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  • Name: Evgeny Osin ( Evgeniy Osin )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: singer, musician, songwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Evgeniy Osin: biography

    Evgeny Osin, author of the famous songs of the ‘ 90s, was born in Moscow in October 1964. Childhood restless boy addicted to playing the drums, and by age 12 he could play them quite well. Talented Jack even went to music school to study musical notation, but traditional classes are rapidly tired of him.

    Evgeny Osin in childhood
    Evgeny Osin in childhood | Official website

    After finishing the 10th grade Eugene Osin goes to the Institute of culture at the faculty of directing performances, but not finish my studies, goes out with a certificate, which allows him to be the head of the Amateur band. A young romantic in those years of passionate another lesson: he tames pigeons. On his balcony, the young man made a real pigeon. In these years, ocean dreams of a large house for the pupils, which he will build when he got rich.

    The first projects

    For Eugene Osina one thing was clear: music is what he wants to devote his life. In his youth Jack has changed a lot of musical groups. At the age of 22 he created his first project «Night cap», which was later renamed «Cupcake». Eugene was the singer and guitarist in his band.

    Evgeny Osin and
    Evgeny Osin and the group of «Santa Claus» | Official website

    After its collapse, the musician goes into a band «Nicolaus Copernicus», where masters percussion, and then in the «Alliance» which sits behind the drum kit. Two years later, a young energetic musician says Stas Namin and invites him to a center to work with the staff of «Santa Claus».


    How many years would Osin, is not known, but in his biography, an event occurred which can be called a happy circumstance. In popular at that time the group of «Bravo» was urgently looking for vocalist. The fact that Jeanne Aguzarova, recording an album with the musicians who suddenly decided to leave the team before the tour. And that tour didn’t happen, it was necessary to promptly find no less charismatic frontman, which would have saved the situation.

    Evgeny Osin
    Evgeny Osin | ShowbizDaily

    In this role, auditioned Sergey Penkin and Sergey Krylov. But the composer Eugene Havtan pulled with the choice. Friend Eugene Osina advised him to audition, and that made the young singer. On what not hoping, he suddenly gets the singer of the legendary band. Aspen recorded a team Eugene Havtan a few songs of the album «we Say to each other «Bravo!»», participated in the tours group and also starred in the video. It lasted only a year, as almost immediately appeared Valery Syutkin, who was a more suitable candidate.

    Solo career

    However, the year was enough Aspen to gain professionalism, and after-care almost immediately he starts to sing songs that brought him huge success. The essence a solo project of Evgeny Osin was the fact that he chose for the album with the most dull and unpopular in a professional environment composition that was written in simple language and addressed the soul of his sincerity. Sincerity yard aesthetics multiplied by the active rhythms of rock-n-roll has yielded good results. Almost all songs performed by Eugene Wasp, immediately became hits. And after the video «Crying girl in the machine» singer woke up famous all over the country.

    After his first solo album «70th latitude» in a row coming out with two collections: «Evgeniy Osin in Russia» and «mistakes». Singles «Rolling», «a Portrait of Pablo Picasso» was recorded at the Studio of producer Valery Zharova, who at that time had successfully worked on projects Alena’s Apinoj and the group «lube». This talented leader was a colleague of the young Igor Matvienko, with whom they collaborated since the days of the Soviet Union in the Studio SPM «Record».

    Evgeny Osin
    Evgeny Osin

    Currently, besides working at the Studio popular entertainer travels a lot on tour, performs at a joint concert. The audience accepts it with enthusiasm, in many speeches, he becomes the headliner. During the election campaign in 1996 Evgeny Osin took a team of singers and concert cities on the support of Boris Yeltsin.

    The show in Rostov-on-don, suddenly, during a song ASP «Yalta», the President went on stage and started dancing. It was a shock for everyone: for the singer, presenter and guards. A photo from that momentous concert can be seen on the network Instagram, posted a video on YouTube.

    Sunset career

    In 2000 Evgeniy Osin frequently appears on television in music projects, he works with young performers experimenting. In the light out his albums «the gold collection», a collection of children’s songs «Bagel and baton». But the former glory of the artist already achieved. It can be a lot of reasons. The very style of the performance the singer becomes irrelevant, as the time of the post-Soviet romance has long passed. Song artist often broadcast on radio and television marked «retro».

    Evgeny Osin
    Evgeny Osin | Official website

    Besides, the singer has problems with alcohol. Trying to solve their problems, Evgeny Osin appealed for help to the Church and finds support. He visits the monasteries, they live in some time and work. Ultimately Evgeny finds inner peace. He has a Confessor. The spacious Moscow apartment of the singer in the corner with icons and today the lamp is lit.

    Personal life

    In the late 90-ies Eugene met his future wife, Natalya. She at that time worked in a Bank and was married. But this did not prevent romance, and shortly after the first divorce, Natasha marries Eugene Aspen. The couple was happy, despite the fact that the girl’s mother spoke out against this ill-considered step daughter.

    Evgeny Osin wife
    Evgeny Osin and his wife Natalia | Newspaper «Life»

    Undoubtedly, the main event in the personal life of the singer can be considered the birth of his daughter Agnes in 2002. For her he wrote many children’s songs, poems. Eugene tried all my free time to spend with his family, he took beloved wife and daughter at sea. But alcohol ultimately prevented personal happiness of the artist. Wife Natalia after some time left him and ceased all contact with the girl.

    Evgeny Osin daughter
    Evgeny Osin daughter | Official website

    Aspen suffered separation from a girl. In order to restore the fellowship with Agnia he got a job in an English school No. 1287 extracurricular singing teacher. Evgeny successfully applied their education and created the popular children’s group «Chips», which he even recorded some clips. But the ex-wife remained steadfast. She turned daughter against father, and ultimately agniyu transferred to another school. Within 5 years of pedagogical activity, the artist almost didn’t come to the big stage.

    Recent events

    Now Evgeny Osin again took up his solo career. In 2010, the artist has experienced a major loss of his life — the tragic death of Alexander Alexeyev, his close friend and partner on stage. In memory of our friend singer dedicated his latest work — the album «Separation», on material for which he has worked for a very long time.

    Evgeny Osin now
    Evgeny Osin now

    The artist resumed his touring, he now plays in a team with girls. Despite the fact that his supporters have aged, he never ceases to draw a full house. Osin Evgeny often participates in joint performances with other pop stars.


    • The man with the star (with the band «Santa Claus») — (1988)
    • We say to each other Bravo! (group Bravo) — (1989)
    • The light path of the fire (with the group «avalon») — (1991)
    • 70th latitude- (1992)
    • In «Russia» (1994)
    • Work on the bugs (1996)
    • Birds (1999)
    • The gold collection — (2000)
    • Bagel and baton (2001)
    • All the same girl (2001)
    • In the mood for love (2003)
    • Starry series (2003)
    • A bagel, a loaf and a bagel (2009)
    • New and best (2010)
    • Separation — (2016)


    Evgeny Osin

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