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  • Name: Eva Timush ( Eva Timus )
  • Date of birth: 12 October 2002
  • Age: 14 years
  • Place of birth: Chisinau
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Eva timush : biography

    The news that their family is growing a future star, the mother of 4-year-old Eva timush said the kindergarten teacher. It was she who first noticed the vocal talent of little Eva. But the recommendation quickly to take your child to the experienced teachers was not taken seriously.

    But when the teacher of initial class of the Chisinau Lyceum Dimitrie Cantemir, where he went to study little Eva timush, parents repeated the same recommendation, they responded quickly. 6-year-old Eva took in music school, where she began to learn the piano and to study singing seriously. And as a girl loved to sing «adult» songs in English, then eve was sent to the teacher in English. Since in Chisinau singer on a very tight schedule. In games with peers and fun time is almost there.

    About the children of eve say they are kissed by God. The girl is not only incredibly gifted with a beautiful voice, she is also very attractive. From an early age all the relatives and friends of the family timush asserted that little beauty certainly must be in the ad. Parents heard this recommendation. Now in Luggage Eva has 2 commercials, each of which she earned 100 Euro for their first money. And 8-year-old Chisinau beauty in 2011 became the winner of the contest «Mini miss Moldova».

    Great incentive to win to eve was the promise of the parents to give her a little Yorkshire Terrier, which the girl dreamed for a long time. Therefore, the first reaction of eve’s called to the scene to retrieve the crown, was a joyful exclamation, addressed to his mother: «Mom, now I have a dog!».

    In the Luggage of the young Moldavian singer more than 20 different competitions in which she participated and won. Moreover, this competitions not only in Moldova but also in neighboring Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria.

    In the summer of 2015 Eva timush took part in the International contest of young singers «Children’s New wave», which was held in «Artek». On the first day of competition, 12-year-old Eva sang the song of the Tree «draw me a sky». The second sang the hit Katy Perry «Roar.» As stated by the organizers, this year in the Crimea are very strong participants. But Eva timush has entered into the top five.

    According to the results of two competitive days, the singer from Chisinau, received a special prize – a rotation of songs on Children’s radio.

    Eva timush loves the song Christina Aguilera. It is noteworthy that the first of them learned in kindergarten, not understanding the words. Then dad had to print daughter any foreign hits, to see what sings. Now her repertoire includes not only English songs. 13-year-old singer performs the hits of Britney Spears, Patricia Kaas, Lauryn. Happy sings songs Lyudmila Gurchenko and Sofia Rotaru.

    «Voice. Children»

    Try your hand in the show «the Voice» was a longtime dream of eve. Last year, the girl’s father Anatoly timush sent the application form for participation in the project. Did not stop even the fact that a fill-in form there was no such country as Moldova. Of the 15 thousand applications the tender Commission has selected only 500 participants. But after blind listening in the Studio were only 100 participants.

    In the 2nd edition of the 3rd season of the show «the Voice. The kids» performance of Eva killed on the spot, Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan and pelage. 13-year-old girl earnestly and ably performed a very difficult song, «Je t’aime» from the repertoire of Lara Fabian. To Eva’s timush turned all of the mentors, but it is, as expected, chose Leonid Agutin.

    As stated after the speech eve Pelagia, each of the mentors would be happy to see the little girl in his team. She even compared the young singer with a cherry on the cake, or, as explained by Dima Bilan, «labruscae». The girl undoubtedly become a decoration of the project.

    Personal life

    Young Chisinau star has thousands of fans. But Eva timush remains a child sincere, and very attractive. The girl admits that can not boast of excellent scores in high school. As it is with childlike divided — on one the subjects she had good grades, and other «at the bottom».

    And another girl loves to sleep and take a walk with his beloved Yorkshire. Eva enjoys drawing and books in the genre of science fiction. Loves cartoons «adventure Time», «spongebob» and «the Cold heart». Favorite holiday eve – the Day of Victory.

    As for creativity, she already has the composer’s first single and recorded a video called «Bit of magic». Her debut album a girl called «Music is my life.» And here, it seems, Eva timush not the least bit exaggerating.


    Eva Timush

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