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  • Name: Evgenia Osipova ( Evgeniya Osipova )
  • Date of birth: 24 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Tula
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeny Osipov: biography

    Evgeniya Osipova dreamed of becoming a model and has already taken the first steps in his career. But a chance meeting with Sergey Bezrukov has changed her life dramatically.

    Eugene never worried about the fact that she’s a girl from the provinces. She was born in Tula, in an ordinary family on 24 may 1986. The girl was 9 years old when her father. The daughter was raised by my mom – she earned the money by hard work to Eugene in no way needed. Jack saw it and tried to help my mom.

    At age 14 she decided to go to a fashion school and for the dream refused a new pair of pants. The school appreciated the cute photogenic girl, pictures of her I saw in one of the model agencies of Moscow, was invited to cooperate. After Moscow, Eugenia was offered a contract with model Agency from France. Career Osipova was successful, but his head is not turned.

    She was seventeen when she caught a ride into Moscow. What was the surprise of the girl when in the cabin which slowed down the BMW she saw Irina and Sergei Bezrukov. They not only drove but also in the way, talking heart to heart. Then Bezrukov and advised his Wife to enroll in RATI (formerly GITIS).

    Evgeniya Osipova listened to his advice, although going to apply for economic. The entrance exams one of the jury members was asked to name her three sisters by A. Chekhov. Eugene call was answered, I don’t have to know them by name. Then she realized that it was about heroines of the plays of Chekhov. Strange, but the girl went to school on the first attempt, and in 2007 he graduated from the rata.


    Not all Actresses are so lucky as Osipova. Immediately after the ratification invited her for the lead role in the Comedy film «the Milkmaid from hatsapetovki». The image of a provincial girl Katya Matveeva, arrives to enroll at the culinary Institute in Moscow, her performance was so touching and real that viewers truly loved actress. After the premiere of a story about a modern Cinderella Evgeniya Osipova woke up famous.

    Her familiarity with the movie happened in his student years. Start acting career began in episodic roles in TV series «Bachelors» and «Dear Masha Berezina». She also played the maid in «I’m a detective,» Masha in «Red». In 2010, the Russian audience saw the episode «the Tower» in which the actress played the role of Julia.

    Its popularity grew after the shooting of the serial film «Closed school». The heroine Evgenia Osipova – 16-year-old daughter of lawyer Julia, who in no way needed, but after the death of his father came for boarding school.

    One of the last works of the actress – the role of singer Lana in the TV series «my father’s Son». She played the girl in love with two brothers, a neurosurgeon. At some point Lana’s confused in his feelings.

    Every year Evgeniya Osipova starred in 3-5 movies. Today in her filmography of about 40 roles.

    Personal life

    Eugene is a happy mother and wife. With her future husband, cameraman Anatoly simchenko she met on the set of «Tower». Filming the scene in which Osipova had to undress in front of the camera. The actress could not relax, and the operator tried to clear the air. He joked that with such a figure only the bare and need to be removed. After shooting day Anatoly had invited Eugene out, and soon among young people broke sense.

    The tight schedule did not allow them to spend a lot of time together, so soon Zhenya and Anatoly have decided to live together. They did not build plans for the future – it just felt good.

    Everything changed with the birth of his son in 2012. They felt not only parents, but also a real family. With one and a half years, Maxim is resting with mom and dad, and all the free time the family spends together.

    After starring in the TV series «the Keys to the past» Evgeniya Osipova said that will no longer work in such a busy schedule because he wants to see the son to watch as he grows and Matures.


    • «Believe»
    • «My father’s son»
    • «Rainbow reflection»
    • «Great expectations»
    • «Milkmaid of hatsapetovki»
    • «Red»
    • «Tower. New people»
    • «Instead,»
    • «Sea devils. Tornado»
    • «Industrial zone»


    Evgeniya Osipova

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