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  • Name: Eva Braun ( Eva Braun )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1912.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Date of death: 30 APR 1945
  • Place of birth: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: photographer, fotolabor, model
  • Marital status: was married Adolf Hitler

    Eva Braun: biography

    Modest and sweet, undemanding and accommodating — this was a woman who worships a tyrant and dictator Adolf Hitler. Her whole world revolved around her beloved. He sowed death and destruction, and she was worried about his health and wanted to marry him. Dreams come true naive Eva Braun? Yeah, but she paid for it with exorbitant price.

    Eva Anna Paula Braun was born in the classic Aryan family of the early twentieth century, uncomplaining mother and father-a despot, always wanted a son, but has three daughters. Eva was the second child in the family, she was born 6 Feb 1912. Older sister ILSA was first published in 1909, and the youngest Gretl brown in 1915.

    Eva Braun in his youth
    Eva Braun in his youth | Nevsepic

    Family of eve are not in poverty father Frederick was a school teacher, mother of Francis was a dressmaker, although after the birth of daughters all the time she devoted to the family. The girls kept a tight rein demanded strict obedience, do not exhibit parental affection and warmth. By the standards of that time the lot of women was the three K’s: Kirche, kinder, kyuhe (Church, children, kitchen).

    Despite the reign of conservative views, Eva Braun received a good education, she finished:

    1. Elementary monastery school;
    2. The Munich Lyceum;
    3. The Institute of English ladies in Simbat (in people it was called «forge the future»).
    Eva Braun
    Eva Braun | Albion-Books

    Learning typing, knowing the basics of the French language, accounting and the theory of the household, seventeen year old Eva is back again in Munich. Parents helped the girl to get a job in the photography Studio of Heinrich Hoffmann, where Eva is happy to have mastered the art.

    Familiarity with Hitler

    Young Eva dreamed about one all-consuming mutual love. Fate has made its corrections: Evino heart was captured by a bossy middle-aged man and not a young Prince from her dreams. Promising, confidently striding to the political scene, Adolf Hitler was a friend of the owner of the photography Studio of Heinrich Hoffmann. Very soon he noticed a lovely assistant photographer. Eve was not interested in politics, she didn’t know what kind of person appeared in her life, and plunged into the maelstrom of love.

    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler
    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler | Day online

    In Hitler’s biography has lots of interesting facts, evidence of his unique ability to charm, a magnet to attract others, make them see the world through his eyes. Naive and romantic, Eva Braun, at 17 years of age are unable to resist the onslaught of charismatic forty-year man, gives her delicious compliments.

    Eva had a crush on but were her feelings mutual? Hitler flattered by the attention the pretty young girls. He liked her athletic, slim figure, tall and slightly sheepish expression. According to Hoffmann, it is narrow-minded, naive and apolitical eve gave inspiration odious policy.

    Eva Braun
    Eva Braun | Nevsepic

    This is also evidenced by the famous quote of the Aryan leader: «the wise man should always choose a primitive and stupid woman». He preferred to stay away from the smart, self-sufficient ladies who could though as-that to affect his political career. Eva Braun, as an individual, played no role in German history. She just loved and was ready to give his life for the beloved tyrant.

    Relations with Hitler

    Decisive and assertive in the political issues of Hitler was in no hurry to move to a new level of relationship with the young friend. They often spent time together, walked through the alleys of the Park, went to movies, talked about books and sports. But in your heart, Adolf lived love for another woman — his close relative of Geli raubal. With it he appeared in the world, it was in a hurry in the evenings.

    Eva Braun and of Geli raubal
    Eva Braun and of Geli raubal

    Brown knew about the Gel, and within two years sought to win the heart of a tyrant. Only after the mysterious death of a charming niece Hitler looked at eve with new eyes — their relationship began a new round. But it is believed that Geli was the only passion of the Fuhrer, a woman can cause a storm of emotions in imperious patron.

    The attitude of Adolf Eva is not unequivocal. He was attentive and caring, and then suddenly disappeared from her life for a few days or even months.

    Eva Braun
    Eva Braun | Submarine

    About the novels of the Fuhrer was legendary. Eva was suffering, but willingly and meekly forgave his adventures. Demonic enchantment that men often put women in a frenzy, they were ready to die for him.

    Suicide attempt

    Educated in the rigors of the girl hard to tolerate the ambiguity of his position — a kept woman, a mistress, but not wife. Despite this, she didn’t try to break this vicious link, and fully dedicated himself. Neither the prohibitions of the parents, nor the love Affairs of the elect, nor his rudeness could not cool the ardor of the girl.

    Eva Braun
    Eva Braun | Onedio

    Entirely subject to the whims of Adolf, suffering from his indifference and coldness, eve twice wanted to commit suicide:

    • In 1932 in the family home she was trying to kill himself from his father’s gun;
    • In 1935, Eva took some pills.

    In one of the documentaries about the life of brown’s emphasis on the fact that the woman lived in her imaginary world, she’s played the role. And suicide attempt have also been demonstrative and planned. Thus, it is deduced favourite out of balance, worry and begging for crumbs of attention.

    Wedding in the bunker

    The first sign of the seriousness of Hitler was that he just didn’t know the nationality of eve but checked her pedigree. It was important for him that his life partner was not Jewish. In 1935, the Fuhrer bought a house, in which lives the younger sister, brown – Gretl and eve. The financial position of mistress of Hitler was enviable — she stopped herself and endlessly updating her wardrobe.

    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler
    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler | Fresh

    More oppressed Eva insulation. She had no right to attend meetings, and even organized in their house. When the führer «trusted» her as Secretary, she began to accompany him at official receptions.

    In 1944, a wind of change at the front blew against Germany, Hitler had forbidden eve to appear in the capital. By this time he had already made a will, in which the interests of the brown were taken into account in the first place.

    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler
    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler | Prisoners of Eternity

    For the first time in 16 years, trembling with fear, eve did not obey the order of the beloved. On 8 February 1945, she made his last feat — went to Hitler, knowing that he was going to die. And here was fulfilled the dream of her life is touched by what she did and thankful for the sacrifice of the tyrant proposed to her in a faraway romantic setting of an underground bunker.

    29.04.1945 g. the bride was in a black dress — so wished the groom. Wine, candles, pouring from the gramophone songs. The bride and groom accept congratulations and drink wine.


    30.04.1945 city the couple has left this world, making a joint suicide.

    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler
    Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler | Submarine

    What were the causes of death loyal and sweet woman? Endless love to my husband, the life without which it is not wanted. It collapsed the Evil Empire. As faithful companion as a tyrant, she took poison to escape into another world.

    Brown was the wife of Hitler for one day.


    Eva Braun

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