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  • Name: Evgeniya Brik ( Eugene Hirivskaya )
  • Date of birth: 3 September 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married Valery Todorovsky

    Eugene Brick: the biography

    Actress Evgenia Brik lately is a little pleasing to true fans of the movies, but each new role is a little holiday for lovers of good Russian cinema and connoisseurs of female beauty. However, the actress can understand, because the last few years, it plays a special, perhaps the most important for the role of wife and mother. Eugene admits that for a long time was going to go to the movies after the birth of her daughter, but still acting nature took over.

    Hirivskaya Eugene was born in early September of 1981 in a family of intellectuals. Her father was a candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, and mother dreamed to be an actress, but when the light appeared, Zhenya and her sister, abandoned acting ambitions and devoted himself to his family. The girls even did not attend kindergarten, their learning was done at home.

    The actress grew up in a happy family where parents acted as one, and managed to invest in adored by girls the feeling of love and unconditional acceptance. Also Hirivskaya loved the world of art as the theatre or cinema, and music, and the same attitude they instilled in their children.

    For the first time a lot of attention Zhenya felt at age five when the young models began to take part in children’s shows of all-Union house of models. Even then, as recognized by the actress, she liked to feel the center of attention and she is not shy about strangers. Eugenia also says that in adulthood she needed the skills obtained in the school of music.

    Then, in childhood, Eugene often starred in the crowd of films, and after this experience realized that she wanted to be an actress. To have it fully supported, dad was more dry, claiming that anything can happen, and Jack may not get in. He advised his daughter to elect the career of a scientist and even sent the girl to the preparatory courses, which are absolutely not impressed with the future star of the Russian scene: Hirivskaya knew exactly what he wanted to do his whole life, and in case of failure, was ready to try again.

    Eugene entered the GITIS, once in class to a well-known artist Alexander Zbrueva. And have not finished Institute, a talented girl started acting in supporting roles various films and TV series.


    The first films in which you notice a young Eugene — «Interesting men» and «Northern lights», both 2001. But, like many of her colleagues, a launching pad for the actress became popular in the zero series «Turkish March» and «Kamenskaya».

    In 2003, the girl played the role of Lyalya in the film «Moscow Elegy» and for this role won the Prize for best acting debut. Then, in 2004, Evgenia Brik took part in a good, but underrated TV series «Men don’t cry», and in 2005 played a more visible and difficult role of the journalist Anastasia Gromova in the TV series «Bay of Philip», where her partner on the stage was the famous actor Konstantin Khabensky.

    Admitted as Eugene itself, the actor made a lasting impression on her — a quiet, intelligent man with warmth in his eyes, absolutely not arrogant. So playing with him was easy and pleasant. This experience was for her, very important, and after the role in the TV series young talent finally noticed and began to invite to the shooting.

    Next year Evgenia Brik played a leading role in the adventure film «the Count of Montenegro», and again, her partner in the shooting was held of «star» artist, on this time — Alexander Domogarov. The film was not critically acclaimed, but allowed little-known to wide audience of Eugenia to step closer to national glory.

    Next film actress calls one of the favorite in his career: this is the film «Vice» directed by Valery Todorovsky. There, Jack played minor but memorable role of the sister of the main antagonist. Then there was the shooting of the film Todorovsky — music Comedy «Stilyagi». Strict Komsomolskaya Pravda Kate instantly whole country spoke, and the scene of the song «Chained» went to the Russian-speaking Internet, so what about Evgenia Brik learned even those people who never looked at the big picture.

    Starring in the role of Katie, Evgenia Brik received the prestigious award «Nika» for best supporting actor and the award for the best image of kinologija from MTV.

    Of the last memorable appearances on stage, of course, it is worth noting a five-minute, but very striking role of the Brick. With the emergence of the Nude Eugenia begins one of the most successful series in recent years — the «Thaw» Valeri Todorovski filmed in 2013. As recognized by the actress, at first she wanted to play the role of the protagonist, but after consultation with my husband and agreed to try himself not that meaningful, but definitely interesting.

    The actress continues to appear in movies and TV series.


    The nickname «Brick» Eugene took after got the popularity, roughly between 2006 and 2008. Known to Lily Brik in this case, there are no references: name the actress took in honor of his grandmother on his father. Such a decision, Jack took in the fact that the spelling of this name is constantly confused, and become another Todorovski on television Eugenia didn’t want. In addition, on radio name Brick sounded louder and easier to remember than real.

    It happened when Eugene got the position leading to the radio «lighthouse» and led night air with Oleg a Bit. Actrise had to leave this activity in the context of pregnancy and the birth of his daughter.

    Personal life

    About teenage love, even if they were, the actress does not apply. At the beginning of zero years, Eugene met the venerable Director Valeri Todorovski. It happened on one of the castings, where the young actress got the role, but drew the attention of a Director as talented and bright appearance.

    The years, the couple hid their relationship, even from colleagues, while in 2006 the lovers were married. The age difference of the spouses are not confused: according to Eugenia, it is not particularly felt.

    In 2009, the actress and Director are the parents: they had a daughter Zoe. By the time the couple managed to spend some time in Los Angeles, and since then they live in two countries. Daughter Eugenia Brik prefers to grow in the City of Angels, arguing that the Sunny climate and the sea air will do the child good. But the actress is with great pleasure returned to Moscow, where possible.


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    Evgeniya Brik

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