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  • Name: Eugene Gerasimov ( Eugeniy Gerasimov )
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1951.
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, film Director, people’s artist of the Russian Federation, politician
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeny Gerasimov: biography

    Evgeny Gerasimov — the famous Russian and Soviet actor and theater actor, athlete, politician, Deputy of the Moscow city Duma.

    Childhood actor

    Evgeny Gerasimov was born in Moscow on 25 February 1951. The boy grew up in an ordinary working-class family and went to physical and mathematical school. Early childhood the future actor went on Plyushchikha. Eugene was going to connect his life with science and planned to go to a technical College. In the school years the young man starred in the movie, then changed their plans. In 1968, immediately after leaving school Evgeny Gerasimov joined the faculty in acting at the Theater school of B. V. Schukin. Course leader, credited a novice artist, was Alexander Fyodorovich Borisov.

    Evgeny Gerasimov in childhood
    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film «They shall not pass» | Movie-Theater

    When the boy was 14, he first starred in the movie. Teen independently came to the casting, where kids his age, dreamed of acting in movies, auditioned for the role of Sanka Rymareva. It Eugene got this cameo role in the film «They shall not pass», released in 1965. In the film, which tells about the events of 1934, the boy played boy, whose mother was the beloved Austrian rebel. Experience in a movie has changed the dreams and aspirations of a young man, and instead of technical specialty, he chose the profession of actor.

    Career Evgeny Gerasimov

    Gerasimov familiar to a wide audience primarily because of the role of the robot Werther from a film made on motives of works of Kir Bulychev. The film «Guest from the future» came out in 1984, but prior to that, Eugene was a lot of interesting projects in which he starred at the same venue Zhzhenov George, Leonid Armor, Vasily Lanovoy, George Yumatov, Irina Miroshnichenko Tatyana pelttser and other well-known Soviet artists. In an interview the actor noted that the master of domestic cinema became his best teachers in acting.

    Evgeny Gerasimov in his youth
    Evgeny Gerasimov in youth | Ruskino

    In 1972, Gerasimov graduated from drama school, and by this time on account of he already had five films. The talented actor was immediately enrolled in the troupe of the Moscow Mayakovsky theater, where Eugene worked for eight years. During this period, out of about two dozen films with the participation of the artist. One of the most interesting works of this period can be called the «Time chose us» which tells about the everyday life of the guerrilla movement in the realities of 1942. For the role in this serial film Gerasimov was awarded the title of Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol.

    Evgeny Gerasimov in his youth
    Evgeny Gerasimov in youth | Ruskino

    In the period from 1979 to 1981, Eugene trained at the Higher courses for scriptwriters and Directors, workshop of George Danelia and Eldar Ryazanov.


    After leaving the theatre work of Eugene in the movie have become more visible. In 1980, the actor starred in the film «Ogaryov 6» and in its continuation entitled «Petrovka 38». These films, which tell about the work of the Soviet authorities, was particularly warmly received by the audience. Evgeny Gerasimov played the role of Lieutenant Valentine Roslyakova, which is one of the main characters together with the characters of Georgy Yumatov and Vasily Lanovoy.

    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film
    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film «Ogaryov, 6» | full Movie

    In 1982, the actor appeared in small roles in the movie «Returning resident» and «State border». I must say that over the years in the cinema at the Evgenia has developed certain roles. The role of intelligence officers, police officers and soldiers, he was particularly good and has won a massive part among the total number of works of the artist. During the filming of a stunt he performed himself, even in the fight scenes he didn’t need doubles since Yevgeny owned by karate and was very athletic.

    Creative growth actor continued, in 1984, the screens out the film, which won the love of teenagers around the Soviet Union. «Guest from the future» brought Gerasimov, the singer of the robot Werther, a real all-Union fame.

    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film
    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film «guest from the future» | Movie-Theater

    Two years after the success of the film adaptation of the story of Cyrus Bulycheva, Eugene starred in the film «bartender of the «Golden anchor» together with Andrey Rostotsky and Tatyana Dogileva. According to the statistics in cinemas of the USSR, the film was seen by over 17 million people.

    In the nineties, the actor continued to appear. Among notable works was the role of the Marquis, Marquess of Montferrat in the film «Richard the Lionheart» and the tin Woodman in the fairy tale «the Wizard of oz».

    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film
    Evgeny Gerasimov in the movie «the Wizard of oz» | a Movie Theater

    In 2000 Evgeny Gerasimov starred in the historical film «the Romanovs. The Imperial family» in the role of Commissar Goloshchekin. In 2008, the actor was just two successful project. He starred in the title role in the historical drama «Sava» and played the main role in the film «the Fog dissipates». In 2012 he released Thriller «Triple life», which Gerasimov was found on the Playground with Maria Mironova, and Ekaterina Vasilyeva.

    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film
    Evgeny Gerasimov in the film «Richard the Lionheart» | Movie-Theater

    In addition to acting career, Eugene has over twenty years he was engaged in dubbing and animated feature films. Since 1983, Gerasimov became known as a Director. On account of his dozen works. In Soviet times, the most famous work by the Director Evgeny Vladimirovich was the Comedy «do Not go, maids, in marriage», filmed in 1985. In the nineties and two-thousand years, the Director has released a few more movies. Gerasimov served as Vice-President of Guild of actors of cinema of Russia during the «sabbatical» by Nikita Mikhalkov in the first half of 2006.

    Political activity

    Yevgeny Vladimirovich Gerasimov in 2001 became the Deputy of Moscow city Duma from the party «United Russia». In an interview, the politician says that the career of the actor helped him to gain the trust of the voters, as it was not on the silver screen in the villains, and played a positive role. On the other hand, partners in the shop have given mixed reviews to his departure in policy, but it does not prevent Evgeny Vladimirovich in its activities.

    Evgeny Gerasimov
    The Deputy Evgeny Gerasimov In Moscow

    In 2012, the Deputy of municipal meeting of Troparevo-Nikulino, Vladimir Garnachuk provided dirt on Gerasimov, accusing him of engaging in illegal business activities. The Commission of Moscow city Council have inspected and did not reveal such violations.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Eugene has developed very well. After «Pike» in the mid-seventies, the young actor met with an attractive girlfriend Maria. When I first met the future wife of the artist was a student of the philological Institute in Moscow. After a lengthy novel, the actor took a sweetheart offer.

    Evgeny Gerasimov with his wife and daughter
    Evgeny Gerasimov with his wife and daughter | photo gallery

    At that time he already acted in movies and provided the voice for the movies, his picture was published in magazines. The family soon had a daughter Olga, she was born in 1977. Son Gerasimov was born six years later. The boy was named Vladimir in honor of Pope Eugene.


    • 1965 — They shall not pass
    • 1975 — Unknown heir
    • 1977 — the Investigation leading Experts. Case No. 11. Any price
    • 1979 — the Time has chosen us
    • 1979 — Petrovka, 38
    • 1980 — Ogareva, 6
    • 1982 — Return of the resident
    • 1984 — guest from the future
    • 1986 — bartender of the «Golden anchor»
    • 1992 — Richard The Lionheart
    • 1994 — the Wizard of oz
    • 2000 — the Romanovs. The Imperial family
    • 2008 — the Fog is lifting
    • 2008 — Savva
    • 2012 — Triple life


    Evgeny Gerasimov

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