Eugene Serebrennikov

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  • Name: Eugene Serebrennikov ( Eugene Zaputina )
  • Date of birth: 9 September 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Voronezh
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married Prokhor Dubravin

    Eugene Serebrennikov: biography

    Actress of theatre and cinema Eugene Serebrennikov was born 9 September 1982. Her childhood and youth were spent in his native Voronezh. There she graduated from normal school and entered the Academy of arts.

    Eugene, like many girls, dreamed of the big stage, so you chose the profession consciously. Along with studying at the Academy, she got a job at the local radio and led morning air.

    At some point she realized that in Voronezh her closely – her Manila Moscow. In 2003 all of a sudden she moved to the capital. Serebrennikov took a big risk, because relatives and friends who have supported her in Moscow, was not. A young actress with no experience with the harsh reality of the metropolis. Her career didn’t turn out as we would like. The girl got a job as a waitress in a restaurant that moonlighted as a model, was shot for advertising.

    Fate smiled at her at the end of 2003, when she was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow chamber theatre.


    Moscow chamber theatre became home to the Eugene Serebrennikov, she has been working here for more than ten years.

    Viewers saw the actress in the role of IO in the play «the Dialog of males», Isabella in a production of «Murder is a family affair», Tance in «a Trap for Santa Claus» Mademoiselle Goldbach in «the Libertine».


    In parallel with work in the theater Yevgeny Serebrennikov went to the auditions and screen tests. Four years after moving to the capital, the actress got lucky — it was a cameo role of Raspberry in the film «not gonna get Us». The film is set in the colony. The heroine of Serebrennikova, Sacco Raspberries, someone kill investigation begins. The actress skillfully managed to convey the nature of his character, in fact, she appeared rarely.

    Then had roles in the series. Eugene Serebrennikov starred in «Silent witness 2», «Univer», «Interns», «Urgently in number-3». In 2012, she appeared in the films «King of Madagascar» and «Wake up together?», in 2013, in melodramatic series «the Second breath».

    Personal life

    Eugene Serebrennikov married to actor Vitaly by Masowym, more known to the audience as Prokhor Dubravin. They met in 2003, both just moved to Moscow and started a career. They met, hit it off and got lost but then was found again and realized it was destiny. The lovers have been living together for over a decade.

    Prokhorov said that insanely happy, because he has Eugene. Serebrennikov is a talented solo entertainer, she loves to travel with her husband and to plan a vacation so that everything was fun and interesting. The couple likes to go camping and to visit exotic countries. Eugene and Prokhorov are trying to always relax together.


    • «Chas Volkova 4»
    • «Silent witness 2»
    • «Wake up together?»
    • «Second wind»
    • «King Of Madagascar»
    • «Interns»
    • «Not gonna get us»
    • «Silent witness 2»
    • «Urgently in number-3»
    • «Damned Paradise 2»


    Eugene Serebrennikov

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