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  • Name: Yevgeny Kolesov ( Eugeniy Kolesov )
  • Date of birth: 17 September 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Tommot, Yakutia
  • Activity: TV presenter, video blogger, businessman
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeny Kolesov: a biography

    Yevgeny Kolesov, a Russian businessman resident for many years and is a leading enterprise in China. About the country he created his personal video blog, which gradually escalated into a full-fledged television show, «Opening of China». Also the man known as the father of a little proud Kolesov, who for six years was the winner of the popular talent show in this Asian country.

    Eugene was born in Yakutia, in the town of Tommot. The proximity of the celestial Empire had an impact on the boy since childhood. The language he studied in school, and at age 14 first came to China as a tourist. After school Eugene has entered the Khabarovsk University, but during his first year on the exchange went to study in northeast agricultural University in the Chinese city of Harbin. Kolesov later transferred to Moscow humanitarian-social Academy, where he received a legal education. In parallel, he continued to study the Chinese language at MSU.

    In the Moscow humanitarian University named after Lomonosov Evgeny graduated and graduate school, receiving a strong and comprehensive knowledge. It was during the last years of study the young man began to appear in China as a specialist. He was represented in the Asian country the Russian company which is engaged in the supply of products for construction. Kolesov always managed to successfully negotiate with foreigners, but actually it is not very easy. So after graduating from MSU, he remained in China and took the position of Executive Director of one of the travel agencies on Hainan island.

    In 2006, Yevgeny Kolesov founded his own consulting company Optim Consult International», which is incredibly quickly achieved market leadership in business service of China. The company is engaged in the sale and delivery of various goods and equipment from China to Russia. Just three years young businessman entered the top of the successful men according to the rating of magazine «Finans».


    Evgeny Kolesov has received not only tremendous experience in the conduct of enterprises, but also know the Chinese government from many sides. So he began to advise people about business, politics, culture and domestic issues of this country. Gradually this has turned into a video blog where Kolesov told about all aspects of life in China that may be of interest of the Russian people.

    And recently, these Amateur reports formed the basis of the educational TV shows «the Opening of China Yevgeny Kolesov», which was released on the First channel. The result is a cycle of author documentaries about China. Primarily attracts leading to the fact that he is not a professional journalist, and therefore does not show «as is customary», and creates it according to the pattern, according to which, in his opinion, do better understand distant country.

    Some editions Yevgeny Kolesov is one, and some records, along with his son Proud.

    Personal life

    While studying in Moscow, Yevgeny Kolesov met his future wife, which he took with him to China. They had four children: proud son and daughter of Milan, Agata and Yesenia. Parents raise children in an atmosphere of sincere love, and also engaged in the early development. And the result of such education is simply amazing.

    For example, Gordey in his 6 years already knew five languages — Russian, Chinese, Spanish, English and French. And we are not talking about some individual words, but about full communion. A boy interested in chess and played in the open championship of China. In addition, the young Prodigy to speed solve a Rubik’s cube. And in the summer of 2015 Gordey conquered China by winning a television talent show with a humorous musical number.

    Says Eugene Kolesov, such data is inherent in every child, the main thing — not to force children to learn under duress and give them a desire to acquire knowledge and realize their talents.


    Evgeny Kolesov

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