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  • Name: Evan Spiegel ( Evan Thomas Spiegel )
  • Date of birth: 4 June 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Activities: businessman, one of the founders of the company «Snapchat»
  • Marital status: not married

    Evan Spiegel : the biography

    Evan Thomas Spiegel born June 1990 Los Angeles, in a family of successful lawyers Melissa and John Spiegel, managed to earn millions in capital. The family lived in one of the most expensive areas of Pacific Palisades, which competes in importance with the famous Beverly hills.

    After the birth of three children, son Evan, and daughters Lauren and Caroline mom left law practice and took up the upbringing of the heirs. Young Spiegel grew up in incredible luxury. In their life had all the trappings of life «Golden youth»: a private yacht, tennis and Golf clubs, cars class «luxury», and personal chef.

    Evan Spiegel has learned not only to live in Grand style, but was able to get a good education. 15 years teen recorded on 2 course of the prestigious colleges where Evan learned graphic design and started off well to understand the art.

    In order for the son to realize how lucky he is in this life, John Spiegel has been taking it for a Christmas distribution of meals for the poor and homeless. In addition, the family millionaires, being faithful members of the Catholic Church, went to Mexico, where he helped build housing for the poor.

    In the late 2000s for the family of Spiegel it was a difficult time. Parents divorced after 20 years of marriage. Began a long and wearisome litigation in which the legal profession was divided considerable property.

    After graduating from high school Evan Spiegel became a student of Stanford. In his time here he studied his father.


    For a long time, Evan could not decide what he would do. He worked as a trainee in the company, which was engaged in Biomedicine. Then decided that I would become a teacher and even went to South Africa to teach students the basics of management. But then Spiegel became interested in computer technology.

    First, he practiced by the owner of the company Intuit, Scott cook. Having the necessary experience, Evan started his own project. His business partners were buddies Stanford Bobby Murphy and Reggie brown. Rumor has it that Reggie came up with the idea of creating a smartphone app called Picaboo. Is a messaging app with disappearing pictures.

    But brown couldn’t program. He was involved in marketing the project and obtaining the patent. He also coined the program’s logo – a smiling Ghost.

    Project development began in June 2011. And in August, Spiegel and Murphy threw out the brown project. To get rid of it, they even hired the law firm Cooley. In 2012, brown filed a lawsuit and demanded a third of the business. Then the co-founders changed the name of Picaboo to Snapchat. But in the fall of 2014, the parties agreed on the amount of compensation, the amount of which is not disclosed.

    Soon, Snapchat is becoming the antithesis of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. The project is constantly evolving. With this program you can send not only disappear, but also 15-second video. And to do a 24-hour slideshow from their day, which at midnight will disappear.

    It is estimated that users send each other every day about 350 million photos. Is about as much upload as many pictures during the day Facebook and Instagram combined. In the fall of 2013 became interested in the service mark Zuckerberg. He offered for Snapchat Evan Spiegel $ 1 billion. But he refused. Said «no» and after that, when the rate rose to 3 billion And, it seems, is not lost.

    Today the estimated value of the company, whose state has exceeded five hundred employees, up to 18 billion. It is assumed that by using Snapchat every day send the message of at least 100 million people. Messenger «learned» mailing and advertising. In 2015, the company’s revenue amounted to nearly $ 60 million. Thus, as Evan Spiegel Forbes estimates at $2.1 billion.

    Personal life

    Rich and successful young man, besides quite nice, always enjoyed the increased attention of beautiful women. He had romances with Taylor swift and Kate Upton.

    Personal life Evan Spiegel was always interested in the audience, but special attention to her chained after it became known about a romantic connection with his ex-wife Orlando bloom, model and actress Miranda Kerr. 25-year-old billionaire started Dating 32-year-old beauty in the summer of 2015. And recently, Miranda shared the joyous news of her engagement with Evan. I think she managed to get a young rich man who is 854 th in the world for his condition.

    But the joy Kerr faded somewhat, when the representative of the Spiegel brought her marriage contract, under which in the event of divorce, Miranda is left with nothing. But if the marriage is happy, it is beauty can not refuse themselves anything.


    Evan Spiegel

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