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  • Name: Eugene Litvinovich ( William Alexander )
  • Date of birth: 4 November 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Babruysk, Belarus
  • Height: 157
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, member of the show «X-factor»
  • Marital status: not married

    Eugene Litvinovich: biography

    Eugene Litvinovich — Belarusian singer who is not well known countrymen and Ukrainian lovers of contemporary music. The fact that in this country it has won great popularity thanks to the TV show «Ukraine’s got talent-4» and the third season of «X factor». Today, the artist has toured in different cities and has already released four Studio albums.

    Eugene Litvinovich in childhood
    Baby photo Eugene Litvinovich

    Eugene Litvinovich was born 4 November 1982 in the Belarusian city of Zhodino. His parents became a Shoe-maker Michael E. and photographer Nadezhda. Zhenya has an older sister, Elena. Unfortunately, Yes, Sr. died very early, but the brunt of parenting fell on the shoulders of the mother. The woman had to work several jobs, so little Eugene was mostly in the care of a sister.

    Eugene Litvinovich
    Photo of Eugene Litvinovich | Group VK

    In the school years Litvinovich showed some interest in music and dance, and sports. He visited various sections of martial arts and even fulfilled the qualifying standard for the title of candidate master of sports in Sambo. In addition, the biography of Eugene Litvinovich replenished with an excellent diploma of art school and numerous performances in student KVN team. After the 9th grade boy enrols art restoration school. Here the talent of the artist Eugene Litvinovich could reveal more, but he soon throws the school, as decides to financially help the family.

    Eugene Litvinovich
    Photo of Eugene Litvinovich | Group VK

    Litvinovich immersed in entrepreneurial activity and to start opening a tiny little tent on the market, in which he himself sells glasses and gloves. Then the guy organizing in his native town summer street disco «Cage» and night club «Extra», restaurant «Paradise», a small cafe, «Zheka». Not all projects) continue to exist and generate income, but a cafe in Eugene, according to his fans, is still alive.


    In parallel with business activities in the biography of Eugene Litvinovich is the professional music. Organizing discos, Eugene and worked as a sound engineer in the local Palace of Culture «Rovesnik» and one day, for fun, he sang to himself. It was noticed by the teacher Studio «Silver warble» Nelly Hambardzumyan and advised the young man to develop a voice.

    For the first time, Litvinovich took to the big stage in 2007 in the framework of the city festival «Rodninskaja spring», became the winner in the category of «25 years» and even received a prize in the form of TV «Horizon». Later in the biography of Eugene Litvinovich appear in the contest «New voices of Belarus» and «the Youth of Russia and Belarus in the XXI century together», and «Musical evenings in Mir castle», the singer in a duet with Elena Lansky, who in four years will represent Belarus at the Eurovision song contest, performed the song «Friendship.»

    TV show

    The first television program in which he participated, Litvinovich, was a Belarusian TV project «Musical court». Also in the country Eugene tried to break in the vocal show «Academy of talents», which is a local adaptation of the internationally popular Dutch show «the Voice». But there’s a young performer, who came to live, did not last long. Subsequently, Litvinovich year after year stands in the qualifying rounds of the competition «New Wave», but the success he brings the appearance on Ukrainian television.

    In 2012 in Minsk was held predicting large-scale show «Ukraine has talent». Eugene decides to try his hand and gets an invitation to come to the main qualifying tournament. With the song «Sweet People» from the repertoire of the singer Alyosha, Litvinovich wins jury and gets to live, where he sang the song Lolita the site «Fetish». According to the initial decision at the final of the Belarusian singer misses, but as the leader of the audience voting has allowed him to continue to participate in the show. In the final Jack of Litvinovich perfectly perform the song Diana Arbenina «Catastrophic» and takes third place overall.

    But the main glory was waiting ahead of Eugene: member of the jury Igor Kondratyuk invites him to come to the casting of the popular Ukrainian show «X-factor» in the autumn of that year, Litvinovich again appears before the audience, this time with the song «Words», that is the Russian version of the smash-hit of Harel Skaat «Milim». In the «X-factor» Eugene Litvinovich again comes to the super-finals, but inferior to win the main favorite of the tournament, the Governor Aida Nikolaichuk.


    First solo song of Eugene Litvinovich was presented just a few months after «X-factor». The song «zodiac Signs», which gave the name of the debut album, was presented in the framework of the festive concert dedicated to International women’s day. In her debut CD, besides the title song, also included have become very popular with the hits «Mama» and «you», and a tour of Litvinovichi in the cities of Ukraine was a great success, which was not expected, it seems that even the artist himself.

    On the wave of popularity of Eugene shoots the video for the song «To you» and recorded a second CD with the same name. The most famous songs from the album were «Anomaly» and «Old bird». In late 2013 the singer is awarded the prize «Breakthrough of the year». Additional gift for the New year was the victory in the selection for the «Eurovision», but among the 20 participants who made it to the final stage of the Ukrainian National selection, he was only eighth.

    In 2014 comes the third album of the singer, «Here and now». It stood out such songs Eugene Litvinovich as «Mirage», which he dedicated to the tragic events that occurred on Kyiv’s Euromaidan, as well as «Reach the goal» and «Hunter». Now the singer continues to tour to different cities, and his concerts always gather full houses. It should be noted that most of the songs of Eugene Litvinovich he wrote himself — both words and music.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Eugene Litvinovich remains largely a mystery to all his fans. Due to the fact that the singer keeps a secret of their romance, the public comes up with different stories: from homosexual to such gossip, as Eugene Litvinovich woman. Some people even try to collect some «facts» that allegedly confirm the speculation.

    Eugene Litvinovich with a girl
    Eugene Litvinovich and his girlfriend Julia Aglaya at fashion Week | news of show business

    In fact, Belarusian singer had several novels, of which the most famous is his relationship with the Belarusian counterpart Yulia Aglaya. However, today couple broke up and the heart of Eugene is still open for love experiences.


    • 2013 — zodiac Signs
    • 2013 — To you
    • 2014 — Here and now
    • 2015 — favorites


    Eugene Litvinovich

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