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  • Name: Evelina Bledans ( Evelyn Bledans )
  • Date of birth: 5 April 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Yalta
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: Actress, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: Married to Alexander Semin

    Evelina Bledans biography

    Evelina Bledans is a popular Russian actress of Ukrainian-Latvian origin. Evelina is known not only as the actress of theatre and cinema, but also as a TV presenter, author and performer of pop songs. But still many of his fans Evelina Bledans especially memorable as the nurse from «Mask-show».

    Evelina Bledans
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    Evelina Bledans Visualdna was born 5 April 1969 in the Ukrainian city of Yalta. Its unusual name the actress obliged to the case. My parents wanted to name her daughter simply, Nastya, but the midwife saw the baby, protested that it’s not Anastasia, but the real Evelyn. This name and decided to leave the girl’s parents. In the blood stars flowing Latvian, Ukrainian and Jewish blood.

    Father Visvaldis Karlovich Bledans ethnic full-blooded Latvian, worked all my life as a photographer. Mother Tamila N. half Ukrainian. When Evelyn was 4 years old, parents divorced and her mother married the second time for the engraver Gennady Aleksandrovich. From Evelina is half-sister Maya and a half — Diana.

    Evelina Bledans in childhood
    Evelina Bledans in childhood | Kasjauns.lv

    In school Evelyn joined the dance circle, where he gave acting classes. When in Yalta were filming, Bledans with his girlfriend starred in the crowd. After finishing school № 5 Yalta, the future star entered the course of Igor Vladimirov in LGITMiK and graduated in 1990 with honors, after which she enrolled for training in the theatrical center of the United States Eugene o’neill.


    The debut of Evelina Bledans happened after the filming of «local emergency» in 1998. After the actress was involved in several small roles. When Evelyn graduated, she moved to Odessa and began working in the theater-cabaret «the Sweet life».

    Evelina Bledans in the film
    Evelina Bledans in the movie «state of emergency of regional scale» | full Movie.Ru

    In his youth, starting from 1992 to 2005, Evelina Bledans started to play the comic group «Masks,» then came the popular comic series «Masks-show»

  • in the style of silent movies. In this series the girl played the nurse and other roles that have contributed in the creative biography Bledans bright colors. After the triumph in the comic series of the work of Evelina this day the admiration of the viewer. Since 2000, star has played a primary role in antrepriznyh performances. «Danae», «Treasure of island the Pelican» «the sleeping dog», «Decorator of love», «the Decameron» — the defining roles of the actress. Evelina also not spared the popular advertising TV stars. Photo Bledans often appear on the covers of famous glossy magazines. Evelina is known not only in Russia and the near abroad, the actress starred in American films such as «Red square» and «Barbarian».
    Evelina Bledans in the play
    Evelina Bledans in the play «the sleeping dog» | the Newspaper Megapolis

    The actress also became famous as a presenter in the projects «On the Boulevard with Evelina Bledans», «Sexual revolution with Evelina Bledans» «All our way.» The actress took part in the reality show of the First channel «Last hero», «the Great race», «Cruel intentions».

    In 2009 invited by Stanislav Sadalsky, the main role in the entreprise «Decorator of love». Since by this time the biography of Evelina Bledans developed not only in acting but also in singing, the star released a solo album, «love!». Her songs in the famous TV series «Cursed Paradise», «STEY by step», also in the cartoon «Zambezia».

    Currently Bledans enough time for shooting and family. She is now participating in the popular show «white Media» «one to One!», where has the ability to transform, trying on the image of various musicians. Photo of Evelina Bledans in the new images delight her fans and ordinary viewers.

    In February 2015, the year Evelina began to work as the lead in a new transfer of «All is well» on NTV, and later that year starred in the film with the equally upbeat «Everything will come true!».

    At the end of 2016, the year Evelina participated in the game show, «the Secret to a million.» This quiz showed more secrets and experiences of the actress than most of the interviews she ever gave. During transmission, the actress apologized to the eldest son, told why you’ve been hiding from all of her half sister and explained their relations and conflicts with men.

    Personal life

    When Evelyn studied theater in College, she first married Yuri Staskovskaja, at that time, the actor-comedian, familiarity with which occurred at the University. But the marriage was not a success, and after six months, the couple broke up.

    Yuri Stytskovsky and Evelina Bledans
    Yuri Stytskovsky and Evelina Bledans | Vkontakte

    Soon personal life of Evelina Bledans slowly improved, and the actress entered into a second marriage in 1993. Husband Bledans was lucky enough to have Israeli businessman Dmitry. With her future husband, the actress he met in Odessa. From this marriage at Evelina Bledans appeared first son, Nicholas. When my son turned a year, they moved to Moscow. Then Evelyn decided to try their hand in the musical «Metro» in 1999 and successfully passed the casting.

    However, in 2010 Bledans parted with her second husband after 18 years of residence. Through time, the actress learns that her ex-husband, moved to Israel, where together with him went their shared son. Nicholas was upset with the fact his parents divorced and he decided to live with his father in Israel. Unfortunately, Nicholas did not communicate with her mother for a long time. The son agreed to come to see my mother and meet her new family soon after he turned 21.

    Evelina Bledans with his eldest son, Nicholas | Woman.ru

    In the same 2010-m Evelina third time binds the marriage bond with Alexander Semin. With the producer they met during the filming of «the Manipulator». The age difference with her husband, the actress is nine years. This is atypical for the Russian show-business the fact that has excited the fans and the press. Another great gossip caused the weight and appearance of Alexander. To lose weight the new husband of actress advised even Alexander Vasilyev. Constant persuasion had influenced the man, and soon the husband of actress has lost about 20 pounds. It seemed that a happy family no more problems.

    Evelina Bledans and Alexander Syomin
    Evelina Bledans and Alexander Syomin | HELLO!

    Evelina gave birth to a wonderful husband and son Seeds. The actress is completely immersed in family life and even refused to participate in the show «dancing with the stars». She commented on this act, saying that she had enough of extreme sports and her career is enough. Evelyn admitted that in the future just want to live together somewhere near the sea, to grow flowers, to take care of the garden and travel.

    Sun child

    My son Bledans at birth has discovered the down syndrome. Faced with this disease, the couple decided to help families in which children are born with this disease.

    Evelina Bledans with his son Simeon
    Evelina Bledans with his son Simeon | Babyblog.ru

    Children of Evelina Bledans – Holy. She tries to help anyone who needs it, according to their possibilities. The star recalls the first days of birth and shudders. According to her, the baby was born with very low immunity, on arrival to the hospital was the night he faded. The parents immediately took the child to the intensive care unit where he spent 4 days in Cubase.

    Evelina Bledans and her child pleasing fans. The actress said that she and her husband treat semen like a normal kid, enjoying every small victory for the little guy. Mom calls This «Sunny» boy. The disease does not prevent the child to lead a star’s life. At the age of 6 months he received the first contract for advertising diapers, and also «leads» the blog on Twitter, and it appears in instagram parents so that all fans of the artist can observe the growth of the baby.

    Evelina Bledans with his son Simeon
    Evelina Bledans with his son Simeon | Woman.ru

    The couple often talked about plans to have another child. The son’s disease does not frighten them, and despite the age of the actress is clearly planning to become a mother again. Evelina dreams of a daughter.

    The problem is not retreating from the family of the presenter. Around a happy family scandal. Some Elena Volkova has published in his instagram a terrible picture: it is Elena herself with a bandaged head and apparent bruises and blamed their injuries husband artist Alexander Semin. She had the nurse of the Seed and explained that Alexander attacked her when she baby-sat. Friends and acquaintances of Alexander could not believe these words, the man they knew was not capable of this. Evelina told the press that no nanny Helen, their son was not, and the photo is clearly fabricated to frame his father.

    Later on the official website of Seeds in the social network has a more detailed explanation of what is happening. It said that the nurse impostor is not just a fan of the star family, but also the crook, which in the name of Bledans collected money allegedly for various charities.

    Disease sisters

    Congenital disease in a child of Evelina is not the only misfortune that befell her family. In 2016, the year during the TV program «Talk show» actress learned that her stepsister cirrhosis of the liver, and the woman requires expensive treatment. Sisters long time no speak, so Diana never sought assistance from the star relatives. The disease developed a long time, cirrhosis arose from the hepatitis, and the doctors predicted Diana quick death, but he doesn’t let go of life, the need to care for her daughter.

    Evelina Bledans with her sister Diana
    Evelina Bledans with her sister Diana.kg

    Learning about the illness of his sister, Evelyn started crying in the Studio, but said she doesn’t have the money needed for treatment. However, the actress is completely paid diagnosis of the disease and organized several donations for Diana’s treatment. Sister Evelyn refused a liver transplant, and hopes to overcome the disease.


    Evelina Bledans has played more than 40 roles in his acting career. Among them:

    • «Mask show»
    • «Friendly family»
    • «Bachelors»
    • «Caution, Zadov!»
    • «Damned Paradise»
    • «Hitler kaput!»
    • «Love in big city 2»
    • «Univer»
    • «Samara»
    • «Mixed feelings»


    Evelina Bledans

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