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  • Name: Eugene Krivcov ( Evgeniy Krivtsov )
  • Date of birth: 25 December 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: TV presenter, actor, Director, writer
  • Marital status:

    Evgeny Krivtsov: biography

    Evgeniy Krivtsov, a young Russian journalist and TV host, known to viewers on such programs as «Personal time», «Large letters» and «the Route is completed.» Krivtsov also dabbled in directing, acting and writing.

    Eugene was born in Moscow in the family of intellectuals. His father Valery Evgenievich – Professor, holds the position of Dean at the faculty of innovations and high technologies at Moscow Institute of physics and technology. Mother Larissa Valentinovna – known television producer and Director, who stood at the origins of many national talk shows.

    Evgeny Krivtsov from childhood imbued with an interest in TV, so after school, his path was defined from the Moscow state University and the school of international journalism. Excellent having studied in the University, the young man continued his education at the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors, where he learned the basics of these professions under the guidance of people’s artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Khotinenko.

    Both education Krivtsov used in life, as he not only worked in the field of journalism on television, but also wrote the scripts for several documentary films, and he filmed some of them.


    The first professional collaboration of Evgeny Krivtsov with the channel occurred in 2004. Then he started as a correspondent for the everyday show «Good morning» on the First channel. Then the guy became a leading heading «working noon» in the project «Big lunch», editor of «City of women».

    The job of the broadcaster, apparently, best suits the character of the young man, because most of all he acted in that capacity. Eugene was the main person of such programs as entertainment «Children’s time», cognitive «Large letters» educational «Pro money» and the famous talk show «Honest Monday».

    Most popularity Kryvtsov made on «post» leading and Director of the program «Personal time», which talked about leisure cultural, sports, and politics. And in June 2016 on the First channel started showing the new travel show «the Route is built,» the leading and the main participant was Yevgeny Krivtsov.

    From other programmes on travel, this program has a basic idea: Eugene does not know the route of its voyage. He’s given pictures of the landmarks, and the young man have to guess and drive to them. Get this TV quest, through which he Eugene and viewers will be able to access unknown and sometimes unexpected details about the next state.


    Movie for Evgeny Krivtsov there is a clear distinction: documentary films in which he acts as writer, Director and producer, as well as feature films, where he tries himself as an actor.

    From a large number of informative and educational films highlighted in the series of films «Gingerbread house» on traditional folk arts and crafts, paintings, on the human body «the Secret alphabet of life», «the Parasites. Battle for the body» and «the Gene age» and several documentary-biographical tapes, for example, «Valentina Tereshkova. A little bit personal», «Angela Merkel. Off the record,» «the Interrupted flight Gary powers».

    As an actor, Yevgeny Krivtsov appeared in the Thriller «Hunter-3», the psychological drama «a Kiss of fate» and the crime Thriller «Resident». You need to add that Kryvtsov was one of television operators at the Olympic Winter games in Sochi.

    Personal life

    About their romantic relationship Evgeny Krivtsov absolutely do not want to tell the public, so it is unknown if he is married, does he have a fiancée or serious girlfriend. Apparently, the young man enough that his whole professional activity is before the eyes of millions of people, and the private side of life he’s trying to hide from fans and fellow journalists.

    In 2014, the broadcaster has collected the most interesting episodes from the interview, which took celebrities, and on their basis wrote and published the book «Personal time». The name of the publication for a reason identical to the one of the most sought after gear, as this documentary-biographical novel should be seen as one with a great transmission.


    • 2009 — Interrupted flight Gary powers
    • 2009 — Gene age
    • 2009 — the Secret alphabet of life
    • 2010 — Home
    • 2011 — St. John’s Wort-3
    • 2011 — Kiss of fate
    • 2011 — Parasites. Battle for the body
    • 2013 — Valentina Tereshkova. A little bit personal
    • 2013 — Angela Merkel. Without Protocol
    • 2014-2015 — Gingerbread house
    • 2015 — Cold


    Evgeny Krivtsov

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