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  • Name: Evgeniya Guseva ( Eugenia Feofilaktova )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kirov
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: model, singer, actress, participant TV-show «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeniya Guseva: biography

    Evgeniya Guseva, the real name of which Feofilaktova, a former member of the reality show «Dom-2», which was published on the project married. The girl is now doing his own business of selling clothes fashion brands, and also tries himself as a fashion model, singer and actress.

    She was born and raised in Kirov. In addition to the secondary school, Eugene attended a dance Studio, but after graduation decided to become a dancer, and to the more practical route. She went to Saint Petersburg and became a student at the University of service and Economics, where he studied the basics of hotel service and tourism business. After graduating from high school moved in Odintsovo, where he worked as advertising Manager in one of the private offices.

    TV show

    In February 2009 Eugenia Feofilaktova came to the project «Dom-2» and immediately drew the attention of many young people. By the way, during the show a girl had to do some plastic surgery: a boob job, lips and eyebrows.

    Eugene was in the «House 2» very talkative, said a lot and categorically, that from the other participants Elena Buchenau earned the nickname «TRU-La-La.»

    The first guy Eugene in the TV show was Nikita Kuznetsov, whom she even checked in a separate room, but after just a couple of days, the boys dispersed.

    Later, Feofilaktova had a relationship with the newcomer of the project Ilya, Kazienko, Alikhan Judibana and Alexander by Zagajnovym. With the latest boys in Eugene was a long-term relationship, and the pair delighted the audience with bright romantic trysts and scandals.

    Soon after breaking up with Sadolin Feofilaktova began to meet with Anton Gusev, who in three months made a proposal to the girl. As it later became known to the public, reason enough quick wedding was the pregnancy Eugene.

    Anton and Jack her grandson had planned to return to the «House-2» after the baby is born, but in the end decided to launch a full life outside the perimeter of the project.

    Music and movies

    Another project Evgeny Gusev tried to sing. She recorded a solo song «don’t tell me how to live», and several popular songs in duet with her best friend Daria Pynzar.

    Later, Eugene starred in the music video of «Breathe» for the song «Who am I to you», and also recorded an English-language hit «Give Me The Fire».

    But lately, Gusev began to attract her acting career, so she agreed to the offer to star in the crime drama «Egor Shilov», where they will play the girlfriend of a gangster. By the way, Eugene was replaced in this role the presenter of the program «Trendy device» Katya Sambuca, which was forbidden to participate in the movie her husband, filmmaker Bob Jack.

    Personal life

    Before you get to the project «Dom-2» Eugene was a long-term relationship with a man who was 13 years older than her.

    In June 2012 she became the wife of the colleague on «House-2» Anton Gusev and took his name. The guys played two weddings. First was a colorful ceremony in the Spanish style, which is demonstrated on television, and then in the circle of family Evgeniya and Anton are again celebrating this unforgettable event.

    In December of the same year Evgeny Gusev gave birth to a son named Daniel. Family living together in a private country house in the suburbs of Moscow.

    Anton Gusev, together with his wife he founded his own Internet-shop of children’s clothes and related products, and Eugene itself on the page in Instagram is section of the beauty, health and fashion trends. In addition, Zhenya Guseva has several times appeared on the catwalk, showing off outfits by the famous Russian couturier. In the last couple of times she made a small Danik.


    Evgeny Gusev

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