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  • Name: Eugene Pronin ( Evgeniy Pronin )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Klimovsk
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Evgeny Pronin: biography

    Evgeniy Pronin was born on November 8, 1980 in Klimovsk, near Moscow. The boy’s parents had no relationship to the theatre world of art: his father was an electrician, her mother an accountant. In childhood Eugene grew up intelligent and artistic guy. His idol was the legendary Soviet actor Andrei Mironov. The boy sang his songs, read the biography, watched all the films and performances.

    Their acting talents Evgeny Pronin showed in high school, improvising in front of the teachers when they came to lessons with outstanding homework. The boy was playing on the school matinees fantastic images, like Santa Claus, but to join the school drama club not even thought of. Teacher first Pronin advised to find a better use for their talents and try yourself as an actor.

    In school a guy was attracted to sports, in particular football. He also loved to ski, playing volleyball and basketball. The love of the sport, the actor left for life.

    After school, Eugene Pronin went to Moscow to enroll in the only known theatre Institute — the Shchukin theatre school, where he studied his idol Andrei Mironov. Not having behind the experience of theater circles, as many other applicants, Pronin has actively started to prepare for admission. Mother chose for him the prose of Vasily Shukshin, friends advised me to read poems Yesenin. Preparing dance numbers guy helped known in Klimovsk choreographer Hope Surganova. Entrance exam Eugene passed with triumph, he even managed to laugh the teacher of Alexander Isaakovich Binenbaum, who enjoyed a reputation as an extremely serious and respected teacher.

    While studying at the Institute Pronin, like many other young actors, hoping at the end to be in a big movie. But after talking with the older children, I realized that the popularity and demand is quite unpredictable factors. In 2002, Evgeny Pronin received a degree in the specialty «the actor of theatre and cinema» and almost immediately began to attend auditions to find their place under the sun of the world of cinema.

    Evgeny Pronin: movies

    In 2002, the young actor was invited to the shooting in the series «

  • Moscow Windows», where he played a minor character. Also, he got a cameo role in the series»
  • Shtrafbat».

    In 2004, Eugene heard about the casting for the film «

  • Garpastum», a historical drama about football during the war years. The casting was about four months, the Director of the film decided to use unknown young actors who would combine the acting talents and the ability to play a popular sport game. Pronin perfectly fit the description, useful school Hobbies football and study at the theatre Institute. It was approved for the role of Andrew, one of the four main characters in the movie. The shooting of the film took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg Studio Lenfilm, where the actor spent almost half a year. The film «Garpastum» was released in 2005 and was first shown at the Venice film festival. The audience praised the Russian project. At the end of the filming of his first feature film Eugene another year left to live in St. Petersburg, he was offered a role in the series «Dossier special destination» (in 2006, the painting was renamed to the «Office»). All the stunts in the film Pronin performed independently.

    Then followed roles in numerous Russian TV series and several feature films. In 2009, the screens out the series «Big oil» tells the story of the development of oil reserves in Siberia. Eugene took part in the filming of several paintings about the war time, among them the TV series «Sky on fire», «Military hospital» and «Scout».

    In just ten years of his career in the movie Eugene Pronin took part in the filming of more than thirty paintings, most of which are TV series. The actor continues to act in films, combining photography with work in the theater.

    Evgeny Pronin: personal life

    With his future wife, actress Ekaterina Kuznetsova, Evgeny Pronin met in Kiev on the set of the TV series «lawless Heart». At first the girl did not like arrogant, a Moscow actor. Soon, however, artists became friends and became more warmly treat each other. The romance between Eugenia and Catherine broke out only at the end of filming a series of paintings.

    The girl’s parents were against their relationship, because lovers lived in different countries. In 2009 Kuznetsova still moved to Russia, first in Klimovsk, where lived the parents Eugene and then in the Moscow apartment, which was rented by the actor. The wedding ceremony took place only in 2014.

    Unfortunately, in 2015, the pair has decided to part ways due to different views on the situation in Ukraine.

    Evgeny Pronin: filmography

    • Garpastum
    • Office
    • The heart wants
    • The winner
    • Big oil
    • The Kremlin cadets
    • The sky is on fire
    • Communal
    • Military hospital
    • Three comrades
    • Scout
    • Shopping center
    • Thank

    Evgeny Pronin: photo

    Evgeny Pronin, Ekaterina Kuznetsova

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