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  • Name: Evgeny Rozanov ( Evgeniya Rozanova Service )
  • Date of birth: 5 December 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Eugene Rozanov : the biography

    Eugenia Rozanova – Muscovite. She was born in December 1990 in a family where there were no actors or musicians. But these talents were generously endowed girl. Evgenia has a beautiful voice and hearing that she developed at the school of music since early childhood. She loved to play in school plays and well recited.

    After high school, Rozanov went to arrive in GITIS. But it was not easy. Jack tried unsuccessfully to reach 3 years in a row. Every time she made mistakes on a fix which worked hard during the year. During this time, the aspiring actress learned a lot: to work with his voice to know how to present themselves, to hide shortcomings and emphasize the dignity, tastefully dressed and put on makeup. Over the years, unsuccessful attempts of the receipt, the girl managed to lose about 15 pounds. In order to earn a living, Evgeny sang in restaurants.

    Eugene Rozanov believes that the years of preparation for accession was not in vain. She grew as a person and a future actress. Therefore, shortly after the successful receipt in GITIS, where she got on the course Golomazova and Chomsky, Eugene began to invite to act in various projects. The end of high school Eugenia Rozanova was already solid filmography.


    Acting debut young actress was held at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. She played a Squirrel in a production of «the Mystery of the old Cabinet.» A cinematic biography of Eugenia Rozanova started the first courses of universities. The girl was invited to play a role in a popular youth sitcom «Univer». The audience first saw Eugene in 2009 in one of the episodes. Immediately after the first role was followed by a second – in short-length tape «the Airship».

    Apparently, acting skills, showcased a young artist, was convincing, because the captain was invited to her first starring role – she played one of the heroines of melodrama «Fate to choice.» Wife was lucky to work on set with such masters of Russian cinema, Alexander Gordon and Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka.

    This work was followed by offers to appear in several projects. Eugene Rozanov appeared in the TV series «citizen of the boss. Continued,» and in the 2nd season of «doctor’s Diary».

    But a major breakthrough in the career of the actress happened after the release of the project by Fyodor Bondarchuk «Survive». Bright appearance of Eugene was one of the reasons she got the role of an aspiring model Nadya. In the film, the capricious and spoiled beauty have a hard time in an underground bunker, where she ended up after the zombie Apocalypse together with other young people in the capital.

    The series premiere took place in November 2013. The events of the film, which tells about the fate of people after a disaster in the city, attention was riveted to the screens of millions of viewers. Therefore, in the summer of 2014 started shooting the 2nd season of the series. It premiered in early 2016.

    In addition to this series, the actress appeared in 8-a serial picture «does not happen» Natalia Khlopetsky, which was released in 2015. And Eugene Rozanov continues to perform in the theater. Performances with her participation can be seen on the stage of the Theatre and the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya.

    Personal life

    Work schedule the young actress is very dense and painted on the clock. Jack manages to star in new television projects, and to learn the role in the theater. Personal life of Eugenia Rozanova on the second plan. The actress is not married.


    • «Citizen of the boss. Continued»
    • «Diary of Dr. Zaitseva»
    • «Zemsky doctor. Life anew»
    • «In short»
    • «Love according to schedule»
    • «The fate of the choice»
    • «Survive»


    Evgeniya Rozanova

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