legalized relationships. Soon, India got a brother and sister – twins like a, and Moreau. Private life of Facundo. again came under attention after the release of the series, where Arana was filmed with the beautiful Natalia Oreiro. But the artists denied his affair, explaining real passion on the screen with good performance and the ability to grow into the role.

    Guess it’s true. In the Arana and Oreiro friendships. Facundo was the first to congratulate Natalia learned of her pregnancy. Sometimes they are together, attend various social events.

    Facundo Arana: filmography

    • Stray singing
    • Best
    • Wild angel
    • Black pearl
    • Padre Coraje
    • 099. Central
    • Escape
    • In the rhythm of tango
    • You are my life
    • Iago, dark passion
    • Good neighbors

    Facundo Arana: photo

    Facundo Arana

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