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  • Name: Evgeniy Menshov ( Eugeniy Menshov )
  • Date of birth: 19 November 1947
  • Age: 67 years
  • Date of death: may 19, 2015
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod, Gorky region, Russia
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeniy Menshov biography

    Menchov Eugene A. was born in Gorky on 19 November 1947. The name «Bitter» from 1932 to 1990 wore Nizhny Novgorod. All his childhood the future TV presenter held in the area of the Plant, in a small wooden house. Both father and mother Eugene Menshov worked at the Factory and was convinced that after the completion of schooling their son too will join the ranks of plant employees and will collect the brand new «Volga» (or will receive an engineering education and will be designed).

    Evgeniy Menshov in his youth
    Evgeniy Menshov in his youth | Linkis

    Meanwhile, Eugene all free time spent in the local drama circle. On weekdays, he went to him in the evenings and at the weekend he was lost for days. And after the eighth grade, the choice was made finally: Menchov, Jr. decided that he would have become a popular actor. As it turned out, the talents of an ambitious young man deprived of was not: it was not worth much effort to go through numerous entrance examinations for admission to theater school. Eugene at that time was only 15 years old.

    Evgeniy Menshov in his youth
    Evgeniy Menshov young | full Movie

    Even then, a young, energetic student often have caused the praise from their teachers. His classmates jokingly called «the Brezhnev seen live» for a case that at first no one believed. Due to the lack of money Evgeniy Menshov had to overcome part of the way to school on foot, and in one of those trips, a young student saw the convoy of the head of the USSR who arrived in an automobile factory. That guy really saw Brezhnev, classmates believed only after the program «Time», which tells about the visit of Leonid Brezhnev in the Bitter.

    Evgeniy Menshov in his youth
    Evgeniy Menshov young | full Movie

    After graduating from College, Evgeny received an invitation to work directly from the two theatres of Nizhny Novgorod Theatre of the young spectator and the Drama theatre. From work in these theatres, the future of the broadcaster refused Vitaly Lepsky, who worked at that time Director of the Gorky theatre school and discovered such talents as, for example, Evgeny Evstigneev and Lyudmila hityaeva. He advised a gifted boy to continue learning, and not just anywhere, but in Moscow. Menchov obeyed and passed the exams in the School-Studio of MKHAT.


    After graduation in 1971, Evgeny got a job in the Moscow drama theatre of a name of N. V. Gogol. No deductions, the actor received only 75 rubles a month, but, in the words of Menchov, that he didn’t care. The most important thing was that his name appeared in the lists of roles.

    Evgeniy Menshov
    Evgeniy Menshov | Begin-online

    However, the all-Union (and then all Russia), the glory he received through his work in the theater, although all played characters he, no doubt, has always been worthy of the applause of the public. The popularity of the actor brought the duet with the presenter such as angelina Vovk, and jointly maintain the popular program «song of the year».

    Evgeniy Menshov and angelina Vovk
    Evgeniy Menshov and angelina Vovk | M24

    Actor theater. Gogol, and the announcer of the Soviet Central television led the program from 1988 to 2006, becoming its permanent characters. For 18 years, leading unable to open a lot of talent, and travel within the concert tours in Russia, Israel, Germany and even the United States.

    Evgeniy Menshov and angelina Vovk
    Evgeniy Menshov and angelina Vovk | Newstes

    In 2006-m year, Menchov and wolf left the show. It all started with the fact that the transfer was closed for a year. And then the rights to it bought Igor Krutoy, and leading made for a clear reading of his remarks to the script, stay on message. After the relationship of Igor Krutoy with heads «the First channel» has corrupted the program has lost its regular monthly format and start «jumping» through different channels. And then angelina and Eugene and is asked to recite his lines from the wings that was the last drop in the Cup of patience.


    Handsome anchor, whose height was impressive for a man of his generation 182 cm, often attracted the attention of not only beautiful ladies, but also filmmakers. During the years of his artistic career Evgeny Menshov managed participation in the filming of more than twenty films.

    Evgeniy Menshov in movie
    Evgeniy Menshov in the movie «the Hundred and first» | Movie-Theater

    The role of different degree of importance he received in such films as: «Combat», «as long as there are mountains», «the dawns here are quiet», «hundredth», «Where are you, love?» «Servant,» and several others.

    Personal life

    First love and first wife of Eugene A. is Natalia Seliverstova, which the host had lived for eighteen years. With his future wife, the actor met while studying at the Studio School of the Moscow art theatre: Eugene and Natalia studied on the same course. Although the first marriage Menchov and continued for almost twenty years, children in this Union born were not.

    Natalia Seliverstova
    Natalia Seliverstova, the first wife master Movie Theater

    In 1988, in the life of a TV presenter has a new love – Larisa Borushko, actress of the Moscow drama theater. Gogol. As later recalled Evgeny Menshov, he left the first wife, left everything to her, so Larissa they at first had to live in a small room in a communal apartment. First couple in a literal sense sleeping on the floor, bed creaking boards Newspapers.

    Larisa Borushko
    Larisa Borushko’s first wife master Movie Theater

    However, the career of Larisa Borushko gradually went up the hill, she was offered roles in different movies, and Evgeny Menshov well earned «Song of the year» and in the cinema. In addition, the actors helped friends, and after some time the couple Melsovich there was a separate apartment. Knew this family and so happy as children: Larissa, the TV presenter gave his only son Alexander.

    Evgeniy Menshov, Olga the Terrible
    Evgeniy Menshov, Olga the Terrible, the third wife of the lead | Arguments and facts

    Unfortunately, some of the successfully developing career was the reason that the wife of Eugene A. did not much care about their health. When the actress was only forty-odd years, she was diagnosed with «cervical cancer», and not in the first stage. Menchov had sent his wife to the best doctors, looking for any ways to save her, but the disease was very advanced. The first of may 2006 Larissa died at the age of 43 years.

    A year and a half, the third wife of Eugene A., Olga the Terrible, managed to breathe life into a heartbroken widower. He began to work more actively, and in the photo was smiling again and seemed happy. Unfortunately, this Union was not destined to survive for many years: an obstacle to the happiness of the spouses was the death of Menchov. The TV host passed away in may of 2015 cause of death was a long kidney problems. The funeral of the artist was held on Troekurov cemetery.


    Evgeniy Menshov

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