Eva Green

photo Eva green

  • Name: Eva Green ( Eva Gael Greene )
  • Date of birth: 6 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Paris
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Eva green: biography

    Eva green was born July 6, 1980, 2 minutes ahead of sister-sister. Her native city is Paris. Perhaps its charming appearance, the actress and the model is obliged by amazing mixture of blood: the father of eve — one half French, the other Swedish, and even the name green is actually read in a Swedish manner «Gren», and her mother is French with Algerian roots. The singer calls his bourgeois family, traditional, feels absolutely not like her sister, the wife of the Italian count.

    Father Walter green is a dentist and her mother is quite famous in France actress Marlene Jobert, on the first place in your life put the well-being of the family, not career. Now she successfully writes children’s books. Are relevant to the film aunt Eva Marika green and his uncle, a famous Director of photography Christian Berger. However, none of the family did not get the girl Eva’s acting future. She was always very shy and quiet. A good student (American University), improving English language, since the childhood was interested in the history of Egypt. But at the age of 14 Eva watched «the Story of Adele H.» with the beautiful Isabelle Adjani, the film made an impression on her. She realized that she wanted to become an actress.

    The mother of Eva green didn’t let his daughter, but thought of her as fragile for the acting profession, which is sometimes necessary arrogance and pressure. But under the quiet shy girl is the dedication of the fighter. She fought her fears. No wonder they are going to play the heroine, except that hellishly seductive, always gets his way.

    In 17 years, the aspiring actress is leaving the house to learn English in Kent. From 1997 to 2000 she studies acting at prestigious institutions in Paris, London and new York.

    Eva green: movies

    Upon completing his education, Eva green plays theatre, where she sees the controversial cult film Director Bertolucci and calls the picture «the Dreamers». «Beautiful obscene» he says about the actress and her character strips naked. The heroine of «Dreamers» — a spoiled Parisienne, Sirotkina, relaxed, easy to sexual experimentation.

    «Yes, I was almost in a porno! But the movie is not about this!»- says the actress.

    However, the eroticism in the film is just an artistic tool, skillfully used Bertolucci for a story about the quest of the characters towards the total liberation from imposed social taboo. Sees it and the actress. While her heroine rebels against social taboo, Eva green revolts and frees itself from the uncertainty and self-doubt. Although journalists from The Guardian it is recognized that the Manager and the parents have not once asked her to abandon filming.

    The role in the Hollywood movie «Kingdom of heaven» Ridley Scott brought worldwide fame. After going through 6 challenging auditions, Eva green plays a Queen of Jerusalem. And although the film was ambiguously received by critics, dialogues and portrayal of the characters raised questions, the actress praised for their commitment and note that it really is kept from the king’s article, downplaying the shortcomings of the role.

    The second film for Eva green in Hollywood was «Casino Royale», where her beauty captured in the history of James bond. The actress was skeptical about the prospect of becoming the new bond girl, but after reading the script, I realized that the character impressed by her. As a result, in 2007, Entertainment Weekly called it one of the most interesting bond girls. In addition, she received the prestigious BAFTA award as «rising star» and plays the Queen of the witches in the fantasy film «the Golden compass». It is generally quite often gets the role of the witches and persons of Royal blood.

    In 2011, Eva green was satisfied with the role of the fairy Morgana in the series Camelot, and played the witch in the company of johnny Depp in the great tragicomedy of Tim Burton’s «Dark Shadows». By the way, in the film, Tim Burton returned to the Eva green natural hair color, because in reality, she’s a natural blonde.

    In 2014, Eva green starred in the second film odious «300 Spartans», where her powerful energy attracts the attention of the audience, so that even strong male characters are a little pale in contrast with her.

    In the same 2014 the film, which was waiting for — «sin City 2: a Woman is worth killing», where the image of the fatal beauty of Eva green was a success and also the most memorable to the viewer.

    Eva green: the business model

    Beautiful Eva green loves photo shoots, and her magnetic gaze graces the covers of such famous magazines as Vogue, l’officiel, GQ, etc in addition, she is the representative of the fashion houses Dior, Armani and Lancôme and even became the embodiment of the fragrance Midnight Poison by Christian Dior.

    Eva green: personal life

    About 5 years Eva green and Marton Csokas were a couple. They met on the set of «the Kingdom of heaven,» but 2009 was a year of parting. Since long ago in the press appeared information about great novels of the actress.

    In 2007, Empire magazine put Eva green on the 6th place among the sexiest stars of all time. In reality, however, it avoids the image of a fatal beauty, dressed simply, looks natural. Eva green emphasizes rationality and even «nordicist» his character when talking about him. She recognizes that people find her cold, and she kept at a distance. And the acting profession for her ability to wear a mask.

    Eva green: filmography

    • «The dreamers»
    • «Kingdom of heaven»
    • «Casino Royale
    • «The Golden compass»
    • «Camelot»
    • «Dark shadows»
    • «kallasCallas»
    • «300: rise of an Empire»
    • «Sin city 2: a Woman is worth killing»
    • «Scary tales»

    Eva green: photo

    Eva Green

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