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  • Name: Evgeniya Kryukova ( Evgeniya Kryukova, Sergei )
  • Date of birth: 11 June 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeniya Kryukova : biography

    She’s beautiful, smart, talented. About Evgeniya Kryukova, say they are born for the stage.

    Eugene was born June 11, 1971 in Moscow family. Her parents are engineers. Eugene was just going to the first grade when they broke up: the girl was left with her mother.

    Kryukov at school studied well, was particularly fond of painting and drawing. About the acting profession and if she dreamed, it did not say out loud. After school the girl my mother’s advice and decided to study architecture at a University, passed the exams and became a student. In the first days of the training Evgeniya Kryukova realized that architecture was not his calling. After completing the first year of high school, she took the documents.

    Eugene got a job in a youth theatre artist, trying not to miss rehearsals. If you had the opportunity, was asked to participate in the crowd. Once she was invited to a student production in schepkinskoe school. There it drew the attention of the Studio Director and invited to star in the film. However, the footage with her participation in the picture was not included, but she realized that she wanted to be an actress.

    In 1990 Eugene Kryukov entered the correspondence Department of GITIS, the course of P. A. Chomsky. Thus began her acting life.


    Eugene studied at GITIS and continued to work in theatre, occasionally appearing in the crowd.

    In 1993, the actress was invited to Mossovet theatre, where she works today. On the stage of this theater she has played dozens of classical and contemporary roles. Among them performances of «Anna Karenina», «Cynics», «twelfth night», «Moscow Jack», «School for wives» and many others.

    Periodically Eugene Kryukov invited to statement the Directors of other theatres. She gladly accepts their offer.


    For the first time in the movie she filmed when she was 18 years old. This was a movie «roly-poly». She knew that the appearance for the acting profession is not enough – you need experience. Her next work was the French film «Sex and perestroika». Then Eugene Kryukov studied in the first year of GITIS. After the shooting of Karen Shakhnazarov invited her for the role of Princess Tatiana in the film «the Kingslayer».

    The popularity of the actress came after the role of Julia in «the Petersburg secrets». In the TV series she starred for more than four years. Then there was the project «Dossier detective Dubrovsky» and «Gangster Petersburg», «Heavenly life,» «Multiplying grief», «Witch» and dozens of other roles.

    The creative life of the actress full of today. She often plays the main role in the detective series. Audiences remember her as Nina Pogodaevo in multiserial film «Marina grove». In «Grandmother pregnant» Evgenia Krukova well managed age the role of Kira, who decides to have a child at the same time daughter-in-law.

    Personal life

    First husband Eugene – actor Mikhail Zhukov. She married him when I was a student. The marriage was short-lived – four years later they divorced.

    The second man, Andrei Sergeev, Eugene was older than 17 years. But this relationship is not destined to be long.

    The third time the actress got married to businessman Alexander Karev. In this marriage a daughter, Eudoxia. The couple lived together for about 10 years and then broke up.

    Her such relationship was with Mikhail Rudyak. The businessman was married, but that did not stop their beautiful romance. Michael took care of Eugenia, and provided for her. The relationship lasted 5 years and suddenly stopped. Mikhail Rudyak died of a heart attack on the plane, in the hands of the actress.

    Several years passed, and Evgeniya Kryukova started Dating a longtime fan Sergey Padalkin. The couple have two sons. The actress says that finally became happy. For her, family is always first place, because it is not just an actress but a mother of many children.


    • «Savva Morozov»
    • «The outcome of the Petersburg secrets»
    • «The Golden key»
    • «Maryina Roshcha»
    • «The outcome of the Petersburg secrets»
    • «Far away from St. Petersburg»
    • «Grandma to give birth»
    • «Three days outside the law»
    • «Sex and perestroika»
    • «About love»


    Eugene Kryukov in the film

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