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  • Name: Yevgeniya Simonova ( Evgenia Simonova )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married Andrei Eshpai

    Eugene Simon: biography

    Evgenia Simonova was born on June 1, 1955 in Leningrad. Some time after the birth of their daughter the family moved to Moscow, where father Pavel Simonov got a job at the newly established Institute of higher nervous activity.

    Dedication stood for a scientist in the first place, and he did not hesitate to accept the invitation of their teacher jointly develop a new Institute, which the father of Evgenia Simonova later headed for twenty years. Mother-Olga Sergeevna Vyazemskaya worked as a teacher of English language at the pedagogical Institute. Also Evgenia Simonova has a brother, broadcaster and writer Yuri Vyazemsky.

    School years in Eugene, according to the memories, not built particularly clear plans for the future. She liked to study foreign languages, and the future actress was seriously preparing to enter the faculty, to later become an English teacher, just like her mother. In parallel, Eugene studied music and choreography. But in tenth grade, everything changed.

    The scientific activities of the father of Evgenia Simonova always been an interdisciplinary field, and while he was busy learning the psychology of creativity. School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre invited the eminent scientist to give a series of lectures to students, devoted to this urgent problem. Eugene Simonov recalls that his father, being a very talented scientist, also showed great interest in art. His lectures always ended in small performances that enthrall the audience. It was then in front of Evgenia Simonova has opened a new unexplored world of theatre.

    The girl decided to try to enter the theater Institute. This decision was made because at the time creative institutes recruited students in the beginning of June, and other «serious» universities conducted entrance exam in late August that left Simonova the opportunity to enroll in the originally planned faculty of Philology in case of failure, with a theatrical. But it so happened that the entrant has taken in the Shchukin school. Eugene applied to all of the theatre school, but all except the Shchukin answered with a categorical refusal. A student mentor Evgenia Simonova was an outstanding Soviet actor Yuri Katin-Yartsev.

    The first years of teaching is difficult to give an aspiring actress. Yevgeny Simonov recalled that for a long time she was tormented by doubts about the correctness of the choice of life. The realization that she made the right choice to come to Simonova much later. Perhaps another teacher, less attentive to the disciples, just expelled would shy student who cannot go on stage and perform a small study, but Yuri Vasilyevich Katin-Yartsev already in those years was able to see in her outstanding abilities.

    Eugene Simon movies

    From the first year College Eugene Simon begins to film. The first major work of the actress was involved in the film by Leonid Bykov «

  • Go to fight some old people» was released in 1973. Notable was its appearance in the film»
  • Athos,» directed by George Danelia, where Simon played the role of nurse Katie.

    In the film industry of the time for Evgenia Simonova firmly entrenched image of the lyrical heroine. It was a great success: the girl began to learn on the streets, her Inbox was overflowing with letters from fans. Naive girl characters performed by Evgenia Simonova surely found a ready response in the audience.

    On the other hand, this popularity turned rigid framework for Eugenia young. The actress was, of course, deeply grateful to the government and Bykov for the disclosure of his talent, but, nevertheless, was firmly convinced that he will definitely overcome the limitations of its role. The actress recalls how in his student years struggled with this prevailing stereotype: once when the students were given the task to deliver any piece of writing by choice, she took a fragment of a rather bleak story of Vsevolod Garshin, where she played a prostitute. On stage, she tried to put all the gestures and mannerisms inherent, in her opinion, «the fallen woman» that the Director of the school Boris E. Zahava broke down and ordered to give the curtain. However, despite the fact that the role of negative heroines were not included in the artistic heritage of the actress, her lyrical, the characters are memorable and the viewer entered the «Golden Fund of Russian cinema.

    Another prominent role for the Simonova was the revelation of the character of the Princess in the fairytale «

  • Ordinary miracle», which was filmed in 1974. To date, the filmography of the actress includes about sixty films and four television productions. Besides working in movies, Evgeniya Simonova for forty years was a leading actress of theatre. Mayakovsky, where in her repertoire there are more than twenty performances.

    Eugene Simonov: personal life

    While working on the film «lost expedition» Eugene met her first husband, a famous actor

  • Alexander Kaidanovsky, who played in the film role of officer Zimin. Married to Kaidanovsky Evgenia Simonova was born the daughter Zoe Kaydanovskaya, later also became a famous actress. Second husband of Evgenia Simonova — Director Andrei Eshpai, the son of the famous composer. In 1985, the couple had a daughter, the pianist and actress Maria Eshpai-Simon.

    Eugene Simonov: filmography

    • Go to fight some old people
    • Athos
    • Under the roofs of Montmartre
    • The lost expedition
    • Ordinary miracle
    • Twenty six days from the life of Dostoyevsky
    • The story of an unknown man
    • Simul
    • Tales of the old magician
    • Russian ragtime
    • Little Queen and other
    • Blossoming hill among an empty field
    • Don’t leave me, love
    • Two tickets to Venice
    • Adult daughters

    Eugene Simonov: photo

    Eugene Simonov and Aleksandr Abdulov

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