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  • Name: Evgeny Trefilov ( Evgeniy Trefilov )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Treeless, Krasnodar Krai
  • Activities: head coach of female Russian national team on handball
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeny Trefilov: biography

    Evgeny Trefilov — honored Russian coach who headed to date women’s Olympic team handball, as well as the Krasnodar club «Kuban». Among fans and journalists, he enjoys great respect. Fans beat the name Yevgeny and is called the coach and his girls, or «the King of Clubs and 15 ladies,» or «Where Trefil and mushketery».

    Birthplace of the conqueror of the Olympic games and World cups in the Treeless village in Krasnodar region. Eugene was a child was quite frisky and playful boy. Most of all he loved to breed and race pigeons. The family was poor. Besides Zhenya’s parents had two more children, plus a large farm, consuming a lot of energy, health and time.

    Evgeny Trefilov
    Evgeny Trefilov
    The newspaper «Kuban news»

    For a better life Trefilov went to the town of Ust-Labinsk. There in the fifth grade Eugene and played sports. First there was basketball and football, and handball, he only came up to 15 years. However, the young man quickly rose into the position of Welterweight and 17 years was in his first club «Harvest» from Krasnodar. It was later Astrakhan «Dynamo» and Krasnodar «Petrel» and «SKIF».

    Got Evgeny Trefilov in the Russian team, which became the bronze medalist games of the peoples, which is held among all the Union republics in 1983. In parallel with performances at the highest level Trefilov he graduated from the Krasnodar state Institute of physical culture, becoming a certified specialist in his field.


    In 1984, Yevgeny Trefilov started coaching. First, he led the team «SKIF» from Krasnodar, which ended his playing career. And then for a long time, switched to women’s handball and has coached such famous clubs as Krasnodar «a-Elita», Astrakhan «Astrakhanochka», «Zvezda» from Zvenigorod, Togliatti «Lada», Krasnodar «Kuban».

    With these commands Evgeny Vasilyevich achieved very significant results. Many times he became the champion of internal competition, won international trophies, including the Champions League and the Cup winners ‘ Cup.

    Trefilov and also successful as coach of the national teams. With the men’s team in 1997, he won the gold medal at the World Championships in Japan, for which he was awarded the title of honored coach of Russia. And with girls Yevgeny Vasilyevich has ensured that Russia is considered one of the leading handball Nations. They together four times raised over his head the Cup of the World Championship, but the most important achievement was waiting for Russian handball players at the Olympics.

    Evgeny Trefilov
    Evgeny Trefilov
    Radio «Sport FM»

    In 2008 in Beijing ladies Evgeny Trefilov won the silver medal, staying one step from cherished features. But in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the team of Yevgeny Vasilyevich played confidently throughout the competition. After a dramatic final match with French colleagues women finally became the Olympic Champion.

    After winning a lot of fans of the national sport was worried that Trefilov will leave the national team to concentrate on club handball. But the coach himself has insisted on to prepare the girls to new heights.

    It is also interesting to note the expressive demeanor of Eugene V. during the official meetings. It very much and violently gesticulating, radiates incredible energy. But all of his cries are uttered strictly the case, no superfluous words or unnecessary parts of speech.

    Personal life

    Successful Yevgeny Trefilov not only in professional life but also in family. He’s been married a long time. Coach’s wife’s name is Tatiana, by profession she is an economist. The husband and wife team has not only built a strong family, but also raised two children – a son Alexander and a daughter Anna.

    Evgeny Trefilov
    Evgeny Trefilov
    Russian handball

    None of the children in the athlete performance did not. The daughter chose to do Finance. And the son first went in the footsteps of his father, despite the ban doctors for all listed in the hospital of hepatitis, he trained hard and even hit the national team of Russia. But soon left big-time sports, went to College, and eventually went to serve in the army.


    Evgeny Trefilov

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