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  • Name: Evgeniya Dmitrieva ( Evgeniya Dmitrieva )
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva: biography

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva — the heroine of Russian films and TV series. But few people know that first and foremost, this talented actress has achieved considerable success on the stage, and then earned the recognition of the viewers with its bright and memorable roles in the movie.

    Eugene was born on 12 December 1972 in Moscow. Already when she became interested in acting and enrolled in drama school at the local House of pioneers. Children were taught not only acting but related professions of make-up artist, costumier, Director. They are self-conducted performances from beginning to end, wrote scripts, selected actors and costumes. Everyone here could do what you love, which to him was like. Eugene is the first day of classes, decided to improve only in the role of an actress performing on stage during performances.

    After high school, Dmitrieva filed documents in all capital theatrical institutions, to be sure. Just at that period, the future actress was ill with boils, and besides, she was pretty overweight, but even this did not prevent her to come to the exams. Roll up the bandages Eugene in the red dress danced in front of the admission Committee of the Spanish dance, which has long learned from his mother, and then read a children’s poem. It is easy to guess that her performance was accompanied by loud laughter of the teachers took an aspiring actress in College.

    Dmitriev also admitted to the famous School of the Moscow art theatre, but decided to begin training in schepkinskoe school. There she is incredibly close with the teacher Rimma Gavrilovna Solntseva, which was actually her second mother.

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva: theatre

    Upon graduation, the actress was flooded with offers to join one or another theatre group. Dmitriev did not expect such a hype around his person and it was morally ready to make a choice. But then she came to the aid of Rimma Gavrilovna advised to go to work in the little theatre. The teacher argued extremely wide repertoire that can guarantee the emergence of a young actress on the stage. So Eugene became an actress of the troupe under the leadership of Yuri Solomin.

    Her first debut on stage was the production of «Independent work». The actress really enjoyed playing in front of an audience, but her theatrical career for a long time lull. It is almost never offered roles that are very unnerving and active artist. From the approaching depression had saved her home school: Dmitrieva was offered the position of teacher of acting. The new work is very inspired girl who to this day teaches at the Schepkin drama school.

    Soon she was adjusted and in the theater field. Through a friend she learned about the casting for a production of «Woe from wit» directed by Oleg Menshikov decided to try their hand. It adopted the role, and in 1998 Dmitrieva appeared on the stage of the Mossovet Theatre. Critics positively received the statement, which further enabled the Present to continue the collaboration with Menshikov. The Director has invited her to his private company, which was named Theatrical Association «814». Two years later, the actress appeared in a new production of «the Kitchen», which premiered in Kyiv.

    The most important role in a theatrical career Dmitrieva was the way Olga from the painting «Three sisters». The play was directed by famous British Director Declan Donnellan. Accepting the role, Eugene had no idea how much this will affect its popularity and fate. The play enjoyed huge interest of the audience, and the troupe traveled to Europe, performing in the best theaters. They also visited America, visited Australia and New Zealand. The role of Olga made with Dmitrieva theatrical star of world scale.

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva movies

    For the first time Eugene took part in the filming of the movie in 1999. It was a Comedy «the Chinese service», where he played a famous Russian actors. The young artist only got a small cameo role, which, however, does not confused. She continued to go to auditions, and soon appeared in the popular action movie «Brother-2» and then there were a lot of different pictures.

    The greatest popularity among viewers has brought the actress in the movie «Zaza» in 2008. In the film, the actress appears as a Mature woman Azalea Victorovna, who falls in love with her same age son. This is a dramatic and believable way Eugene Dmitriev received the award named Abdulov for best actress.

    Another notable role was the image of Catherine Furtseva from the documentary film «Catherine III». To play the historical character involved in the network of gossip and speculation, turned out to be quite difficult.

    The actress is not shy of filming the series, as do many artists. Eugene took part in the popular serial pictures «Sklifosofsky», «Young guard», «KGB vs MIA», «Mannequin» and many others.

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva: personal life

    In College, Eugene met with a classmate

  • Andrew Nikovym and it was love at first sight. Love is a very positive impact on the appearance of the young actress: she has lost a whopping 17 kgs, becoming a slim, attractive girl. Soon the actors played a modest wedding in Bryansk, where they invited all their friends. The couple lived with grandmother Eugenia. But rapidly developing career Dmitrieva had a negative impact on family life. Kiku worked in another theater, and they spent very little time together. After two years their marriage broke up. His further personal life of Eugene hides from journalists. It is known that in 2011 she had a son mark, but the name of the father, the artist does not call.

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva: filmography

    • China
    • Brother 2
    • The Failure Of Poirot
    • Firefighters
    • Farewell echo
    • Euphoria
    • Infant
    • Psycho
    • Zaza
    • Catherine III
    • Sklifosovsky
    • Mannequin

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva: photos

    Evgeniya Dmitrieva

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