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  • Name: Eva Mendes ( Eva Mendes )
  • Date of birth: 5 March 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Miami, FL, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, singer, model
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Ryan Gosling

    Eva Mendes: biography

    Eva Mendes was born in Florida, in Miami, in a family of immigrants of Cuban origin. His mother worked as a dresser at the Chinese Mann theatre, and the father was engaged in the distribution of meat products at markets and shops. After some time her parents separated, and she with her mother moved to Los Angeles, California.

    Eva went to Catholic elementary school and dreamed of becoming a nun. She later studied in the school named after Herbert Hoover in Glendale, where he graduated in 1992. Higher education girl decided to get in California state University Northridge, and came back to the design Department, where he specialized in interior design.

    However, after 2 courses of Eva Mendes left the University to focus on acting after took part in the filming of several commercials and music videos, including the clip of will Smith’s «Miami» in the video Hole In My Soul» rock band «Aerosmith».

    Later, becoming a famous actress, eve tried himself as a singer, when in 2010, together with rapper CEE-Lo green sang the song «Pimps don’t Cry» from the repertoire of «The Other Guys». In 2011, she recorded a version of the famous song «The Windmills of Your Mind» .


    On the big screen Eva Mendes debuted in 1998, when he played supporting roles in the teen horror film «children of the corn 5: Fields of terror» and the Comedy «night at the Roxbury». In the same year, she participated in the episodes of the popular TV series «er» and «Mortal Kombat: Conquest». Also a small role waiting for her in the Thriller «exit wounds», the horror film «Urban legends 2» and the family Comedy «My brother babe».

    The main role went to eve and in the crime Thriller «Training day,» but this is a starting point for the young actress on the way to popularity. The film was awarded several awards, including «Oscar» and «MTV Movie Awards» and she Eva Mendes has received a number of warm reviews from critics.

    Following this success, the actress has played many Central and leading roles in movies such as the automotive Thriller «furious» and its sequel «furious 2», Thriller, «Out of time», the Comedy «Stuck on you», the romantic Comedy «Rules of removal: Method hitch», romance, «Trust the man», comic-action «Ghost rider», the crime Thriller «we own the night», drama, «Death in the air», the Thriller «Cleaner», the tragicomedy «Women», crime drama «Bad Lieutenant», action Comedy «Cops in a deep reserve», romance, «Last night in new York», drama «the Corporation «Saints engines», action fantasy «the Avengers» and crime drama «Once in Mexico».

    In recent years, the actress is removed only in the roles of the second plan. In 2011, she as a cameo took part in the criminal action movie «fast and the furious 5», in 2013 crime drama «the place beyond the pines,» where Mendes the role of Romina. The last film for Eva today was the Thriller «How to catch a monster», which was released in 2014.

    Personal life

    Eva Mendes since 2002, met with the Director, screenwriter and producer George Augusto. But after 8 years of their romance has exhausted itself, and young people left.

    On the filming of the movie «the place beyond the pines» in September 2011, she met actor Ryan Gosling. In late 2013, the couple officially announced their separation, but later they not only restored their relationship, but also began to live in a civil marriage. And in September 2014 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling daughter Esmeralda Amada Gosling.

    Eve is a vegetarian and made that choice not only for ethical reasons, but also because he believes that the rejection of meat production one of the ways of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the actress has been practicing transcendental meditation.

    Mendes is the face of cosmetics company «Revlon», and achieved success in business by releasing its own line of linens and tableware, which are sold in America’s oldest retail outlets Macy’s.

    Eva Mendes appeared twice on the cover of Maxim magazine in 2006 and 2007. In the survey, who conducted the magazine, the actress was named among the most beautiful women in 2012, and was in the Top 99 sexiest women of any age.


    • 2001 — Training day
    • 2003 — the furious
    • 2005 — Rules of removal: Method hitch
    • 2003 — Out of time
    • 2007 — Ghost rider
    • 2007 — we own the night
    • 2008 — Avenger
    • 2009 — the Bad Lieutenant
    • 2010 — Last night in new York
    • 2012 — Corporation «Saints engines»


    Eva Mendes

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