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  • Name: Evgeny Sinelnikov ( Eugeniy Sinelnikov )
  • Date of birth: 3 November 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Dnepropetrovsk
  • Activity: TV presenter, actor, Director
  • Marital status: married to Elena Sinelnikova

    Evgeny Sinelnikov: biography

    Evgeny Sinelnikov, Director and broadcaster, known for a wide audience for Ukrainian travel show «heads and tails», was born in Dnipropetrovsk on 3 November 1981. After leaving school he entered the Kiev Institute of cinema and television at the national University of culture and arts, where he received his professional skills.

    On television Evgeny Sinelnikov tried himself in different appearances: starred in the mini-series «don’t leave me» (cameo role), worked as operator on the film «Pavlov’s Dog». However, the best Sinel’nikov proved himself as a Director. His first project was a TV show on the inter TV channel called

  • «Family dog», dedicated to Pets, where families with children were given four days to choose his shaggy friend with four different dogs. The selected dog was left to live in the family, and other dogs could have put viewers themselves, by calling the hotline. Following the work of Evgeny Sinelnikov in 2013 was a cooking show
  • «Kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev» on TV channel «inter», in which the Director has worked in all seasons. Thanks to the great directorial work and the charisma of the host of the show was a huge success with the audience.

    Evgeny Sinelnikov: «heads and tails»

    In 2014 biography of Evgeny Sinelnikov changed dramatically. He quite suddenly changed the post of Director to the role of presenter, thus gaining popularity among the General public. Popular travel show

  • «Heads and tails» where the men for eight seasons acted as the Director, suddenly found themselves without one of their leading: Kolya Serga missed the plane in Bordeaux, and the team was relegated to shooting without it. The film crew had to get out of the situation, placing it in the frame of the Director transfer. This unwitting experiment proved very successful, especially because Sergey has already stated his desire to leave the project and to make music (in addition to working on television nick is the frontman of the group «The nick», which performs songs of his own authorship). Sinelnikov has successfully held the ninth season of the TV show, winning the audience’s sympathy in record time. At different times the leading men, was also clipmaker Alan Badoev and actor Andrew Poor. Eugene literally was one of the pioneers of the «eagle and tails» — his wife Elena Sinelnikova is a co-author and producer of this show. In 2010 the couple, together with Natella Krapivina decided to implement a pilot project at your own risk. The money almost was not, but the boys were confident of success and didn’t want the idea lost or have implemented other. Therefore, in the first issue, shot in Barcelona (in the official show he was listed fifth, going live in March 2011), the crew have invested their own money.

    The idea of the show is simple: two facilitators are going for a weekend in one city. There they cast lots — a coin. The chance decides who gets on this weekend «gold» card and will spend the time, do not hesitate in means, and who will have to look for entertainment, based on the budget of a hundred dollars for two days. Interestingly, the idea and concept of the project is extremely original, unlike numerous changes to the foreign analogues.

    Expectations regarding the reaction of investors was justified: the TV channel «inter» at once has bought the rights to the first two seasons of «heads and tails». Subsequently, the show was broadcast on the channel «K1» and outside of Ukraine: in Russia (

  • «Friday!»), Kazakhstan (the»Seventh channel») and Poland («TTV»). In 2014, the show «heads and tails» was named best entertainment programme daily broadcast on the awarding of the prize
  • Taffy.

    Evgeny Sinelnikov: personal life

    Personal life of Evgeny Sinelnikov for several years closely intertwined with his current project — travel show «heads and tails». Eugene married

  • Elena Sinelnikova, co-author and General producer of the TV show. Elena is also the Director of production Studio «Teen Spirit» that produces the «eagle and tails». The couple from the beginning of the project work productively in a creative tandem. The couple has a teenage son, which, given the tight shooting schedules of his parents lives with his grandparents in Kiev. All his spare time to family Sinelnikova spends with the child.

    Evgeny Sinelnikov: projects

    • Family dog
    • Kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev
    • Heads and tails

    Evgeny Sinelnikov: photo

    Evgeny Sinelnikov

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