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  • Name: Fabio Capello ( Fabio Capello )
  • Date of birth: 18 June 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Pieris, Italy
  • Activity: football coach
  • Marital status: married

    Fabio Capello: a biography

    Fabio Capello born 18 June 1946, Italy the city of Pieris in the family, Guerrino and Evelina Capello. The biography of Fabio Capello, as the iconic figure in the world of football, is a long and interesting path from average player to an effective coach club and national teams. Sports career Fabio has been predetermined since childhood. Father Fabio in his youth played in the third division of the football championship of Italy. Later, in the 50-ies, Guerrino became coach of the football team of the city of Pieris. Uncle Fabio, Mario Tortul, was also a football player and even played for the Italian national team.

    Football career

    Fabio Capello began his journey of football club «Pieris», where his teachers were his father and uncle. There is a young promising footballer drew the attention of the coach SLEPT with Paolo Mazza, who was amazed with the results Fabio and invited him to join his team. Having played a couple of seasons in the youth team in March 1964 Capello becomes the first player of team SLEEP. In this club, Fabio went from being an ordinary player to a solid player of the team and the best penalty taker.

    In 1967, Fabio Capello prefers to «rum» «Juventus» «inter» and «Milan» also wanted to get the player, and after 2 years in the «Roma» won his first important prize – the Cup of Italy.

    After a while Fabio goes to Juventus, which in the first half of 1970-ies wins three of the Italian championship. After a series of successful matches, Fabio Capello becomes a permanent player of the Italian national football team. In the national team of Italy Fabio at the peak of his career in 1973 during the game against England he scored the only goal, which allowed the Italians first win over England in an away match. In 1976 Fabio goes to Milan, which included wins another Cup of Italy. In 1980, Fabio completes his football career.

    Career coach

    A few years Fabio Capello comes into the position of coach of FC «Milan». While working in Milan as a document coach Fabio Capello has ensured that the first team of the club were able to compete for the UEFA Cup. Then for a few years Fabio has moved away from coaching and was in charge of administrative Affairs of the team. However, in 1991, Capello has once again topped Milan. Despite the fact that the candidate Capello has caused doubts among many members of the football community of Italy because of its small coaching experience, achievements of Fabio Capello during the work in Milan was impressive. Under his strict, vigilant management of «Milan» has won four Championships in Italy, the Champions League and managed to win 3 of the Italian super Cup and European super Cup.

    In 1996, Capello led the famous real Madrid. Under his leadership, real Madrid was able to win back the title of champion of Spain. However, reaching consensus with the leadership of the «real» on a number of issues, a year later, the Italian returns to Milan. After Milan Fabio some time he worked as a commentator on the channel of the RIA.

    In 1999, Fabio Capello was appointed the main coach of the club «Roma», which under his leadership in 2001 won the Italian League and won the domestic super Cup. In 2004 Capello leaves Roma and becoming the coach of Juventus.

    Despite the excellent reputation of the Italian specialist, biography, Fabio Capello has some provocative moments. For example, In 2006, Capello became the participant of loud scandal in connection with the fact that Juventus were accused of match-fixing.

    In 2007 Capello enters into a lucrative contract for a period of four and a half years and leads a national team of England. Contract salary Fabio Capello was 5.5 million euros per year. Under his leadership, the British team, who failed to pass on the European championship 2008, was able to become a participant of the world championship on football of 2010. In February 2012, Fabio had to resign as England Manager due to the fact that the football Association of England decided to take John Terry to the rank of captain because of his racist remarks.

    Fabio Capello in the national team of Russia on football

    After Euro 2012, the chief coach of the national team of Russia became vacant, and among the possible candidates sports community called Fabio Capello. The Russian football Union has included Fabio in a list of 13 possible coaches of the Russian team. After all terms of the contract with the RFU, July 26, 2012, Fabio Capello took the post of chief coach of the Russian team. According to some, the contract Fabio Capello called for the payment of 5 million euros per year. However, the achievement of Fabio Capello as coach of the Russian team fully justifies its price. Russian team successfully defended their matches in 2013 and got the opportunity to go to the world Cup in 2014. The results of the draw Russia plays in group H, where its opponents were Belgium, Algeria and South Korea.

    Several times Fabio Capello offered to leave the Russian team and lead of the Italian «Roma» and other famous clubs, but don Fabio has said that the Russian team will be the last in his career. In January 2014, the contract with Fabio Capello has been extended to the end of the 2018 world Cup. While there is evidence that the salary of Fabio Capello has increased to 9 million euros per year of work with the Russian players.

    Naturally, after the successful performances of the national team in the qualifiers for the 2014 world Cup, the Russians were waiting for the success and victories in the finals. Coach said that our team can wait out in the ¼ finals, but this did not happen.

    During the group stage of EURO-2016 wards Capello showed, to put it mildly, not the football that is expected of them. In qualifying for EURO 2016 Russia is suffering setback after setback. In the asset of our team with 8 points after six games. Wards Italians lag behind the leaders of the group – Austria and Sweden on 8 and 4 points respectively.

    Talking about Capello’s resignation go for a long time, and June 16, 2015 media it became known that after another defeat in the framework of the EURO 2016 from the Austrian national team, Vitaly Mutko, has made the decision to send in resignation of Capello. As a result of the failure of the contract the Italian coach will receive the penalty payment in the area of 21.6 million euros.

    Fabio Capello: photo

    Fabio Capello

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