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  • Name: Evdokiya Germanova ( Evdokiya Germanova )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1959
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: actress, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: not married

    Evdokiya Germanova: biography

    Honored artist of Russia, actress of Evdokiya Germanova – Muscovite. From childhood they are with younger sister Love dreamed of becoming an actress. What girl doesn’t? But Eudoxia were so hard to their dream, even six failures on the entrance exam to GITIS are unable to break her will to win. The girl, who had no acting education, came to the Directors of the Moscow theaters, with a request to give her at least some role, and some of them were simply not in forces to resist perseverance.

    Evdokiya Germanova
    Evdokiya Germanova | Live Internet

    One day, by chance in the hall turned himself Oleg Tabakov. Amazed by the energy and temperament of Germanboy, the famous Director took her to his course in GITIS without examination, and after graduation was invited to work in the theatre.


    Evdokiya Germanova is in the Oleg Tabakov theatre since 1987. The actress calls their viewers «by a jury» and in every performance with her inherent from childhood persistence breaks to their feelings.

    Germanova played Joan of arc in the play «the Lark» by Jean Anouilh, Addie Bundren in the drama of William Faulkner «as I lay dying», she in the play by Maxim Gorky «the lower depths». By the way, for the role of Anastasia Germanova received an international award. K. S. Stanislavsky in the category «Best actress»(2000).

    Evdokiya Germanova in the play
    Evdokiya Germanova in the play «the Last error Mozart» | the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov

    The dramatic talent of the actress in the role of the forces of any complexity. She was invited in independent projects, including in English. In parallel with work in Germanova plays Tabakov at the Moscow art theatre them. A. P. Chekhov: the Cherry orchard (Charlotte) and «the Last error of Mozart» (Constance Mozart).


    First time in the movie Evdokia Germanova acted before Oleg Tabakov saw her acting talents. No less famous in the future than tobacco, and the then young, aspiring filmmaker Vladimir Menshov called seventeen-year-old girl who then called herself Dina to star in his debut film «Lottery». The film received numerous awards and praised the actors, most of whom were in the movie for the first time, all over the country. The most famous of them was the former before the shooting to «Draw» a simple schoolboy Dmitry Kharatyan. By the way, in the remake of the film in 2008 Kharatyan played the protagonist’s father, and Germanova – mother of the protagonist.

    Working with Germanboy in the «Drawing» liked Menshov that he wanted to invite her for the role of Alexandra in his Oscar-winning, as it will be a film «Moscow does not believe in tears». But in the end the Director opted to Natalia Vavilova, which was superficially similar to Faith Alentova whose daughter she had to play.

    Evdokiya Germanova in the film
    Evdokiya Germanova in the film «the New adventures of Yankee in king Arthur’s court» | full MOVIE.RU

    Enrolling in GITIS, movie Germanova not quit, starred almost every year: «the Intern» — 1977, «the Portrait with a rain» — 1977, «Scenes from married life» — 1979. In 1982 Germanova plays the main character kinokomedii Rolana Bykova «Wedding gift». Finally, in 1988, after the release of the film «the New adventures of Yankee in king Arthur’s court», the actress comes the real glory. Germanova plays wonderful sandy by the hand and whose heart are fighting the heroes of the film.

    In 1995, Evdokiya Germanova shares the love of the audience with Yevgeny Mironov, his partner in the film of Vladimir Khotinenko’s «Muslim». In the drama plays Germanova in love with the hero of Mironov the first beauty of the village Verka.

    The first professional recognition to Evdokia Germanova it’s still in the eighties. It was the Grand Prix of the V all-Union festival of young cinematographers for best actress in the movie O. Nagruzkoi «We cannot predict». Then there was: the audience award and the jury prize at the I all-Ukrainian festival for the best female role in the film A. Vizier «Niagara»; the main prize at the IV Festival of actors of cinema «Constellation» and «Crystal globe» at the IFF in Karlovy vary for best actress in the psychological Thriller S. Livnev «Kicks»; the prize at Thessaloniki international film festival for his work in the film by the same Director «the Sickle and a hammer» and, finally, the prize of the Cold Faith for the grace of the acting work.

    Evdokiya Germanova in the film
    Evdokiya Germanova in the movie «Russian» | full MOVIE.RU

    In 2003, Evdokiya Germanova brilliantly embodied the image of the emigrant in the eponymous melodrama. In 2005 her partner on the set was Alexei Chadov. In the movie «Russian» based on the works of Eduard Limonov Chadov played the main character, and Germanova – played the role of his mother.

    Then Evdokiya Germanova increasingly starred in the television series.

    Personal life

    It is easy to guess that this bright, spirited and beautiful woman always enjoyed great success in men, but the relationship she had with one of them. Sergei and Herman, almost his namesake, Evdokiya Germanova met in the summer of 2010. He was handsome and smart. Soon the lovers began to live together.

    Marital happiness did not last long. The couple quarrel, and then one of the fights ended with injury Evdokia. Germanova Sergey was expelled from the house and even filed for him in court. After more attempts at bonding with men actress did not.

    Evdokiya Germanova
    Evdokiya Germanova | Open Dialog

    The history of adoption

    How to get to start a family, but did not work out and children. Evdokiya Germanova has decided to adopt a child. The artist traveled to several orphanages until one of them met Kohl. The boy, who was walking in the yard, rushed to her neck and she realized he is her son.

    The happiness of motherhood crashed on heavy inheritance, as he said in an interview with the artist herself. In numerous shows and interviews Germanova repeatedly told that, as the small boy started to pull things from her colleagues, told peers that his mother beat him. In the talk show, the actress said that once nick grabbed a knife and rushed at her. After examining the child, doctors diagnosed him with progressive schizophrenia. Evdokia Germanova, do not hesitate to give the adopted son in a specialized clinic.

    Evdokia Germanova, and her foster son
    Evdokiya Germanova and her adopted son | TCH

    This story caused a strong reaction in the media. Stars and journalists were divided into two camps: someone compassionate sympathized with the actress, others claimed that Nicholas is a perfectly healthy young man, and Germanova are just not coped with the role of the mother, citing the bad genes of the child.


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    Evdokiya Germanova

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