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  • Name: Evgeniy Sidikhin ( Evgeniy Sidikhin )
  • Date of birth: 2 October 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeniy Sidikhin: biography

    The future actor and TV presenter born in Leningrad in 1964. From an early age, the boy dreamed of sailing to faraway countries, therefore, joined the Club of young sailors at the Palace of pioneers and was walking around the avenues of the Northern capital in bell-bottom pants. Grade 4 Sidikhin attended training in wrestling and has achieved significant success in the sport: he was a five-time champion of the city among students.

    After school, Evgeniy Sidikhin the surprise of many linked their lives with the sea or the wrestling Mat, and with the world of art. He entered the acting Department of the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography, but after the first year he was mobilized for military service.

    The first months in the army, which were held in the Turkestan military district, according to the memoirs of the actor, was for him a nightmare. For the year as a student of Eugene has taught, in his own words, «it is beautiful to stand at the white Grand piano», and in the town of Tejen, where part of the soldiers were endless drill. Later Sidikhin took part in the fighting in Afghanistan as part of a motorized infantry regiment.

    After the army, Eugene recovered at the Institute and continued her studies on the course of Lev Dodin, who instilled in him and other students a love of the dramatic arts.

    The first professional stage actor was the theater of the Leningrad city Council, but he soon exchanged it for a Large drama theatre named after Tovstonogov, where he played until the early 21st century. In the BDT, he looked at character roles such as Macduff in the play «Macbeth» by William Shakespeare. He participated in antrepriznyh performances, the most striking of which is «Chapaev and Emptiness» based on the book by Victor Pelevin.

    Also Yevgeny Sidikhin dabbled as a TV presenter. First experience – talk shows «Two» on NTV channel. At first he liked the atmosphere of the Studio and themes of transmission, but later he learned that the «audience» in the Studio, not the real guests, and dummy actors. Sidikhin puts an ultimatum to the leadership of the channel in the hope that this practice will not be repeated. But in the next issue Eugene was convinced that he had been deceived, therefore, exempt from the show. In 2012 he returned to the anchor chair and headed the project «zero Cool».


    If the stage career of Evgeny Sidikhin developed slowly, in the cinema he quickly rushed in and immediately staked a bold textured role of Superman.

    The on-screen debut was the Thriller «For the last line,» in which he played a former boxer Victor Dremov, who was on the hook at the bandits. By the way, the leader of the gang plays another star the early 90-ies – Igor talc. Chic the cast waited Sidikhin and in a criminal drama «the Abyss», which was marked by many domestic film festivals.

    The role of the Cheka commander Rodion Kind in the East of the «Wolf blood» on the establishment of Soviet power on the outskirts of the country did Yevgeny Sidikhin one of the leading actors in the image of a vigilante. He soon realized that he had become a performer in one role, and Directors use is not acting talent, and his Afghan experience. Evgeniy Sidikhin didn’t want to put up with it, especially because I didn’t agree with such judgment and was sure that played not supermen, but real people who found themselves in a critical situation. To remedy the situation, the actor chooses a scenario the lyrical drama, «Retro Threesome» and serves as a deadhead, which is cheating spouse.

    But to permanently get away from the boring role he has failed. In the future, the actor waited «role uniform» in the blockbuster «Antikiller», war drama «special Forces» and the biographical series «Peter Leshchenko. Everything was…».

    The extraordinary popularity of Eugene Sidikhin brought crime drama «Gangster Petersburg», in which he plays a Colonel Nikita Kudasov. The serial film was a huge success among the domestic audience, and almost all the actors, who were filmed, were the stars of the first magnitude.

    Personal life

    While still a student, Evgeniy Sidikhin met with Tatiana Borkowski, who studied at the same Institute on a parallel course. According to the actor, it was love at first sight. They soon married, and in 1988 they had a daughter Pauline. After 10 years in the family had a second girl Aglaya, and after 9 years – Anfisa.

    Main hobby in life of Eugenia remains sailing, he fell in early childhood. One time Sidikhin was even the owner of his own six-meter yacht «Time out». Subsequently, under the circumstances the ship had to be sold.


    • 1991 — For the last line
    • 1994 — Russian transit
    • 1995 — Wolf blood
    • 2000-2007 — Gangster Petersburg
    • 2002 — Antikiller
    • 2004 — Women in a game without rules
    • 2007 — kissing the fallen angels
    • 2012 — At risk
    • 2014 — Black cats
    • 2015 — the Family album


    Evgeniy Sidikhin

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