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  • Name: Eugene Miller ( William Miller )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Eugene Miller: biography

    Russian actor Eugene Miller was born on 17 February 1978. His childhood and youth were spent in Novosibirsk. Evgeny’s mother is an obstetrician-gynecologist, the father works in the culture Committee.

    Since childhood the father taught the son to the fact that a talented man is easier in life because he knows how to communicate. In high school, Miller played in the KVN team, because, as he says, likes to grimace, and was fond of foreign languages. In the graduating class before him stood a choice: to study or linguistics to enter the acting Department. He chose the acting profession and, as time showed, was not mistaken.

    Eugene Miller came in RATI (formerly GITIS) for the course Teplyakova-Kidalovo, and moved to Moscow. Learning was not easy, but the young man remembered a mother who was always a model of restraint, patience and concentration. In 1999, he successfully graduated from RATI.


    Immediately after graduating from the theater Institute Eugene returned to Novosibirsk and joined the youth theatre «Globus». At the Globe, he worked for six years.

    In 2005 Eugene Miller was invited to the show «Mad money,» which put the Theatre. N. V. Gogol. So he made his debut at the Metropolitan theatre stage. Despite this, relations with Novosibirsk colleagues, the actor maintains to this day. When his theatre tours in Novosibirsk, he necessarily comes to the performances of the Globe.

    In the spring of 2007 Eugene Miller moved to the theatre of Oleg Tabakov. In «Snuff», he played his best theatrical role. Actor involved in performances of the «Eldest son», «Fathers and sons», «the Marriage Belugina», «Process» and others. Prior to joining «Snuff» Miller already had a wealth of experience and acting school, so he could afford to choose his roles.

    In 2002, at the start of a career, Eugene Miller received the prestigious theater award «Paradise» for the enterprise «Eldest son».


    Eugene Miller made her film debut in 2004 in the second season of serial film «Code of honor». Two years later came the role in the TV series «Jail. Theodore Case Sechenov». Today in the filmography of the actor — more than 25 different roles. He is familiar to viewers of the main roles in the films «missing», «Yalta-45», «Lace», «Double solid. Love» and others.

    In «Yalta-45» Miller brilliantly played by the Same investigator. Markov, who had to prevent a terrorist act during a meeting of Stalin with the leaders of the coalition in Yalta in 1945.

    In 2015, the screens out the series «Lyudmila Gurchenko», which actor played the fourth husband of actress — Vadim Orlov. In the film, the name chosen was changed because the fourth husband Gurchenko was Joseph Kobzon.

    In 2015 finished filming the movie «Leningrad-46» in which Eugene Miller plays the role of the head of Department on fight against crime Yury Rebrov. The actor says that the shooting of this picture lasted a year and a half, was the longest in his career. Miller had to live in two cities – flying to the rehearsals and performances in Moscow, and then return to film in Saint Petersburg.

    To audition for «Leningrad-46» actor by accident, on his part insisted the agent. Then was retested and meeting with the film Director Igor Kopylov. Eugene was selected for the role, although he didn’t even read the script. By the time he was written a script of the first four episodes, and the Director outlined his idea.

    Eugene Miller admits that the Leningrad-46″ did not love Saint-Petersburg, because I always get cold and sick in this city, was in the doldrums. It seemed to him that Saint Petersburg crushes on him. But during filming, the actor began to live in the city, to walk its streets, to walk on the side, where his hotel is. Now this area has become a favorite place for Miller.

    Personal life

    Eugene talks about his personal life, he says, it’s personal to her not to let anyone in. He married, in the family grows up two children. Wife of Eugene Miller – actress Julia Kovalev. Spouses live together happily in harmony, free time I try spend with the children, arranging family trips.

    Eugene Miller says he likes to sit near the TV screen or computer monitor, read books, go to visit the neighbors. And he loves songs with a guitar in a circle of real friends.


    • «The alchemist. Elixir Faust»
    • «Balabol. Last passenger «
    • «Law and order»
    • «Airport 2»
    • «Back in the USSR»
    • «Dad of all trades»
    • «Garages. The bridegroom from berditchev»
    • «Ahead shot»
    • «Adjutants of love»
    • «Wanted,»


    Eugene Miller

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