Eva Bushmina

(biography, photo, video) Yana Shvets

photo of Eva bushmina

  • Name: Eva Bushmina ( Yana Shvets )
  • Date of birth: 2 April 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer, the former soloist of group «VIA Gra»
  • Marital status: married

    Eva bushmina : biography

    Jan I. Shvets, better known to fans of her work as eve bushmina was born in Luhansk region. In Sverdlovsk passed her childhood and youth. Parents Yana to the world of art had no relationship. Father Igor Shvets was engaged in business. Mother Svetlana bushmina brought up children, daughter Jan and son Oleg. That is mom’s last name later will be the singer, adding to his stage name Eva.

    When Eva Bushmina was 17 and she received a high school diploma, the family changed its residence and moved to the capital of Ukraine. In Kiev, she became a student of the pop-circus Academy, by the faculty of pop vocal. Eva studied on the same course with Nastya Kamenskih. They now maintain friendly relations.

    «VIA Gra»

    Biography of eve Bushmina began in his student years. Some time she was the soloist of musical group «Lucky» and dancer of the ballet «The Best». And she tried his hand as a presenter of the program «Guten Morgen» on channel M1.

    But all this was merely preparation for a stellar time of eve Bushmina. In autumn 2009, the girl took part in the selection for the reality show «star Factory». She managed to leave behind several hundreds of applicants and got to the project. The contestant reached the final. New year’s eve was declared the winners. Bushmina got 5th place.

    In winter 2010 the guys made a tour through the cities of Ukraine. Eva bushmina toured with them. She also participated in two final concerts in Kiev. But the offer to sing at the 3rd concert, the singer refused because he had received an offer to become a participant of the famous group «VIA Gra», which opened up after the departure of Tatiana Kotova.

    Bushmina made her debut in the women’s team in March 2010. It happened on a humorous show «Evening quarter.» In the same 2010-m Eva was in the TOP 10 discoveries of the year.

    After 2 years the girl has temporarily left the team, deciding to participate in the project «star Factory: Russia – Ukraine».

    Solo career

    In the same 2012 Eva bushmina said it was ready to solo careers. In the following year appeared her debut single «You.» Soon the song was shot clip. The premiere of the single was held in March 2013. And in July, fans of the singer received a new gift: the song «Summer rentals».

    Eva bushmina showed the wonders of hard work. In September 2013 released a new single, «Religion», which was also well received.

    In the spring of 2016, the singer surprised his fans. She announced that the project «Eva bushmina» closed. In his place came another called «LAYAH». This word comes from Sanskrit, means «dissolution». And in the practice of yoga – a deliverance from duality. This is what tends to eve, who regained his real name is Ian and declares a new image in which she will be herself.

    In the spring of that year, LAYAH starred in the title role of the social tape «Swallow the dust» Nicky Median.

    Personal life

    When the young singer became known after participation in the project «Factory of stars», received an offer to become the third member of a very successful project «VIA Gra», many fans talking about the alleged affair between the girl and producer Konstantin Meladze. But the rumors were only rumors.

    But soon the personal lives of eve Bushmina was again in the limelight due to her affair with Dmitry Lanovoy. This name is known in Ukraine, because the father Dmytro Lanovyi is a well – known politician, former Minister of economy. Piquancy of the situation added the fact that Lanovoy, Jr. was married. But the rumors were confirmed. Between the singer and the son of a former official there was indeed a relationship that led to marriage. Relationship for a long time kept a profound secret. The wedding was also deeply secretive.

    In the summer of 2013 Eva bushmina gave birth to a girl, giving her the name Edita.


    Eva Bushmina

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