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  • Name: Eugene Kindinov ( Evgeniy Kindinov )
  • Date of birth: 24 may 1945
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Eugene Kindinov: biography

    People’s artist of the RSFSR Yevgeny Kindinov, a native Muscovite. He was born shortly after the victory in the great Patriotic war – may 24, 1945. The future actor grew up in an ordinary Soviet family: the mother took care of the house and raising the children, the father worked as a Retoucher. In childhood Eugene was fond of geography, collecting stamps, wanted to travel when I grow up.

    He grew up an obedient child, until contacted with a domestic company. Eugenia behavior changed dramatically: he was rude to parents, fighting with peers. Then the nurse took him by the hand and led to the theatrical Studio at the House of pioneers. The boy thought longer than a week will not last long, but suddenly realized that it attracts a scene. He discovered his acting talent and realized that he is ready to dedicate to this profession life.

    After school Eugene Kindinov entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, he studied with great enthusiasm, and in 1967 he received a diploma.


    In the same year he was admitted to the Moscow art theatre – he was the youngest actor in the troupe. His first role on the legendary stage was a test for Kindinova – he played Vaska Pepel in Gorky’s play «na dne». The work was complicated by the fact that his scene partner Alexei took a dislike to Eugene. But then the relationship between them got warmer, went in a friendly.

    After the role of Vasya, the young actor began to rehearse a Sailor in «the Kremlin chimes» and was involved in the crowd of other performances. He has never been shy about small roles, on the contrary, enjoyed playing them. At the Moscow art Theater Yevgeny Kindinov appeared in different images: played Valentine in the play «Valentin and Valentina», Medvedenko in «the Seagull», Wild in «the Storm», Afanasy Pushkin in «Boris Godunov» and dozens of others.

    In the Moscow art Theater actor working today.


    As an actor movie Kindinov debuted in 1968. His first role was not a cameo – shooting in the movie «Dead season». In the same year he got the lead role in the movie «the Punisher». Then there was shooting in the melodrama «the City romance», «Young», «At own will», etc. With the number of actor roles came in popular.

    The real fame he brought the film «Romance for lovers». The film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s critics ruthlessly carried over the simplicity of the plot and sublimity of feeling, unusual for the Soviet cinematography technique of shooting. It was an experiment, in which the Director openly showed the love scene. Audience this experiment is appreciated. The film was seen by over 36 million people, and at the festival in Karlovy vary won the «Crystal globe». Eugene Kindinov there were thousands of girls after this picture, he was out on the streets, asked for an autograph.

    At 70-80, the actor starred in the detectives and kinopovesti, but most of the paintings of those years were through. Years later he admitted that today would have refused many roles, but at the time was illegible. In the second half of the 80s Eugene Arseniev ceased to offer the role, and soon the audience forgot their idol. On screen he appeared in 2003 in the role of villain in the second season of the TV series «the Detectives». Agreed, because I was friends with the film’s Director.

    One of the last films actor – Kamenev in «Children of Arbat».

    Personal life

    Eugene Kindinov lives with his wife Galina. They met in College years, they both studied at the Studio School of the Moscow art theatre. In 1986 Galina and Eugene had a daughter, Daria. The girl chose for himself the profession of an international lawyer, he was a student at MGIMO.

    Wife Kindinova not only live but also work in the same theatre. The head of the family says that he is happy. They recently sealed their Union before God. A couple of a long way to the wedding, it finally happened.


    • «Urgent call»
    • «Lord, have mercy on the lost»
    • «Cops and robbers»
    • «Gold mine»
    • «Mom, I’m alive»
    • «Returning resident»
    • «Chekhov and Co»
    • «No apparent reason»
    • «Talent»
    • «The Punisher»


    Eugene Kindinov

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