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  • Name: Evgeniya Loza ( Evgenia Loza )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Antratsyt, Ukraine
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Evgeniya Loza biography

    Evgeniya Loza is a Russian and Ukrainian singer, actress, participating in theatre productions, movies and TV shows. Artist born July 6, 1984 in the small town Antratsit in Lugansk region in the East of Ukraine. In childhood Eugene tried a lot of activities, from gymnastics to playing on wooden spoons. The father and mother the Vines are worked by civil engineers and wanted the daughter continued the family tradition, as feared for its future. However, the girl, who from childhood wanted to be an actress, nothing has changed.

    In fifteen years, Eugene and his parents moved to Moscow, where her father appeared more profitable work. School She graduated from is already in the capital and immediately after filed documents at the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre and the film Institute. The amazing thing is that ambitious girl, I enrolled in both institutions, but on the recommendation of Konstantin Raikin still remained in the Studio school. As explained by Eugene, listen to the meter prompted her that the theater was more on hearing than cinematography, and it was the first school she’s heard more positive feedback. Some sources say the school that the actress was not finished because of the tight shooting schedule.


    In 2002, Evgenia Loza made his debut in the third season of the series «Turkish March» in a series of «Rust». Young and talented actress was noticed, and in the same year she starred in another popular detective series «Kamenskaya» series («the Illusion of sin»).

    Almost from the beginning of the career of Eugene collaborated with Director Vladimir Nazarov. In 2004, she played the main role in his film «come To you angel.» The following year, Nazarov shoots another film, a tragicomedy on motives of performances of Vasily sigareva «lie detector for Sale» and «Phantom pain», where the Vine has played a major role.

    The jump in the actress’s career was the role of Princess Mary in the TV series «Hero of our time». Later, Eugene told me that he is not afraid to deal with the role, because it hasn’t played in the ancient surroundings. But his fears were unfounded: despite the fact that the role was minor and didn’t take much screen time, the audience loved the charming blonde, and many critics noted the talented young actress.

    In the next period, Evgeniya Loza has played in more than two dozen films and serials in Russian and Ukrainian production, with the same hunting by taking part in major and minor roles. The actress said that not only likes to participate in serials like soap operas, as employment in long-term projects could wipe out the more interesting and diverse projects. Besides, Eugene is trying to avoid the traps, killed a lot of film acting: when the viewer is so accustomed to seeing the actor in one way that no longer sees it as anything else.

    Recent work with the participation of Eugenia Vines is to provide a series of «get to Know me if you can» directed by Gusev and Grammatikov. This media project is more heavy, dark and dramatic than the main product of the media market of the CIS, and is meant for the audience, which is tired of simple love stories.

    «Vendetta in Russian» series, a genre which is defined as «Thriller» because of the complexity of the topic and crushes entourage. Eugene played the role of a journalist, forced in a foreign country to investigate complex and intricate crime.

    In General, the film career of Eugenia there is a trend to increasing complexity of images and transition from the role of the lyric heroines, melodramatic «strong women» roles in series and movies of action genre.

    The last works were the roles in the horror film «the Queen of spades: black rite», where Evgenia Loza starred in the title role, «the Witch» and «Yesterday. Today. Forever.»

    Personal life

    Love Affairs of actress are the subject of interest as citizens and journalists. Eugene however, in other matters, willing to contact with the media and the fans, refuses to discuss family and relationships. Rumor has it that the Vine is married to Marat Izmailov, but the actress did not confirm this information.

    Evgeniya Loza, she said, she prefers to meet with wealthy people who earn more than she does. Eugene insists that such a criterion is necessary to her and the partner in the relationship was comfortable.

    In 2009 it was also reported that the Vine is in a relationship with Igor Tomilina, actor of the Theatre Nazarov, and even a planned wedding. Information about relationships, the actress confirmed, but nothing more than that, chose not to report.

    According to some media reports, the Vine is in a relationship with a businessman, whose name does not advertise.


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    Eugene Loza

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