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  • Name: Evelina Khromchenko ( Evelina Khromchenko )
  • Date of birth: 27 February 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Ufa
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist, actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Evelina khromtchenko: biography

    Evelina Khromchenko was born February 27, 1971 in Ufa. Family style icons were extremely intelligent: father Leonid was an economist and her mother worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature. The education of future leading largely influenced by her grandmother, who taught German and was always dressed to the nines, complementing your look memorable accessories. The girl grew up a very interesting and intelligent. To read she has already learned in three years thanks to the famous «Izvestiya» newspaper, which daily reading of her grandfather. When Evelyn was ten years old, her family moved to Moscow.

    The school khromtchenko also stood out among the other children: she was not only an excellent student, but from an early age began to show a flair for creativity. The teacher liked obedient, studious and diligent student, who happily played on the school evening performances. The girl’s parents wanted to grow the daughter of a famous musician, because they themselves are heavily into music. Here, however, Evelyn showed its own character and is different from the parent are of the opinion that it is already from an early age learned how to formulate clearly. The girl is not attracted by the prospect of a music school, and she convinced mom and dad to give her the drawing. In fourth grade she began to learn in art school, which, however, she was not destined to finish. Soon Evelyn began to deteriorate the vision, which the doctors had recommended to abandon the lessons and the girl had to forget about his dream.

    Closer to the graduation class Khromchenko are thinking again about their prospects for the future. She could easily go to the linguistic Institute by training in a specialized English school and learn languages like her mother and grandmother. However, she chose a different path, deciding to link his life with journalism, enrolling at MSU. Along with studying the girl began to actively look for a job, to graduation, to gain experience. Here she has helped family ties: her father some time ago, the mother divorced and remarried, and the stepmother Evelyn worked at the radio station «Youth». Thanks to the patronage of the young journalist agreed «to watch» and took on the job. Her short stories became the basis for the programs of the other more experienced journalists.

    In 1991, the girl took in the all-Union Committee for television and radio broadcasting, where she was in the Department of radio broadcasting for young men and children. There, Evelyn quickly moved up the career ladder, setting the stage for useful contacts and acquaintances, which in the future helped her to realize in the professional field. Work Khromchenko was combined with study, which sometimes had to miss classes. However, teachers encouraged her to practice in the field of journalism and often turned a blind eye to absenteeism. The girl was led on the radio program «same Age», which lasts about four hours. It is through the live broadcast of Evelina are unable to come to graduation in the University, from which he graduated with honors.

    In 2013, khromtchenko has become a lecturer at the Department of journalism at the University.

    Evelina khromtchenko: fashion

    The first steps of Evelina Hromchenko in the world of fashion has become the author’s program «the Sleeping krasavica» on the radio «Change». The program was aimed at a teenage female audience and talked about fashion trends. At that time the leading was still a student of the Institute.

    In 1991, Evelyn was invited to the radio station «Europe plus», where she took the position of a leading column about fashion. His short reviews a girl was invented literally on the way to the Studio, where they sounded live: the radio station saved on recordings, because talented Khromenko had quite serious essential training.

    In twenty years she founded her teenage fashion magazine «Marusya». But because of the dishonesty of a business partner at Evelina as a result not proved any rights to the print edition. She left the project, leaving their offspring.

    In 1995 Khromchenko and her husband

  • Alexander Shumsky was organized by PR-Agency «Department of fashion Evelina Khromchenko». A year later, the Agency was named «the Artifact» and was the main organizer of fashion festival «Ukrainian Fashion Week». In parallel with the PR, Evelina actively wrote articles for many well-known women’s magazines. For exclusive information khromtchenko at his own expense he flew to Paris on important events from the world of fashion, interviewed well-known figures of this field
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Naomi Campbell,
  • Claudia Schiffer. Article written by Evelyn, was compensated the cost of travel, and she soon became the chief specialist in fashion in Russia. Her PR Agency was engaged in the organization of press conferences of many famous figures of fashion.

    Evelina khromtchenko: press

    In 1998, when the French magazine «l’officiel» agreed to establish a Russian-language edition, editor in chief without hesitation suggested Evelyn. It was a turning, but expected event in the career of the famous journalist. A feature of the magazine was the lack of translated articles, but also pays great attention to the Russian segment of the fashion and its designers. Thanks to «l’officiel» readers learned the names of Russian designers and fashion designers that are now famous around the world. In the journal Khromchenko worked until 2010, after which it to succeeded

  • Maria Nevskaya. The official reason for the dismissal of the publisher of the project called «obsessed khromtchenko own career».

    Evelina khromtchenko: TV

    In 2007 on the TV channel «the First channel» has started a personal project «

  • Fashion verdict», where Evelyn became a co-host. Together with other leading, they gave advice to the program regarding their style of dress and behavior, making ordinary people fashionable and stylish people. In 2009 Evelina wrote her first book about fashion «
  • Russian style», which was published in two languages: English and German. The book enjoyed considerable success abroad, showing foreigners the «other Russia».

    Evelina khromtchenko: personal life

    As a student at MSU Evelina Khromchenko met her future husband

  • Alexander By Sumskim. They married and together were engaged in business: he founded a PR Agency and organized Russian fashion shows. In 1996 they had a son Artem. In 2014, it became known that the couple divorced three years ago, but for a long time maintained the visibility of the relations, appearing together at various events. 2014 khromtchenko is found with the artist
  • Dmitry Semenovym. The lovebirds are living separately, but a lot of time together. Evelyn actively promotes career and creativity of her lover, helping him in organizing exhibitions.

    Evelina khromtchenko: photo

    Evelina Khromchenko with son

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