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  • Name: Evgeniy Martynov ( Martynov Evgeny )
  • Date of birth: 22 may 1948
  • Age: 42 years
  • Date of death: 3 Sep 1990
  • Place of birth: Kamyshin, Volgograd oblast
  • Activity: Soviet pop singer and composer
  • Marital status: married

    Evgeny Martynov : biography

    His velvet tone of voice he remembers well the middle generation of Soviet people. The song «A mother’s eyes» and «Apple blossom» Evgeny Martynov was the singing of everyone who has ever heard of. Melodic, sweet and pure, they were given a special, light joy and desire to live in harmony with oneself and the world.

    Eugene G. Martynov was born in post-war 1948. And the fact that he was born in may when was «Apple blossom» and in full sang the nightingales, very consistent with the image and work of this remarkable man.

    The family of the future singer and composer, Evgeny Martynov badly scorched by war. Father came from the front of the disabled person, the mother also drank the sorrows of war, she was a frontline nurse. But the main thing is they survived. After the war, gave birth to two children: first, Eugene, and 9 years later, Yuri.

    At first the family lived in the town of Kamyshin, Volgograd region, but after the birth of his first son, moved to Donbass, in the city of Artemovsk. It is the birthplace of the head of the family, Grigory Martynov.

    Eugene very early drawn to the music. Their house was always the songs. The accordion and accordion playing dad. Son also received his musical education in Artemovsk he graduated from the College named after Pyotr Tchaikovsky and learned to play the clarinet.

    In 1967, Evgeny Martynov went to Kiev and entered Kiev state Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky. But very soon he moved closer to home: the Donetsk pedagogical Institute (now the Conservatory named after Sergei Prokofiev). Martynov came out of University with a diploma of higher education, ahead of schedule.


    The biography of Evgeny Martynov began in 1972. It was then, after graduating from the Institute, Martynov sent to Moscow. He for several years wrote the music to the verses. One of his melodies, the composer put on the poems of Sergei Yesenin. The song «birch» sang Maya Kristalinskaya, which she introduced by friends. The song was performed in the Moscow theater stage and pleased the audience. In the same 1972, there was a second song to the music of Yevgeny Martynov’s «My love». It sang Georgian singer Gulli Chokheli.

    In 1973, Martin moved to the capital and arranged for a soloist-vocalist «Rosconcert». In addition, Yevgeny Grigoryevich take music editor first published by «Young guard» and then in «Truth».

    In 1984, Evgeny Martynov was admitted to the Union of composers of the USSR.

    Martynov songs are very popular all over the Soviet Union. Characteristically, he not only writes for other artists, but he sings them. The number of awards fray for the talented singer and composer, as if from a horn of plenty. He becomes a popular favorite. «Young voices», «Bratislava lyre», «Golden Orpheus» – at all these festivals Evgeny Martynov received the first awards. He toured a lot, including abroad.

    With talented composer collaborated with the best poets-songwriters of the USSR, such as Ilya Reznik, Alla Dementieva, Robert Rozhdestvensky, and many others. The baritone timbre of the singer poured all the screens and radio stations. Martynov not only nice to hear, but also see: Eugene G. had an incredible charm and simplicity. To many Soviet people, he seemed close, almost family man.

    The vocal range Yevgeny Martynov was very wide. His baritonal tenor, soft and at the same time clear, drew on the Opera performance. But Martynov has chosen the stage, closer to the majority of Soviet people. They genuinely liked the singer, because of his wonderful songs gave positive emotions. At the same time, Evgeny Martynov was able to hit home. His song «Swan fidelity» has caused many sincere tears. As the heartfelt song «mother’s eyes».

    The most popular song, also named, «the Nightingales sing, filled… «, «Father’s house», «Alenushka», «Seagulls over water», «White lilac» sang by many generations of Soviet people. And now these famous songs. They perepelytsya many contemporaries. But such sincerity, tenderness and strength with which he sang everyone’s favorite Yevgeny Martynov, to achieve no one has.

    Martynov song was in the repertoire of many Soviet pop stars. For each of these compositions was the best, because they immediately became hits. Sofia Rotaru, Joseph Kobzon, Anna Herman, Vadim Mulerman, Alexander Serov, Edward hill – here are just a few names of famous artists who are happy to have collaborated with the composer.


    The life of a wonderful pop performer and a composer was cut short at 43. Many who do not believe, after hearing about the sudden death of young and full of energy and creative ideas of Evgeny Martynov. This occurred in early September 1990. It seems that with him went an era, a beautiful, bright and very clean.

    The cause of death was acute heart failure. The death of Eugene Martynov has acquired a lot of rumors. Install now which one is really impossible. Witnesses talked about the fact that Martynov was bad, when he rose in the Elevator. Medical aid came too late.

    Eugene G. Martynov found a final resting place at the cemetery Troekurov capital. The last song in his performance featured on the «Song of the year-1990». It was «Marina grove», the last hit and farewell gift to fans of the composer and the singer.

    Personal life

    The composer got married when he was 30 years old. Personal life Yevgeny Martynov has developed happily. From Kiev Evelina became the wife of the singer, gave him a son, Sergei. The couple named the boy in honor of two Sergeev – Esenina and Rachmaninov, whose work in the family adored.

    A few years after the death of Martynov Evelyn married the second time. Together with her son and new husband, she emigrated to Spain.

    Discography (the best songs)

    • «Swan fidelity»
    • «Father’s house»
    • «Apple trees in bloom»
    • Alenka
    • «Seagulls over water»
    • «Start again»
    • «I’m the whole world will give»
    • «Natalie»
    • «Mother’s eyes»
    • «The nightingales sing, filled… «
    • «White lilac»
    • «Tell me, cherry…»


    Eugene Martynov

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