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  • Name: Evgenia Nokhrina ( Eugene Mironenko )
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1991.
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Evgenia Nokhrina: biography

    Young Russian actress Evgenia Nokhrina loudly declared itself immediately after the training. In a number of films, the singer appeared in the lead roles and managed to achieve recognition from the audience. Biography Eugenia Nochinoi there are such tapes, as «the fern Flower», «Under the sign of the moon», «to marry Pushkin» and «Sitting duck».

    Evgenia Nokhrina
    Photo by Evgenia Nochinoi | VK

    She was born in the ancient city of Nizhny Novgorod until the end of the school established in the desire to devote her life to the stage. In Moscow, the girl successfully passed through all the creative tests, passed the entrance exams and was enrolled in the legendary VGIK, the workshop of people’s artist Vladimir Menshov. Career Eugene Nochinoi began with student performances of «the catcher in the rye» and «Talking dumb».

    Evgenia Nokhrina
    Photo by Evgenia Nochinoi | VK

    And after graduation she paired with Sergei Bezrukov played the main characters in the play «Pushkin» the Moscow provincial drama theatre. There Bezrukov portrayed the great Russian poet, and Eugene Nokhrina – his wife Natalia Goncharova. By the way, Bezrukov actress later will again to work on the set of one of the films.


    Filmography of Eugenia Nochinoi was filled immediately after its release of the theatre of the University. She starred in the film adaptation of the novel «the Pit» by Alexander Kuprin, and then there was the youth adventure film «wings» with Yuri Stoyanov, the crime drama «Cold dish» by Alexey Demidov family history «Under the sign of the moon» with Cyril Dievice.

    Evgenia Nokhrina in the film
    In the role of Tony Finishing in the movie «the fern Flower» | Cinema

    Together with Sergey Bezrukov, which already had experience working together in a theatrical setting, Evgenia Nokhrina starred in the Comedy series «Temporarily unavailable». Most popular actress brought the women’s series «Hope» and especially the rural love story «the fern Flower», where her partner was actor Sergey Mukhin.

    Evgenia Nokhrina in the film
    In the role of Kira in the movie «the fluffer» | Cinema

    Two works Nochinoi was released in December 2016. It’s about romance «Sitting duck», in which Evgenia has partnered Anatoly lobotsky, and the romantic Comedy «marry Pushkin», except where the young actress appear Alexandra Bortech, Dmitry Gudochkin, Ivan Dobronravov, Roman Madyanov and many other stars of Russian cinema.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Eugenia Nochinoi is a real puzzle for all her fans. It is known that today she officially is not married, although found with his counterpart Dmitry Panfilov, with whom he played in the film «marry Pushkin.» Also the young man known to viewers for her role in the fantasy Thriller «Split».

    Evgenia Nokhrina and Dmitry Panfilov
    With her boyfriend Dmitry Panfilov | Instagram

    But fans confusing the fact that Zhenya was at one time another name. Evgeny Mironenko as she appeared, for example, in the credits of the melodrama «Hope» in 2014. Therefore, many believe that the husband of Eugenia Nochinoi still exists. Or at least it used to be. But as the actress of this information does not comment and does not respond to appropriate questions of the public, the public are left wondering: what caused the change of name Eugenia Nochinoi.


    • 2014 — Kuprin. Pit
    • 2014 — On the wings
    • 2014 — Hope
    • 2015 Under the sign of the moon
    • 2015 — Cold dish
    • 2015 — currently unavailable
    • 2015 — The Loop
    • 2015 — the fern Flower
    • 2016 — to marry Pushkin
    • 2016 — Decoy duck


    Evgenia Nokhrina

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