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  • Name: Evgeny Knyazev ( Knyazev Evgeniy )
  • Date of birth: 9 August 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Tula
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, teacher, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeny Knyazev: biography

    Evgeny Knyazev was born on 9 August 1955 in the village of Skuratovo, Tula region, near the famous Yasnaya Polyana. Despite the fact that apart from the gene in the family, there were three more sisters, mother was a housewife, and his father was a miner, the family lived a wealthy life. The dream of the stage, settled in the heart of Eugene from an early age, but the incarnation of her was long and difficult.

    After graduation in 1972, Eugene travels to Moscow hoping to enter the Shchukin drama school. But, alas, hope is gone, and the young man have to enter the Mining Institute. But even there it does not leave children’s dreams. Starting from the third year, Eugene is actively involved in theatrical student performances. During the internship in Leningrad, the future actor decided to re-test their strength and have entered on a course of Ruben Agamirzyan LGITMiK. But the thing started, you must finish, and in 1978, Eugene has received the diploma of the Mining Institute.

    The second attempt of storm of the theatrical school of a name of Schukin has been successful, and Eugene, the Prince was enrolled in a course of teacher Lyudmila Vladimirovna Stavskaya the. To transfer from one College to another is not so easy, but interest in the attainment of acting, Eugene prevailed. It should be noted that a significant role in the disclosure Knyazev as an actor played the teacher Lyudmila Stavskaya, who was able to find the key to each student.

    At that time the Shchukin school actually became His family home. Day together with his close friend Eugene Dvorzhetsky, a young man worked in the wardrobe, and after we went to the theater, as the young man read a lot. Knyazev tried bit by bit to absorb all that could be useful to him in the future. It just happened.

    Evgeny Knyazev: theatre

    After graduation in 1982, Eugene gets a job at the Vakhtangov theatre. Knyazeva invited Eugene Simonov, who immediately recognize the character and temperament of the artist. Eugene’s debut on stage was the role of His in the play «rose and cross».

    However, a real breakthrough in the theatrical career was the role in the play «Three ages of Casanova», presented to the public in 1985. It was a staging of Eugene Rubenovich, who himself has brought together plays of Tsvetaeva and gave them a common name. Wife Knyazev in force young age got the role of a young Casanova, a Mature age of the character embodied Valise Lanovoy, and the old summer – Yuri Yakovlev. The audience greeted this performance with enthusiasm.

    After that, the Prince embodied in the role of don Giovanni in «Little tragedies», count Obolyaninov and others, to each of which the actor approached seriously.

    In 1992 Evgeny Knyazev met Peter Fomenko, and this meeting was quite fruitful. Starting with a small but interesting role in the play «the Case», Eugene will take part in all the plays Fomenko. 1993 brings him Neznamova role in the play «guilty Without guilt», for which He received the national award. In 1996 he Herman in Queen of spades, and in 1999 busy «the Miracle of St. Anthony» in the role Achilla.

    However, the cooperation Knyazev and Fomenko over the fact that Peter N. left entirely to the idea of creating their own theater, and Evgeny remained in his native Vakhtangov. And although it is not found there, close to him roles, yet has rejected two offers to go to other theaters.

    Feeling the lack of interest in the Vakhtangov theatre, the artist started playing in other theatres. All the images that he embodies, quite interesting and unexpected. Among all the theatrical roles of Yevgeny note the image of Berlioz in a production of «Berlioz», Barro in the performance «Arto and its double» and the role in the play «Provocation.»

    Evgeny Knyazev: movies

    Knyazev largely a stage actor, and yet on account of his nearly 30 television roles. First cinematic role Eugene – the role of the teacher of Russian and the literature Andrey Petrushova in «mistakes», which was released in 1988. At the same time leaves several paintings with the participation of Knyazev. Among them, the «Fantastic story» N. Elias, «Method for murder», «the Countess Sheremeteva» and others. Then, in the cinematic career of the actor there is a gap.

    With the beginning of the new Millennium Eugene appears again on television. Several papers in such series as «Maroseyka,12», «Simple truth» and «the Fifth angel» give a new impetus to its television activities. The actor remains true to its principle of choice the role: the interest in production and partners.

    The most recognizable work of Eugene Knyazev was the main role in the movie «wolf messing». The Director Of St. A. Krasnopolsky know in advance what he wants to see in this role, so the candidate Knyazev is almost not discussed. Obtaining the consent of the actor, a year before the start of filming, Krasnopolsky then just introduced him to the crew already in makeup and costume. The role of personality in this format will always cause interest of the audience. The Prince notes that the process of working on the series gave him real pleasure.

    After «messing» is, of course, there has been a surge in the popularity of the artist. And though the actor remains as the executor of roles of the second plan, the audience does not leave it without attention, noting the work of a talented artist.

    Evgeny Knyazev: personal life

    The actor has long and happily married. His choice was the art critic Elena Dunaeva, with whom he has two daughters-Alexandra and Anastasia. Girls did not go in his father’s footsteps, choosing other professions.

    This is a happy family that lives together and are comfortable sharing the holidays. Evgeny notes that the family is the main thing for him in this life.

    Evgeny Knyazev: filmography

    • Work on the bugs
    • Fantastic story
    • Countess Sheremeteva
    • The simple truth
    • Let’s make love
    • The fifth angel
    • Wolf messing: who saw through time
    • Once in Rostov
    • The criminal police
    • House with lilies

    Evgeny Knyazev: photo

    Evgeny Knyazev

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