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  • Name: Eugenia Vlasova Evgeniya Poplavskaya )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: Ukrainian singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Eugenia Vlasova : biography

    That she would become a famous singer Eugenia Vlasova know in early childhood. Childhood and youth in his native Kiev passed under the sign of music. The girl sang wherever it appeared.

    Jack grew up in a creative family. Mother a former actress. Father – Alexander Poplavsky and now sings at the Metropolitan Chapel named after Lev Revutsky. But after the divorce of his parents Eugene almost no contact with him. But the stepfather, who had appeared in her life, when Jack was a little girl, the relationship was warm. Soon the family grew from Eugene was born half-brother Peter Kryzhanovsky (later he became the art Director’s sister).

    After the graduation Vlasov went to enter into the famous music school named after R. M. Glier. In the first year Eugene earned money to help the family. She performed on the stage of club Hollywood. And yet he never missed an opportunity to participate in various music contests and festivals.

    Musical career

    Vocal ability Evgenia Vlasova was seen. In 1996, when she turned 18, the young singer became the winner of the contest «Song opening day».

    2 years later, having graduated College, the singer regularly participates in various competitions. The turning point in her career occurred after the execution of the two songs at the festival «Slavic Bazaar». Success Vlasova was huge. In Kiev the singer invited for various festivals not only home country but also far beyond its borders.

    Biography Evgenia Vlasova is developing rapidly. Another victory obtained in the Italian city of Rimini, where she sang the specially written for her voice to the song «Music of my soul.» After that, Vlasov becomes a permanent participant of Russian-Ukrainian festival «Song of the year». For two consecutive years, starting in 1997, Jack was the winner of this festival.

    After a few more victories Eugenia Vlasova got acquainted with Dmitry Kostyuk, who volunteered to perform the duties of her producer. During this period, the singer wrote his biggest hit, which was kind of her calling card, called «Wind of hope». For the song was shot clip. «Wind of hope» were heard on all Ukrainian and Russian TV channels.

    In 2001 Eugenia Vlasova gave his fans a debut album, giving him the name of his stellar hit. The CD sold 100-thousand copies.

    In 2004, the life of the singer has occurred a great event: Vlasova daughter was born. Eugene takes a creative break and is devoted to the motherhood year. But soon it appears again on a musical Olympus. This time the star has partnered with renowned vocalist Andrew Donald. They are recording a new album «Wind Of Hope», which brings Eugenia Vlasova popular far beyond Ukraine. His biggest hit is called «limbo». The song is also the music video.

    In 2008, Vlasov is taken for the production itself. She established the centre «NINA MUSIC» and released their third CD «synergy».

    Eugene Vlasov often invited to attend various Ukrainian television show. She has toured extensively throughout the country and abroad.

    Personal life

    From many interviews Evgenia Vlasova becomes clear that her path was not those men with whom she would like to link their fate forever.

    In 2000, Zhenya broke novel with a famous producer Dmitry Kostyuk. But the relationship quickly soured. According to the singer, she could not stand the betrayal and humiliation. A year after the birth of his daughter Nina in 2005, the couple broke up. And this separation is difficult to call peace. Each of the former spouses is not particularly shy in expressions, Recalling the former «mate».

    It is noteworthy that the godfather of Nina, and it was Konstantin Meladze, the singer also doesn’t want to communicate, thinking him cold and unfeeling person. Such a disappointing conclusion Jack did after she was diagnosed with cancer. Meladze appeared indifferent to Eugene, which had to undergo a complicated surgery and multiple sessions of chemotherapy.

    Personal life of Eugenia Vlasova had a chance to change for the better after meeting rapper Sergey Larkin (Larson). A few months, the pair seemed to fly on the wings of love. But when the singer got sick, «love,» then disappeared.

    Today Eugenia Vlasova already had little faith men, but deep down dreams that somewhere there will be a real bride, with whom she wants to Wake up every morning and enjoy life.


    • 2003 — «Wind of hope»
    • 2006 — «Wind Of Hope» (with Andrew Donalds)
    • 2008 — «synergy»


    Eugenia Vlasova in childhood

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