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  • Name: Valery Garkalin ( Valeriy Garkalin )
  • Date of birth: 11 April 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: widower

    Valery Garkalin: biography

    Like many other famous actors, Valery Garkalin was born into a family that had nothing to do with cinema and theatre in particular, or art in General. The mother of the future artist worked as a cashier, father and head of the garage workshop. As you might expect, the parents were strongly disagree with the choice of such an «empty» crafts like play-acting. They saw Valery a serious man with a good profession. For example, an engineer. Although the boy was clearly not a mathematical mind.

    Valery Garkalin
    Valery Garkalin

    Valery Garkalin was first obedient son. He even after leaving school got a job as a mechanic at the plant. But after the army guy rebelled against the will of his parents, he went to enter the theater University. And even the fact that he refused (thought that looks wrong for the movie), did not discourage him hunting to connect his life with theatre and cinema.

    Valery Borisovich Garkalin became a student of the Gnessin school and even fell into the experimental group of the faculty of variety arts, where teachers were Leonid Khait and Sergey Obraztsov.

    Valery Garkalin in his youth
    Valery Garkalin in his youth

    In 1978 Valery Garkalin graduated gnesinka, and immediately pulled the winning ticket: actor biography Garkalin began under the guidance of a teacher Leonid Khait. The teacher has formed of his students of the group theatre «People and dolls». The group assigned to the Philharmonic hall in Kemerovo, nearly six years toured the country and managed to become very popular.

    Valery Garkalin in his youth
    Valery Garkalin in his youth

    Valery Garkalin, whose creative biography started in theatre Chait, now had all the chances to conquer the capital. The young artist returned to Moscow, easily entered the theatre of his second teacher and the Gnesin music school Sergey Obraztsov, and soon even became the student of GITIS. And now no one dared to make comments about his appearance.

    It is noteworthy that the question of the nationality of Valery Garkalin answered only later, after the release of the hit «Shirley-myrli». The actor said that he is not a Jew or a Gypsy, as many believe, and Belarusian. But in General feels out of nationality, as all people are children of the world.


    In 1988, Valery Garkalin he graduated from GITIS and was admitted to the Satire Theater. And let the first Director of the theater Valentin Pluchek could not decide what genre to attract the best actor with this unusual appearance, but after a few brilliantly played roles Valery Garkalin became the leading actor of the theater. And versatile. He had success as an avant-garde dramas and comedies, and classical roles.

    So, Valery Garkalin, whose biography has made a brilliant new milestone in the theater Pluchek, parents proved the correctness of his choice and became known in the capital. During these years he was involved in productions of the theater-Studio «Man».

    Valery Garkalin in the theater
    Valery Garkalin in the theater

    Valery Borisovich has played many brilliant roles in movies. But he believed cinema is something minor and theatre major.

    In recent years, the actor less plays on the stage – health does not allow. Most often it appears in the entreprise. In addition, Valery Garkalin teaches at GITIS, the faculty of music, the same one who finished it. As it turned out, Garkalin is a born teacher. He is a Professor of the Russian University of theatre arts.

    Valery Garkalin Tatyana Vasileva in the play
    Valery Garkalin Tatyana Vasileva in the play «boomerang»

    From time to time, the artist pleased his fans, coming to the theater stage. Not so long ago, he in tandem with Tatiana Vasilyeva presented to the audience a wonderful performance of «boomerang» in which he played a man who has reached in life, but suffers from loneliness. To remedy the situation, he bought his wife and daughter. They should portray the warmth and the family idyll. Wife played Vasiliev.

    Valery Garkalin in the play
    Valery Garkalin in the play «Bella Ciao»

    Theater Valery Garkalin respect for his brilliantly played hamlet. But call a few plays in which the skill of the artist is revealed especially clearly to discover new talents. This production of «Revizor», «the Threepenny Opera», «the taming of the shrew», «the Kid in milk» and «Schizophrenia, as was said». Each of the works in these productions is proud Valery Borisovich.


    Valery Garkalin began acting in films since 1989. A brilliant film debut the actor was the film «Rolled». It is noteworthy that the first work in film was very successful: the artist got the key image – he played the hero Alexey Grekov, nicknamed the Greek.

    And soon, in 1991, fans of the talent Garkalin,looks remarkably similar to Jeremy irons received two gifts: the screens out the film «Tsar Ivan the terrible» and «Charm».

    Valery Garkalin in the film
    Valery Garkalin in the movie «White clothes»

    Then followed a brilliant job in the film «White clothes». Hero Garkalin is a scientist-biologist Dezhkin, which entered into an unequal confrontation with the regime of Joseph Stalin. This work is recognized as the best role Valeriy Borisovich.

    And yet truly known Valery Garkalin became after the release of the Comedy film «Shirli-myrli» Vladimir Menshov. Garkalin played in the film several characters. Added to the popularity and his images in the television series «Dossier detective Dubrovsky» Comedy «silver Lily» and the film, the tale of Eldar Ryazanov’s «Andersen. A life without love». In the latest project by the Eldar, the actor appeared in the role of Prince Christian, who became king of Denmark.

    Valery Garkalin and Vera Alentova in the film
    Valery Garkalin and Vera Alentova in the movie «Shirley myrli»

    There was a period when Valery Garkalin not acted in films. As explained himself nothing interesting was offered.

    Loved by many but recently the actor once again began to appear on the screen. Filmography of Valery Garkalin has more than seven dozen different roles in feature films and television series. In the last decade, audiences saw him on screen in the TV series «Zemsky doctor. A new life», «Olympic village» and «Swati». Comedy Christmas romance Irina Gedrovich «day of the Dodo», he played the Taxidermist.

    In 2008, Valery Garkalin has received the title of people’s artist of Russia.

    Personal life

    Despite the stormy temperament, personal life Valery Garkalin – an example of purity and faithfulness. With his future wife he met in the walls of gnesinka. Catherine was older than Valeria for a couple of years and worked as a teacher. Between young people broke out sense, and they started Dating. Soon the wedding took place in restaurant of the WTO, inviting classmates Garkalin and youth theatre.

    Later, Catherine Garkalin was in charge of the excursion and mass sector of the puppet Theatre Obraztsov. In this position, she worked for over thirty years.

    Wedding of Valeria and Catherine Garkalina
    Wedding of Valeria and Catherine Garkalina

    Wife Garkalina hand in hand passed through a lot of difficulties. For a long time they did not have children. There was a period when Valery Garkalin had problems with alcohol, and his wife Catherine pretty Pomaia, before they were able to overcome this pernicious passion of her husband.

    Fate finally rewarded Garkalina for all the suffering and gave them a daughter to nick, in the future, theatrical producer and critic at GITIS. And in 2012-m Valery Borisovich appeared grandson Timothy. Son-in-law Garkalin Pavel Akimkin is also an actor.

    Valery Garkalin family
    Valery Garkalin family

    Valery Garkalin and his wife were so inseparable that almost always went on tour and shooting together. Tell that the artist was not stopped even by the fact that they could cost half or even the whole of his fee.

    Unfortunately, in 2009, she Garkalin died. It crippled the health of the serious illness of her husband. In 2008, on tour in Klaipeda the actor on stage had a hard heart attack during which his heart stopped, and there have been clinical death. A few months later suffered a second heart attack, after which he barely managed to return to life. All this, Catherine experienced a very hard. She lived only 57 years.

    Valery Garkalin with his wife Catherine
    Valery Garkalin with his wife Catherine

    With the departure of the second half Valery Garkalin has never accepted. From time to time, according to media reports, the artist became a widower, breaks down and starts «breaking bad».

    So, in the spring of 2015, information surfaced that the actor was severely beaten in the center of Moscow. As it turned out, a fight broke out between a drunk Garkalin and his roommate. Eyewitnesses called the police and an ambulance. But the hospital, the actor flatly refused. During the fight he had a broken tooth and a broken nose.

    In the summer of 2016, again, all talking about the fact that Valery Garkalin got in another mess. As it turned out, the actor has really taken to the emergency room with serious injuries. Rumor has it that he was drunk.

    Valery Garkalin now
    Valery Garkalin now

    Valery Garkalin later explained that things are not exactly as described by journalists. He allegedly slipped and fell in my house. Doctors diagnosed a bruise of a thorax and abdominal trauma.

    As for the personal life of Valery Garkalin today, in his heart, as before, the main place is wife died. After actor, buried his wife, he is no longer going to marry.


    • 1989 – «Cathal»
    • 1991 – «Charm»
    • 1992 – «White clothes»
    • 1994 – «Russian Symphony»
    • 1995 – «Shirley-myrli»
    • 2000 – «silver Lily»
    • 2000 – «Women to offend, not recommended»
    • 2001 – «request Stop»
    • 2002 – «the Elevator goes on schedule»
    • 2003 – «the station»
    • 2006 – «Andersen. A life without love»
    • 2006 – «National treasure»
    • 2012 – «day of the Dodo»


    Valery Garkalin

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