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  • Name: Eugene Kaspersky ( Macropus Kaspersky )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Novorossiysk
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: General Director of «Kaspersky Lab»
  • Marital status: married

    Eugene Kaspersky: biography

    Evgeny Kaspersky, computer whiz, brand-name, was born in Novorossiysk, on 4 October 1965. He was the only child in the family. He studied at the Moscow school of Dolgoprudny.

    Since childhood, Eugene showed interest in mathematics. This interest embraced his mother, buying the child a special book. In addition, Kaspersky has called for a special course in mathematics. Training in the school and self-education gave a brilliant result in 1980. He wins the math Olympiad, and enroll in physics and mathematics boarding school named. A. N. Kolmogorov at Moscow state University.

    In 1987, the guy finishes the Higher school of the KGB and gets the qualification «engineer-mathematician».

    «Kaspersky Lab»

    Stuffed his hand in the science of mathematics, cryptography and computer technology, in the same 1987, Eugene Kaspersky gets the job done in a multidisciplinary research Institute of the Ministry of defence. This step in his career can be considered crucial. It is on this work he examines and analyzes computer viruses. In 1989, Eugene V. developing a tool for the treatment system from the virus Cascade.

    The process of creating utilities interested in him, and he plunged into work. Already in 1991, the virus engaged in the information technology Center KAMI. There, he leads a team of specialists narrow focus — develop a «drug» of computer viruses.

    In 1992, the specialists headed by Eugene V. represent the first AVP in version 1.0. The testing laboratory of the University of Hamburg confirms the quality and effectiveness of the program in 1994. So product Kaspersky earns his first international popularity. The group is interested in foreign companies.

    In 1997, appears «Kaspersky Lab». Yevgeniy Valentinovich with colleagues create their own company. He didn’t want to mark up their name, but on the insistence of his wife. Natalya kasperskaya was also among the founders of the new company. In 2000, the name of the author finds the brainchild of AVP. Under this title we know the product and now — «Kaspersky antivirus». By 2007 Eugene V. directs the research and then CEO. Today the main office of the Laboratory located in Leningrad.

    Kaspersky is one of the famous world experts in the field of information security and antivirus protection. His condition in 2013 is estimated at $ 1 billion. Eugene V. — the author of numerous articles and reviews readily speaks at seminars, shares his experience at conferences in Russia and abroad.


    In 2012, he rightly takes pride of place in the ranking of the most influential thinkers of the year by the Foreign Policy. Strangely enough, but among the Russian names in the list it is second only to the group Pussy Riot.

    But Wired us assigns to Kaspersky 8th number in the ranking of the most dangerous men in the world. No noise no fire, because the virus contributed to the exposing and neutralization of the American program for cyber espionage in the middle East.

    The virus sees one of his destinies — he is a warrior on the frontline in cyber warfare, where computer viruses are playing a destructive role.

    «Kaspersky lab» according to the creators does not have the investors, the company independent development and her lack of turnover of his profit. In 2015, the Agency Bloomberg has published unsubstantiated revelations about the fact that Kaspersky is working closely with Russian intelligence services.

    Also Kaspersky stands for «transparency» on the Internet, he is against anonymity and believes that indefiniteiy each user «web» would be safer.

    Among the passions of Eugene V. — skiing, Hiking, kayaking, photography and race. Kaspersky watching the races of Formula 1 and even cooperated with Ferrari.

    Personal life

    Married Eugene V. was 2 times and has two children. First wife — Natalia kasperskaya, co-founder of the Laboratory. They divorced in 1998. After marriage left two sons, Maxim and Ivan. My oldest son Maxim is not inspired by the work of the father, by choosing the geographical faculty of Moscow state University.

    In 2011 the youngest son Ivan Kaspersky was the victim of solvency of their families — he was kidnapped in the subway. The criminals demanded for the boy’s life 3 million. All were arrest the villains because of the RAID, MOORE and operational teams.

    As for the former wife of Kaspersky, they communicate and sometimes even vacation together, each with their new family.

    Hobby skiing contributed to the introduction of the virus from his second wife. His wife works in the Russian language Institute. Of A. S. Pushkin. Kaspersky describes her as clever and delicate. He actually appreciates women of intellect and gentleness of character.

    The hobby of the businessman and developer can be called a «Blog virus», in which Evgeny Valentinovich tells about cybersecurity, about his work. In the blog you can also find pictures of beautiful places, interesting events in the life of this one-piece, self-confident person.


    Eugene Kaspersky on the Formula-1

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