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  • Name: Eugene Kuzin ( Eugeniy Kuzin )
  • Date of birth: 15 December 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Novorossiysk
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: member show «Dom 2»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Evgeny Kuzin: biography

    Evgeny Kuzin – participant of the TV project «House 2», which is a record for the number of returns to the TV show. He was born and raised in Novorossiysk. From childhood the boy was attracted by the wide screen movie – he wanted to be an actor or even presenter. In school Jack was engaged in a theatrical Studio, where he studied acting. Later he even played in Amateur theatre.

    After school the young man entered the Russian state social University at faculty of social technologies, but studied there for not too long. Then a Cousin was waiting for service in the armed forces of the country. Demobilized, Eugene returns to his hometown and gets a job at the TV channel «New Russia». Gain experience, cousins moved to Moscow and took a position in the coordination staff of the casting of the TV project «House 2».

    There he not only looked at how to create a project from the inside, but also made useful contacts. In particular, he met with producer Alexei Mikhailovsky and Dmitry Troitsky, who invited the young man to go inside the famous perimeter.

    TV show

    On the project «House 2» Evgeny Kuzin started to take care of Nadezhda Ermakova, but since the couple has not found any common interests, their relationship is not developed. Jack was, for a time one, but after appearing in the show Margarita Agibalova have taken a liking to her. His opponent was a former officer Andrei Cherkasov, but Rita’s Cousin decided and even married him.

    At the end of 2009 the couple had a child, and in addition to his project appeared, and mother-in-law Eugenia, Irina Agibalova, which moved into their VIP-house «to help care for her grandson». However, her presence only alienated husband and wife from each other, but still being in «the House 2», they broke up. Soon because of a fight with Evgeny Elkinym Jack first left shows.

    Returned Eugene Kuzin for telestroke repeatedly and periodically was in a romantic relationship with such actors as Lisa Kutuzova Varvara Tretyakov, March Sobolevskaya. In January 2015 he last became a «new» show. The organizers of the «Home 2» has created a new telepresence in the Seychelles, where Jack went to tie short-term affair with Tatiana Kokowai.

    Recently, Eugene’s Cousin has developed a pretty serious relationship with a young participant of the project Alexander Artemov. It is quite possible that soon the young man will once again lose his bachelor status.

    Personal life

    The first marriage Evgeny Kuzin officially issued on 26 may 2009 one of the youngest participants of the show «Dom 2» Margarita Agibalova. 15 Dec 2009 the couple had a son Dmitry, whom everyone called Mitya. But these relationships did not last too long and in the spring of 2011, their marriage is recognized as terminated.

    However, a year later, the young people tried to restore the extinct feelings, already out of the television frame. «House 2» even gave the parents a million rubles for the maintenance of the baby, but just a month a cousin and Agibalova finally parted, dividing the money into two parts.

    Eugene opened his own shop brand clothes. He’s also been doing performances at corporate parties and weddings, and even thought about emigrating to Spain. But after the last invitation to the perimeter of the show «House 2» has refused this idea.

    Now Eugene’s cousin is Dating 21-year-old Alexandra Artemov and already managed it to make an offer hands and hearts. They were going to apply to the Registrar for may 2016, but so far postpone this step because I can’t decide where to get married in Moscow in the framework of the project, or in Novorossiysk, hometown Cousin, is leaving the controversial TV show.


    Evgeny Kuzin

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