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  • Name: Eugene Podberezkin ( Podberezkina Evgeniya )
  • Date of birth: 17 April 1997.
  • Age: 19 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: model, synchronised swimming champion, the winner of the contest «Miss Russia Plus Size»
  • Marital status: not married

    Eugene Podberezkin: biography

    Eugene Podberezkin, a young runway model and that in his tender age has already become a multiple champion of Russian, European and world Championships in synchronised swimming, as well as to win the title of «Miss Russia Plus Size».

    Eugene was born 17 April 1997. In five years, the parents took the girl to a section of synchronized swimming. Sports Podberezkin worked enthusiastically, but only after the first competitions in about a year, she realized that sport is not just a hobby, it is possible and necessary to achieve the result.

    Eugene Podberezkin
    Eugene Podberezkin | VK

    Over the years Eugene has won both domestic and international championship. But in 17 years due to a complicated knee injury girl was forced to leave the sport. Interestingly, after Podberezkin broke up with synchronized swimming, it is a long time did not come to the pool and swam and rested only on the sea – impact psychological fatigue from fresh water.

    It should be noted that Eugene had at one time to arrive in the Russian state University of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism, a student who is at the moment.


    Having finished sports career, Eugene Podberezkin switched to another type of activity: modeling. She signed with a modeling Agency PSFW, began to appear regularly in glossy magazines, including covers. For example, a spectacular photo shoot for girls of non-traditional models of options has made men’s magazine «Maxim».

    Eugene also went to the podium, including it showed things from the new collection the singer and fashion designer Nadejda Babkina, specially designed for curvy women.

    Eugene Podberezkin on the podium
    Eugene Podberezkin on the catwalk | VK

    In addition, Podberezkin in 2016 participated in the interactive beauty contest in which girls who have beautiful form, competed with each other through photographs. As the jury was made by the Internet users and the Russians by vote awarded the title of «Miss Russia PLUS SIZE» that member of Podberezkina. In this contest she was one of the youngest participants.

    In General Eugene is very proud of her figure and does not believe that she needs to become like all the other models. The growth of 174 cm girl weighs 70 kilograms, according to the rules of physiology is the norm and the indicator of health. A non-standard Jack had always, even when I was an athlete. In an interview she says that wearing two compression swimsuit below at intensive movements do not allow the chest to «jump out».

    Personal life

    About the private life of a young model not much is known. Through her work she travels around the world, has many friends in different cities and countries. Have a member of Podberezkina and young people. In an interview with «the Pain» she said she is in a romantic relationship with businessman Dmitry Mayer.

    Eugene Podberezkin
    Eugene Podberezkin | VK

    Podberezkin is a perfectionist, that is a child suffering from the «student syndrome». This means that she always strives for excellence and believes that there is or first, or last; or she’s the best, or failure.


    Eugene Podberezkin

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