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  • Name: Eugene Kregzde ( Evgeniya Kregzhde )
  • Date of birth: 15 July 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Riga, Latvia
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: theater and film actress, player of KVN
  • Marital status: not married

    Eugene Kregzde: biography

    Eugene Kregzde – Russian and Latvian actress, best known for her participation in the television sketch show «you Give youth» and the film «the Geographer globe propyl» and «side of the moon-2». In addition, she appeared in the popular humorous game KVN.

    Eugene was born and grew up in Riga in the family of teachers. Her parents his life was devoted to the exact Sciences: physics and mathematics, and the mother in the educational field even rose to the position of school principal. As people who are used to analyse and plan, parents calculated the fate of the daughter, including her career, which is tied, of course, not with his acting.

    And here is the little Jack was not pleased with the plans mom and dad. She grew up quite introverted and anxious child. The school girl kept apart from other children, was like a hermit. But once in adolescence Kregzde included in the composition of pupils taking part in high school production at the works of the great poetess Marina Tsvetaeva. Eugene read a poem from the scene «My dear, what have I done?» and at that moment realized that he had found a wonderful way to tell others about their own experiences and concerns.

    But his mother and father anything and didn’t want to hear about any drama school. They insisted that Eugene arrived in Riga one of the most prestigious universities, and she spent a year on the Manager for culture and tourism. However, in the evenings she attended an Amateur theatrical Studio. And one day my mother came to the performance, which, looking at the game daughter cried for the entire show.

    It was then that a compromise was reached: Eugenia was allowed to make one attempt to enter the Institute of your dreams, but if it fails, then he’s done with the current University and to come back to this idea will not. Kregzde went to Moscow and the first attempts have convinced the examination Committee the Theatre school named after BV Shchukin make it in the ranks of the students.

    After graduation, the girl joined the troupe of Vakhtangov Theatre, where he escaped with the lead role in the play «Mademoiselle nitouche». Subsequently, Eugene Kregzde played many roles both on stage and as a guest actress on the stage of the Theater center na Strastnom independent company «Free stage». For the role of Catherine in the play «the Storm», she was named best actress of the year and received the award «crystal Turandot».

    TV show

    Immediately after graduating from the theater Institute Eugene Kregzde invited to new humorous program «Women’s League». Along with such performers as Anna Ardova, Anna Antonova, Olga Tomycine and Alexander Makogon she created a short sketch Comedy character. The sitcom was a great success and lasted six years, but Eugene took part only in the first season.

    The fact that she was noticed by the leaders of more than the rating of the project, the sketch show «you Give youth!». There Kregzde played many diverse roles, but the most memorable to the audience the image of gorniczy Natalia Komkova named Shakira. By the way, along with partners in this program of Mikhail Bashkatov and Andrew Borkowski actress played in the Tomsk KVN team «Maximum» at the festival «wailing kivin 2009», and even became a winner of the honorary prize of the second «Big kivin in light.»


    In the movie Eugene Kregzde began to appear, starting from the second year of the Institute. On her account was a cameo role in a detective «the Instructor», the tragicomedy «silver Lily» and the film adaptation of the novel by Dina Rubina «On the Top Maslovka». A more serious actress in the film «Love as love» allowed her to get a place in the new paintings, including a major role in the melodrama «Come in large numbers here».

    Wide fame Kregzde brought the acclaimed tragicomedy «the Geographer globe propyl.» A recent work girls, it is worth noting the biographical drama about the singer Valeria Obodzinska «These eyes opposite», the second season of the popular Comedy «side of the moon» with Paul Derevianko in the title role and the new crime movie «the gambler».

    Personal life

    On the romantic side of his life Eugene Kregzde does not want to spread. She has not committed in private life neither the fans nor the journalists. Therefore, the web is breaking out a variety of rumors and assumptions. Most often the name of the actress connects with her partner at the theatre named after Leonid Vahtangova Bichevina, known to television viewers on the complicated drama of Alexey Balabanov «Morphine». But Eugene itself these rumors are not confirmed and not denied.


    • 2004 — On Upper Maslovka
    • 2006-2007 — Love like love
    • 2008 — Petrovka, 38. Team Semenov
    • 2008 — Urgent room 2
    • 2011 — Come in large numbers here
    • 2013 the Geographer drank his globe away
    • 2014 — Craftsmen
    • 2016 — These eyes opposite
    • 2016 — side of the moon-2
    • 2016 — the Player


    Eugene Kregzde

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